Journey with the famed mariner across an island filled with natural
and supernatural dangers. Over 100 illustrated locations capture the
wonder and excitement of the Arabian Nights. Features include split-
screen graphics and scrolling text. Full sentence analysis and save
game routine.


There is a legend that dates back to the war between Persian and
Greece. The tale describes a War Ship made from solid gold. The Shah
of Persia summoned seven Babylonian wizards and commanded them to
build the finest vessel that ever sailed, to be the flag ship of his
fleet. For twenty one days the wizards toiled, using the help of
spirits and magic, until the task was finished.
On the twenty second day the wizards presented the Shah with a
priceless ship constructed from gold and decorated with gems. No man
could serve on its deck. The ship's captain was one of the mighty
lords of the Djinn and its sails were furled by spirits.
The legend recounts the battle in which the Golden Ship led
the Persian fleet against Greece. The gods of Greece were powerful
and joined their people in battle. Poseidon rose from the sea and the
Persian fleet was scattered. The tales differ but many say that the
Golden Ship survived and the Djinn, being of a greedy nature, stole
the valuable prize. It is said that the Golden Ship still sails the
ocean and many men have gone in search of it.

The story so far ...

The ship sailed for thirty days across uncharted seas. Its captain was
either unconcerned or unaware of the unrest amongst the crew. Each day
he stood by the wheel, his eyes searching the horizon.
Sinbad wondered what quest would encourage a captain to sail
his ship into such perilous waters. The appearance of sea birds
indicated that land was not far off. But the hypnotic song of the
Sirens, that was carried by the East wind, was an omen to the sailors
that the land was not safe for mortal men to walk.
The captain was doomed never to sight land. Suddenly, without
warning, a large tentacle rose out of the ocean and wrapped itself
around the captain and dragged him into the water. Another tentacle
came crashing through the hull and the deck below Sinbad was ripped
from the ship and tossed into the sea. Sinbad lost consciousness but
he did not drown. Sinbad was about to embark on another adventure ...

Playing the game:
Sinbad is a graphic/text adventure in which you control the actions of
the Arabian Nights character Sinbad the sailor. The computer holds a
fantasy landscape complete with obstacles and foes to defeat.
You control your character by typing in English commands. For example:
"TAKE SWORD" will allow you to pick up a sword if one is to be found
at your location. "GO NORTH" will move your character one location to
the north if it is possible to move in that direction. Full sentences
of up to 59 characters can be entered. You can enter the above
commands as "TAKE SWORD AND GO NORTH".

All the standard adventure commands are understood and acted on by the
computer. For those of you who are new to adventure games there
follows a list of commands to help you get started.

TAKE - This command should be followed by the name of an object.
"TAKE ALL" instructs your character to pick up all the
objects at his present location.
DROP - Follows the same rules as TAKE but allows the player to
drop objects that the character is carrying.
NORTH, SOUTH, EAST, WEST, UP, DOWN - All move your character one
location in the stated direction.
INVENTORY - Lists out the objects being carried.
LOOK - When playing the game, details of your present location
might scroll off the screen. The "LOOK" command will
restore those details.
SEARCH - The SEARCH command will list out any objects dropped at
your present location.
EXAMINE - The command "EXAMINE" followed by the name of an object
can give you more details about the object.
SAVE - This command allows the player to save a partially
completed game onto a blank tape for playing at a later
date. To load a saved game you must first load in the
main program. When the program has loaded and displays
the message "WHAT NOW?" enter the command LOAD. Now put
your saved game into your recorder and start the recorder
on play. The game will now continue where you left off.

Some of the commands can be abbreviated to a single letter:

These are only a few of the commands held in the computer's vocabulary.
To list more would give away some of the problems to be overcome. A
help sheet for Sinbad is available to customers by sending a S.A.E. to

At the top of the screen Sinbad features a graphics window. When the
window is on, a graphic display shows your present location. When the
window is off the title screen is displayed. To turn the window off or
on press key 1.