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Xevious - Atari 5200

Publisher:Atari  ?              No-Intro:Xevious
Developer:Atari  ?              GoodName:Xevious
Year:1984              TOSEC:Xevious
Category:Arcade              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:Download (Atari 7800)
Download (ZX Spectrum)
Download (C64)
Download (CPC)
              Game Music:
Download (C64) 

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Also on: Amstrad CPC, Apple II, Arcade, Atari 7800, Atari ST, Commodore 64, Microsoft Xbox Live Arcade, Nintendo NES, Sega Master System, Sinclair ZX Spectrum


In game image of Xevious on the Atari 5200.
In Game
Title screen of Xevious on the Atari 5200.
Title Screen
Box cover for Xevious on the Atari 5200.
Advert for Xevious on the Atari 5200.
(Arcade Version)
Game map for Xevious on the Atari 5200.
(Commodore 64 Version)

An unreleased prototype based on the popular Namco shooting game.

It's a nightmare, but it's true. Scientific research has determined that we are the actual aliens on Earth and the evil Xevions are the original inhabitants. Now the Xevions want Earth back. minus the humans! Earth's last hope is an experimental fighter plane known as the Solvalou. The mission is dangerous, success isn't guaranteed, and odds are this is a one-way trip. But at this point it's do or die!

As Earth's last hope, you must successfully defeat the Xevion assault fleet before they reclaim earth. However this won't be an easy task, the Xevions have had over a millennia to develop the biggest, nastiest, and most destructive ships Earth has ever seen. Thankfully the Solvalou is armed with the latest in weapons technology which will cut through the Xevion hordes like a hot knife through butter. The Solvalou has two main weapons, a laser blaster for taking out air targets, and a photon bomber for destroying ground targets. Over the course of the game you'll run into numerous enemy types which can only be destroyed using the appropriate weapon, so mastering the dual shot (air and ground) technique is vital.

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