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Namco Super Wars - Bandai WonderSwan Color

Publisher:Bandai  ?              No-Intro:Namco Super Wars
Developer:Namco Limited  ?              GoodName:Namco Super Wars
Year:2002              TOSEC:Namco Super Wars
Category:Strategy              MAME:N/A
Game Manual:N/A              Game Music:N/A

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In game image of Namco Super Wars on the Bandai WonderSwan Color.
In Game
Title screen of Namco Super Wars on the Bandai WonderSwan Color.
Title Screen

Namco Super Wars is a tactical role-playing game developed by Namco and published by Bandai for the Wonderswan Color. It is a crossover game, featuring characters from several classic Namco titles.

The game is played on a square grid, on which both the player's and computer's units are placed. Each side takes turns moving and making actions with their units. Every character has a variety of attacks and special moves that can be selected when performing an action. Some of these consume Spirit Points, which slowly regenerate each turn. The game is divided into stages. Between each stage, the player is able to visit a shop and prepare his units before starting the next stage. Unlike most RPGs, characters do not gain levels for directly defeating opponents. Instead, completion of a map will reward the players with a number of level ups, which they can then distribute among their units as they wish.

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