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toypop: MAME ROM Information.


Toypop (c) 1986 Namco.


Game ID : TP

Main CPU : M6809 (@ 1.536 Mhz), 68000 (@ 6.144 Mhz)

Sound CPU : M6809 (@ 1.536 Mhz)

Sound Chips : Namco 8-channel WSG

Screen orientation : Horizontal

Video resolution : 288 x 224 pixels

Screen refresh : 60.61 Hz

Palette Colors : 256

Players : 2

Control : 4-way joystick

Buttons : 1


Released in April 1986.

Victor Entertainment released a limited-edition soundtrack album for this game (Namco Video Game Graffiti Vol.2 - VDR-5222) on 21/10/1987.


Music composed by : Junko Ozawa


* Consoles :

Sony PlayStation (1995, "Namco Museum Vol.1")

* Computers :

Sharp X68000 (1991, "Toy Pop" - RGB)


Game's rom.

Machine's picture.

MAME Info:

0.37b5 [Edgardo E. Contini Salvan]


- 0.144u3: Angelo Salese fixed Toypop freeze with zeroes screen.

- 0.143u8: Made some video optimizations in Toypop driver [Kanikani].

- 0.139u1: Atari Ace removed global variables from NAMCO sound core.

- 0.136: Fabio Priuli converted Namco IO chips 56xx, 58xx and 59xx to be devices and converted Toypop to use the new code.

- 0.135u3: Atari Ace converted Toypop driver to use driver_data structure.

- 0.133: Kanikani improved dipswitches in Toypop.

- 0.132u5: Kanikani added DIP locations for Toypop.

- 0.118u5: Aaron Giles added new colortable management functions in emupal.c. These functions can be used to manage a colortable on top of the core palette in cases where TRANSPARENCY_COLOR is currently used (essentially mapping to a pen mask for TRANSPARENCY_PENS). Updated pacman, mappy, toypop and several other drivers to use the new functions.

- 0.116: Changed palettesize from 256 to 800 colors.

- 0.79u1: Replaced Namco sound with Namco 15XX.

- 16th November 2001: Libble added palette switching support to the Toy Pop driver.

- 23rd October 2001: William Kucharski submitted a fix for Toy Pop crashing.

- 0.37b9: Changed 68000 CPU3 clock speed to 6144000 Hz.

- 0.37b8: Changed M6809 CPU1/2 clock speeds to 1536000Hz and 68000 CPU3 to 8192000 Hz. Added 'Service Mode' dipswitch.

- 29th July 2000: Brad Oliver fixed a minor bug in Toy Pop affecting other platforms.

- 0.37b5: Edgardo E. Contini Salvan added Toypop (Namco 1986).


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Romset: 98 kb / 13 files / 51.8 zip

MAME XML Output:

       <game name="toypop" sourcefile="toypop.c">
              <rom name="tp1-2.5b" size="16384" crc="87469620" sha1="2ee257486c9c044386ac7d0cd4a90583eaeb3e97" region="maincpu" offset="8000"/>
              <rom name="tp1-1.5c" size="16384" crc="dee2fd6e" sha1="b2c12008d6d3e7544ba3c12a52a6abf9181842c8" region="maincpu" offset="c000"/>
              <rom name="tp1-3.2c" size="8192" crc="5f3bf6e2" sha1="d1b3335661b9b23cb10001416c515b77b5e783e9" region="audiocpu" offset="e000"/>
              <rom name="tp1-4.8c" size="16384" crc="76997db3" sha1="5023a2f20a5f2c9baff130f6832583493c71f883" region="sub" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="tp1-5.10c" size="16384" crc="37de8786" sha1="710365e34c05d01815844c414518f93234b6160b" region="sub" offset="1"/>
              <rom name="tp1-7.5p" size="8192" crc="95076f9e" sha1="1e3d32b21f6d46591ec3921aba51f672d64a9023" region="gfx1" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="tp1-6.9t" size="16384" crc="481ffeaf" sha1="c51735ad3a1dbb46ad414408b54554e9223b2219" region="gfx2" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="tp1-3.1r" size="256" crc="cfce2fa5" sha1="b42aa0f34d885389d2650bf7a0531b95703b8a28" region="proms" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="tp1-2.1s" size="256" crc="aeaf039d" sha1="574560526100d38635aecd71eb73499c4f57d586" region="proms" offset="100"/>
              <rom name="tp1-1.1t" size="256" crc="08e7cde3" sha1="5261aca6834d635d17f8afaa8e35848930030ba4" region="proms" offset="200"/>
              <rom name="tp1-4.5l" size="256" crc="74138973" sha1="2e21dbb1b19dd089da52e70fcb0ca91336e004e6" region="proms" offset="300"/>
              <rom name="tp1-5.2p" size="512" crc="4d77fa5a" sha1="2438910314b23ecafb553230244f3931861ad2da" region="proms" offset="400"/>
              <rom name="tp1-6.3d" size="256" crc="16a9166a" sha1="847cbaf7c88616576c410177e066ae1d792ac0ba" region="namco" offset="0"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="maincpu" name="M6809" clock="1536000"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="audiocpu" name="M6809" clock="1536000"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="sub" name="68000" clock="6144000"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="mono" name="Speaker"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="namco" name="Namco 15XX" clock="24000"/>
              <display tag="screen" type="raster" rotate="0" width="288" height="224" refresh="60.606060" />
              <sound channels="1"/>
              <input players="2" buttons="1" coins="2" service="yes">
                     <control type="joy" ways="4"/>
              <dipswitch name="Lives" tag="DSW1" mask="3">
                     <dipvalue name="1" value="2"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2" value="1"/>
                     <dipvalue name="3" value="3" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="5" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Coin B" tag="DSW1" mask="12">
                     <dipvalue name="3 Coins/1 Credit" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2 Coins/1 Credit" value="4"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/1 Credit" value="12" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/2 Credits" value="8"/>
              <dipswitch name="Coin A" tag="DSW1" mask="48">
                     <dipvalue name="3 Coins/1 Credit" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2 Coins/1 Credit" value="16"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/1 Credit" value="48" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/2 Credits" value="32"/>
              <dipswitch name="Flip Screen" tag="DSW1" mask="64">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="0" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="64"/>
              <dipswitch name="Service Mode" tag="DSW1" mask="128">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="128" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Freeze" tag="DSW2" mask="1">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="1" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Level Select" tag="DSW2" mask="2">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="2" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="2 Players Game" tag="DSW2" mask="4">
                     <dipvalue name="1 Credit" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2 Credits" value="4" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Demo Sounds" tag="DSW2" mask="8">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="8" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Entering" tag="DSW2" mask="16">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="16" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Difficulty" tag="DSW2" mask="96">
                     <dipvalue name="Easy" value="64"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Normal" value="96" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Hard" value="32"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Very Hard" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Bonus Life" tag="DSW2" mask="128">
                     <dipvalue name="Every 15000 points" value="128" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Every 20000 points" value="0"/>
              <driver status="good" emulation="good" color="good" sound="good" graphic="good" savestate="unsupported" palettesize="800"/>

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