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Philips VG 5000

View games for Philips VG 5000 by Philips.

CPU:Z80 @ 4 Mhz
System Manual:Download

Recommended Emulators: DCVG5K

Philips VG 5000


Most viewed Philips VG 5000 games:
 Pierre Philosophale, La - Chapter 1
 Space Invaders
 Bris de Glace (1984)
 Backgammon (1984)
 Citadelle (1984)
 Us Rallye
 Preterite Star
 Alunissage (1985)
 Monstre, Le
 Moto Infernale, La
 Jeu De Dames
 Carte De France
 Mission Omega
 Mes Premiers Mots Croises - Volume 2

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