Puzznic is the puzzle game to top all puzzle games. There are 144
levels of frustration and excitement in this game of fiendish
perplexity and diabolical puzzles.

Puzznic is a one-player game that is simple in execution and yet
amazingly difficult to master.

Addictive gameplay as you have never imagined!

Just position the blocks and make them disappear. Better still - set
off multi-block eliminations and rock up a high score!

48K - Type LOAD"" (ENTER).
128K - Use loader.


This is a one player game only which can be controlled by joystick
(definable) and keyboard.

To move a block, move the flashing cursor over the block and then
press and hold the fire key. You can now move the block by pushing the
joystick left or right. Blocks cannot be moved up or down by the


Press the option key (default 'R') to pop up a control menu. You can
select to continue, or retry which will reset the current level and
timer allowing you to start again or quit. The Spectrum version will
allow you to swap the display between digit or block graphics.


The object of the game is to eliminate all the blocks from the screen
within a preset time limit. A block is eliminated when it is adjacent
either horizontally or vertically to a block of the same type. A block
that is falling will not eliminate any similar blocks that it passes.
Blocks will only be eliminated when all the blocks on the screen have
stopped falling.


Points are awarded for eliminating blocks. If you can eliminate more
than two blocks at once you will receive extra points, and if you can
set off several block eliminations without using the joystick you will
receive a larger score. Bonus points are awarded for completing a
level and an extra bonus is given based on the amount of time left
when the level is completed.


* Plan your moves carefully.
* Try and remember each level so you can progress further each time.
* If you have any retries remaining, use them before your time runs