Terminal Software

THE ADVENTURE: There is a dangerous time distortion
around the planet Zyro. Your starship is locked into
geostationary orbit above Roba, a volcanic island on Zyro.
Repeated attempts to land a survey unit have fallen to
laser attacks from the surface. One android has survived
a crash and awaits your command. He stands alone amid
the wreckage on a small island west of Roba. He is your
only hope of completing your mission. You must watch
him on your video-scanner and direct his actions. Be sure
to think quickly - this is a real-time adventure.

West 5
South 6
North 7
East 8
Reveal Vocabulary Space bar

Viewing the vocabulary pauses the game, but otherwise, in this real-time
adventure, you continue moving in the last direction indicated. The black
dots indicate interesting features.

Starting energy: 10,000 Starting weight: 5
Your android must There is a limit to
eat, drink and sleep. what your android can carry.

[Apart from the loading instructions, that's all the instructions which]
[were given on the inlay card. JimG]