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weststry: MAME ROM Information.


West Story (c) 1991 Datsu Alliance.

The setting is the Wild West where the player moves a cross hairs and shoot at objects on a stationary screen. The player character can duck and roll along a one dimensional plane. A boss must be defeated before advancing to the next level.


Main CPU : 68000 (@ 10 Mhz)

Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 3.579545 Mhz)

Sound Chips : YM3812 (@ 3.579545 Mhz), OKI6295 (@ 8 Khz)

Players : 2

Control : 8-way joystick

Buttons : 3


Released in January 1991.

This game is a bootleg of "Blood Bros.".


Game's rom.

MAME Info:

0.36b1 [Carlos A. Lozano, Phil Stroffolino, Richard Bush]


- Press P1 button 3 + F3 to enter service mode.


- Clone weststry: Some To-Do's from source code are sound, some bad sprites (probably bad ROMs) and tilemap scroll. Source (ID 02581)


- 0.145u8: Brian Troha added minor documentation about accessing the built-in DSW setting page for games in Blood Bros driver. Also minor whitespace clean up for alignment.

- 0.145u4: Corrado Tomaselli corrected rom labels in Blood Bros.

- 0.136: David Haywood simplified Blood Bros. gfx decoding and removed unnecessary DRIVER_INIT. Marked two sprite ROMs as BAD_DUMP in clone West Story. Changed description of clone 'West Story' to 'West Story (bootleg of Blood Bros.)'.

- 0.135u4: dlfrsilver added clone Blood Bros. (set 3).

- 0.133u1: Corrado Tomaselli verified/changed VSync to 59.39 Hz in Blood Bros.

- 0.124u1: Blood Brothers driver improvements to DIP locations and coin modes. Added notes for 'bloodbra' [RansAckeR, Stephane Humbert]. Added dipswitches 'Coin A/B' and 2x 'Unknown'.

- 0.123u1: Corrado Tomaselli changed OKI6295 pin 7 to "high" in Blood Bros. Changed OKI6295 clock speed to 1MHz.

- 0.89u3: Added clone 'Blood Bros. (set 2)'. Changed parent description to 'Blood Bros. (set 1)'.

- 0.79u2: Removed 2x 'Unknown' dipswitches.

- 19th February 2004: Curt Coder submitted cleanups to Blood Bros and Xor World.

- 20th September 2002: Stephane Humbert fixed the dipswitches and inputs in the Blood Brothers driver.

- 0.54: Fixed missing sprites/tiles in Blood Bros.

- 0.37b16: Added 2nd coin slot.

- 0.36b13: Bryan McPhail improved sound in Blood Bros. Changed 68000 CPU1 clock speed to 10MHz, Z80 CPU2 and YM3812 to 3579545Hz and replaced ADPCM sound with OKI6295 (8000 Hz).

- 28th November 1999: Bryan McPhail added more sound to Blood Brothers.

- 0.36b4: Added dipswitches 'Coin Mode', 'Coin A/B', 'Starting Coin', 'Unused 1/2', 'Lives', 'Bonus Life', 'Difficulty', 'Allow Continue', 'Demo Sounds'.

- 0.36b1: Added Blood Bros. (Tad 1990) and clone West Story (bootleg) [Carlos A. Lozano, Phil Stroffolino, Richard Bush]. New sprite manager, used in System 16, Ninja Gaiden, Shoot Out, Blood Bros [Phil Stroffolino]. TODO: Sprites priorities/clip. Fix timing? Foreground layer disappear during the game! Add sound. Dipswitch/hiscore. West Story sprites problems (decode problems?).

- 20th June 1999: Bryan McPhail added sound to Blood Brothers.

- 19th June 1999: Phil Stroffolino sent a preliminary Blood Brothers driver by him and Carlos (with help from Richard Bush).


