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Developer: MicroCabin Corp.

View all games developed by MicroCabin Corp..

Developed games between 1987 and 1999.

View games developed for MSX, MSX 2, NEC PC Engine CD, NEC TurboGrafx CD, Nintendo SNES, Panasonic 3DO, Sega CD, Sega Dreamcast, Sega Game Gear, Sega Saturn


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Most viewed MicroCabin Corp. games:
 Blazing Heroes (1995) (Sega Saturn)
 Lucienne's Quest (1995) (Panasonic 3DO)
 Savaki (1998) (Sega Saturn)
 Guardian War (1993) (Panasonic 3DO)
 Marionette Company (1999) (Sega Dreamcast)
 Noon (1998) (Sega Saturn)
 Lucienne's Quest (1996) (Sega Saturn)
 Princess Maker (1990) (NEC PC Engine CD)
 Fray: Shugyou Hen (1991) (Sega Game Gear)
 Pop Breaker (1990) (Sega Game Gear)
 Maison Ikkoku (1987) (MSX 2)
 Marionette Company 2 (1999) (Sega Dreamcast)
 Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (1993) (Nintendo SNES)
 Riglord Saga 2 (1996) (Sega Saturn)
 Princess Maker (1990) (NEC TurboGrafx CD)
 Illusion City - Gen'ei Toshi (1993) (Sega CD)
 Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (1989) (MSX)
 Xak: The Art of Visual Stage (1989) (MSX 2)
 Illusion City - Gen'ei Toshi (1991) (MSX)
 Illusion City - Gen'ei Toshi (1991) (MSX 2)

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