Psycho Playing Guide
1. Introduction.
A shipment of jewels is missing. Your are a detective hired
by the Metropolitan showcase of art to find this shipment. Along with
the curator who was carrying them. Utilizing all your skills
honed by years of crime Solving you trace the jewels and
curator as far as the Bates Motel. Grabbing your coat and hat,
you head over to the motel to learn what you can.
Recover the jewels and rescue the curator.

Its 2:00am when you reach the motel only to find it quiet.
turning your attention to the big old house on the nearby hill,
your quest begins. Your objective: find the jewels, rescue the
curator and get safely out of the house by sunrise.(6:00)am.

Fight attacking meanies, search for clues and useful items and
solve the mystery. The challenge is yours!!!

Commodore Amiga Version: Insert disk into Drive DF0: and turn on computer.
PSYCHO will autoboot. Use joystick or keyboard to move. Joystick
goes in port 1.

3. Action commands;

Action Keyboard
------ --------
View a scene. V
Search an Object S
Read a clue or note R
Review a list of found Clues C
Take an item or clue T
Leave a room or area L
Use an item u
Dig in something d
Eat E
Fire Gun F
Open doors and things O
Pull or push something P

Levels of Difficulty

There are three levels of difficulty to select from. NOVICE, ADVANCED,
and MASTER DETECTIVE. Selecting a higher difficulty level results in
meanies that are tougher to kill, fewer clues and less time to complete
your objective.

Screen Layout:

While playing the game, the screen is divided into five areas;

(1) Location Window: Displays a picture of what room or area you are
currently in. It is theis window which shows you
meanies coming at you or things worth searching for.

(2) COMMAND CONSOLE; List all available keyboard commands.

(3) MESSAGE CONSOLE; Place where clues and other pertinent messages are

(4) STATUS CONSOLE; Shows what time it is and what your health and score

(5) INVENTORY WINDOW; Displays the objects you are currently carrying and
can use.