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Romset: 2880 kb / 10 files / 1.06 zip

MAME XML Output:

       <game name="weststry" sourcefile="bloodbro.c" cloneof="bloodbro" romof="bloodbro">
              <description>West Story (bootleg of Blood Bros.)</description>
              <manufacturer>bootleg (Datsu)</manufacturer>
              <rom name="ws13.bin" size="131072" crc="158e302a" sha1="52cc1bf526424ff025a6b79f3fc7bba4b9bbfcbb" region="maincpu" offset="1"/>
              <rom name="ws15.bin" size="131072" crc="672e9027" sha1="71cb9fcef04edb972ba88de45d605dcff539ea2d" region="maincpu" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="bb_04.bin" merge="bb_04.bin" size="131072" crc="fd951c2c" sha1="f4031bf303c67c82f2f78f7456f78382d8c1ac85" region="maincpu" offset="40001"/>
              <rom name="bb_03.bin" merge="bb_03.bin" size="131072" crc="18d3c460" sha1="93b86af1199f0fedeaf1fe64d27ffede4b819e42" region="maincpu" offset="40000"/>
              <rom name="ws17.bin" size="65536" crc="e00a8f09" sha1="e7247ce0ab99d0726f31dee5de5ba33f4ebd183e" region="audiocpu" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="ws09.bin" size="65536" crc="f05b2b3e" sha1="6570d795d68655ace9668f32dc0bf5c2d2372411" region="gfx1" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="ws11.bin" size="65536" crc="2b10e3d2" sha1="0f5045615b44e2300745fd3afac7f1441352cca5" region="gfx1" offset="8000"/>
              <rom name="ws10.bin" size="65536" crc="efdf7c82" sha1="65392697f56473cfe90d9733b9c49f2da6f9b7e6" region="gfx1" offset="10000"/>
              <rom name="ws12.bin" size="65536" crc="af993578" sha1="b250b562deeab3bb2c79002e5e1f0b6e17986848" region="gfx1" offset="18000"/>
              <rom name="ws01.bin" size="131072" crc="32bda4bc" sha1="ed0c0740c7af513b341b2b7ff3e0bf6045e930e9" region="gfx2" offset="20000"/>
              <rom name="ws03.bin" size="131072" crc="046b51f8" sha1="25af752caebdec762582fc0130cf14546110bb54" region="gfx2" offset="60000"/>
              <rom name="ws02.bin" size="131072" crc="ed9d682e" sha1="0f79ea09a7af367d175081f72f2bc94f6caad463" region="gfx2" offset="a0000"/>
              <rom name="ws04.bin" size="131072" crc="75f082e5" sha1="b29f09a3cc9a0ac3f982be3981f5e895050c49e8" region="gfx2" offset="e0000"/>
              <rom name="ws05.bin" size="131072" crc="007c8dc0" sha1="f44576da3b89d6a889fdb564825ac6ce3bb4cffe" region="gfx2" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="ws07.bin" size="131072" crc="0f0c8d9a" sha1="f5fe9b5ee4c8ffd7caf5313d13fb5f6e181ed9b6" region="gfx2" offset="40000"/>
              <rom name="ws06.bin" size="131072" crc="459d075e" sha1="24cd0bffe7c5bbccf653ced0b73579059603d187" region="gfx2" offset="80000"/>
              <rom name="ws08.bin" size="131072" crc="4d6783b3" sha1="9870fe9570afeff179b6080581fd6bb187898ff0" region="gfx2" offset="c0000"/>
              <rom name="ws25.bin" size="131072" crc="8092e8e9" sha1="eabe58ac0f88234b0dddf361f56aad509a83012e" status="baddump" region="gfx3" offset="0"/>
              <rom name="ws26.bin" size="131072" crc="f6a1f42c" sha1="6d5503e1a9b00104970292d22301ed28893c5223" status="baddump" region="gfx3" offset="20000"/>
              <rom name="ws23.bin" size="131072" crc="43d58e24" sha1="99e255faa9716d9102a1223419084fc209ab4024" region="gfx3" offset="40000"/>
              <rom name="ws24.bin" size="131072" crc="20a867ea" sha1="d3985002931fd4180fc541d61a94371871f3709d" region="gfx3" offset="60000"/>
              <rom name="ws21.bin" size="131072" crc="e23d7296" sha1="33bbced960be22efc7d2681e06a27feba09e0fc0" region="gfx3" offset="80000"/>
              <rom name="ws22.bin" size="131072" crc="7150a060" sha1="73bdd7d6752f7fe9e23073d835dbc468d57865fa" region="gfx3" offset="a0000"/>
              <rom name="ws19.bin" size="131072" crc="c5dd0a96" sha1="4696ab1b02d40c54a7dacf0bdf90b624b7d6812e" region="gfx3" offset="c0000"/>
              <rom name="ws20.bin" size="131072" crc="f1245c16" sha1="f3941bf5830995f65a5378326fdb72687fbbddcf" region="gfx3" offset="e0000"/>
              <rom name="bb_08.bin" merge="bb_08.bin" size="131072" crc="deb1b975" sha1="08f2e9a0a23171201b71d381d091edcd3787c287" region="oki" offset="0"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="maincpu" name="68000" clock="10000000"/>
              <chip type="cpu" tag="audiocpu" name="Z80" clock="3579545"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="mono" name="Speaker"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="ymsnd" name="YM3812" clock="3579545"/>
