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outr2st: MAME ROM Information.


Out Run 2 SP - Special Tours (c) 2004 Sega.

An update that includes all the content from "Out Run 2" with 2 additional cars and a second map with 15 new locations based on North American locales. New gameplay additions include slipstreaming, easier handling, and more forgiving collision physics.


Chihiro hardware (XBOX-based)


Players : 1

Control : Steering wheel

Pedals : 2 (Accelerator and break)

Gear shift


Released in December 2004.

The game is also known as simply "Out Run 2 SP".


* Play "Out Run 2" courses : At the mode select screen, press view change.

* Alternate car colors : At the car select screen, hold brake and press the shift gear upwards.


1. Out Run [Upright model] (1986)

1. Out Run [Sit-Down model] (1986)

1. Out Run [Deluxe Sit-Down model] (1986)

2. Out Run 3-D (1989, Sega Master System)

3. Battle Out Run (1989, Sega Master System)

4. Turbo Out Run (1989)

5. Out Run Europa (1991, Sega Game Gear)

6. Out Runners (1992)

7. Out Run 2019 (1993, Sega Mega Drive)

8. Out Run 2 (2003)

9. Out Run 2 SP - Special Tours (2004)


* Consoles :

Microsoft XBOX (2006, "Outrun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast")

Sony PlayStation 2 (2006, "Outrun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast")

Sony PSP (2006, "Outrun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast")

* Computers :

PC [MS Windows] (2006, "Outrun 2006 - Coast 2 Coast")


Game's ROM.

MAME Info:

0.140u2 [Heywood Floyd, The Dumping Union]

GDROM required


- 0.143u8: R. Belmont fixed stop before "Initialization" completion in Out Run 2 Special Tours.

- 0.142u3: Changed description to 'Out Run 2 Special Tours (Rev A) (GDX-0014A)'.

- 0.140u2: Heywood Floyd and The Dumping Union added Out Run 2 Special Tours (GDX-0014A) (Sega 2004).

- 4th November 2010: Smitdogg - Heywood Floyd got OutRun 2 Special Tours.

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Romset: 16 kb / 1 files / 1.11 zip

GDROM: 1.25 GB (Compressed: 1.07)

MAME XML Output:

       <game name="outr2st" sourcefile="chihiro.c" romof="chihiro">
              <description>Out Run 2 Special Tours (Rev A) (GDX-0014A)</description>
              <biosset name="bios0" description="Chihiro Bios" default="yes"/>
              <rom name="chihiro_xbox_bios.bin" merge="chihiro_xbox_bios.bin" bios="bios0" size="524288" crc="66232714" sha1="b700b0041af8f84835e45d1d1250247bf7077188" region="bios" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="fpr21042_m29w160et.bin" merge="fpr21042_m29w160et.bin" bios="bios0" size="2097152" crc="a4fcab0b" sha1="a13cf9c5cdfe8605d82150b7573652f419b30197" region="others" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="ic10_g24lc64.bin" merge="ic10_g24lc64.bin" bios="bios0" size="8192" crc="cfc5e06f" sha1="3ababd4334d8d57abb22dd98bd2d347df39648d9" region="others" offset="200000"/>
              <rom name="ic11_24lc024.bin" merge="ic11_24lc024.bin" bios="bios0" size="128" crc="8dc8374e" sha1="cc03a0650bfac4bf6cb66e414bbef121cba53efe" region="others" offset="202000"/>
              <rom name="pc20_g24lc64.bin" merge="pc20_g24lc64.bin" bios="bios0" size="8192" crc="7742ab62" sha1="82dad6e2a75bab4a4840dc6939462f1fb9b95101" region="others" offset="202080"/>
              <rom name="ver1305.bin" merge="ver1305.bin" bios="bios0" size="2097152" crc="a738ea1c" sha1="45d94d0c39be1cb3db9fab6610a88a550adda4e9" region="others" offset="204080"/>
              <rom name="317-0xxx-com.pic" size="16384" crc="f94cf26f" sha1="dd4af2b52935c7b2d8cd196ec1a30c0ef0993322" region="pic" offset="0"/>
              <disk name="gdx-0014a" sha1="4f9656634c47631f63eab554a13d19b15558217e" status="baddump" region="gdrom" index="0" writable="no"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="maincpu" name="PENTIUM" clock="733333333"/>
              <display tag="screen" type="raster" rotate="0" width="640" height="480" refresh="60.000000" pixclock="18432000" htotal="640" hbend="0" hbstart="640" vtotal="480" vbend="0" vbstart="480" />
              <sound channels="0"/>
              <input players="0">
              <driver status="preliminary" emulation="preliminary" color="good" sound="preliminary" graphic="good" savestate="unsupported" palettesize="65536"/>
              <slot name="drive_0">
                     <slotoption name="bb" devname="ide_baseboard" default="yes"/>
              <slot name="drive_1">
                     <slotoption name="bb" devname="ide_baseboard"/>

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