              <chip type="audio" tag="oki" name="OKI6295" clock="1000000"/>
              <display tag="screen" type="raster" rotate="0" width="256" height="224" refresh="59.390000" />
              <sound channels="1"/>
              <input players="2" buttons="3" coins="2">
                     <control type="joy" ways="8"/>
              <dipswitch name="Coin Mode" tag="DSW" mask="1">
                     <dipvalue name="Mode 1" value="1" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Mode 2" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Coin A" tag="DSW" mask="6">
                     <dipvalue name="5 Coins/1 Credit" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="3 Coins/1 Credit" value="2"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2 Coins/1 Credit" value="4"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/1 Credit" value="6" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Coin B" tag="DSW" mask="24">
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/2 Credits" value="24" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/3 Credits" value="16"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/5 Credits" value="8"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/6 Credits" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Coinage" tag="DSW" mask="30">
                     <dipvalue name="6 Coins/1 Credit" value="20"/>
                     <dipvalue name="5 Coins/1 Credit" value="22"/>
                     <dipvalue name="4 Coins/1 Credit" value="24"/>
                     <dipvalue name="3 Coins/1 Credit" value="26"/>
                     <dipvalue name="8 Coins/3 Credits" value="2"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2 Coins/1 Credit" value="28"/>
                     <dipvalue name="5 Coins/3 Credits" value="4"/>
                     <dipvalue name="3 Coins/2 Credits" value="6"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/1 Credit" value="30" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2 Coins/3 Credits" value="8"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/2 Credits" value="18"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/3 Credits" value="16"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/4 Credits" value="14"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/5 Credits" value="12"/>
                     <dipvalue name="1 Coin/6 Credits" value="10"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Free Play" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Starting Coin" tag="DSW" mask="32">
                     <dipvalue name="Normal" value="32" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="x2" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="DSW" mask="64">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="64" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Unknown" tag="DSW" mask="128">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="128" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Lives" tag="DSW" mask="768">
                     <dipvalue name="1" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="2" value="512"/>
                     <dipvalue name="3" value="768" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="5" value="256"/>
              <dipswitch name="Bonus Life" tag="DSW" mask="3072">
                     <dipvalue name="300K 500K+" value="3072" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="500K+" value="2048"/>
                     <dipvalue name="500K" value="1024"/>
                     <dipvalue name="None" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Difficulty" tag="DSW" mask="12288">
                     <dipvalue name="Easy" value="8192"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Normal" value="12288" default="yes"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Hard" value="4096"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Very Hard" value="0"/>
              <dipswitch name="Allow Continue" tag="DSW" mask="16384">
                     <dipvalue name="No" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="Yes" value="16384" default="yes"/>
              <dipswitch name="Demo Sounds" tag="DSW" mask="32768">
                     <dipvalue name="Off" value="0"/>
                     <dipvalue name="On" value="32768" default="yes"/>
              <driver status="preliminary" emulation="good" color="good" sound="preliminary" graphic="good" cocktail="preliminary" savestate="unsupported" palettesize="1024"/>

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