from Dynamix

What if you were nine again...
knowing what you know now?



Control Documentation is available in the form of an electronic help
system built into Willy Beamish. To access the help system, press the
ESC key during game play.
Use the arrow keys to move the cursor over the button marked | _ |
and press the spacebar. |?|_|?|


The following are instructions for installing Willy Beamish onto a
hard disk and booting the system. Both can be done from either the
Workbench or the CLI, in the instructions we assume that you are using
floppy drive DF0: and hard drive DH0:. If your drives go by different
names, replace the drive label in the example with the correct one.
For example, if you have an Amiga 3000, you will probably need to replace
DH0: with WORK:.

Copying Willy Beamish to a Hard Disk

1. Boot your system.
2. Insert Willy Disk #1 into the first internal floppy disk drive.
3. From Workbench, double click on the Willy Beamish #1 icon and
then on the install icon.
4. From the CLI, type CD DF0: and press the Return key.
Then type INSTALL and press the Return key.
The Dynamix install Utility window will appear.
5. Choose which drive and directory you wish to install the program
to. The default directory is: DYNAMIX/WILLY. To change the path,
click in the Destination Directory box and type in the new path.
6. Click on the INSTALL button.
7. At the prompt, click on the Okay button to install the program
files. To cancel the installation process, click on the Cancel

Amiga Loading Instructions

From Floppy Disks
Note: You may run the Willy program from multiple floppy drives.

Self Booting
1. Insert Willy Beamish Disk #1 into drive DF0:.
2. Turn on your system.

From Workbench
1. Boot your system with Workbench.
2. Insert Willy Beamish Disk #1 into a disk drive.
3. Double click on the Willy #1 disk icon.
4. Double click on the Willy icon.

From a Hard Disk
From Workbench
1. Load Workbench.
2. Double click on the hard disk icon.
3. Double click on the Dynamix drawer.
4. Double click on the Willy drawer.
5. Double click on the Willy icon.

From the CLI
1. Load a CLI window.
2. Type CD DH0:DYNAMIX/WILLY and press the Return key.
3. Type WILLY and press the Return key.

Amiga Specific Notes

1. Willy Beamish does not multitask with other programs. For best
performance, make sure no other programs are running when you
start Willy.
2. Although your system may have one megabyte of memory, you still
may not have enough available memory to run Willy Beamish. Self-
booting the program from disk should provide you with enough
free memory to run the program.
NOTE: Memory allocated for hard disk partitions or resident
programs will reduce the amount available for running programs.
3. If your system has only the minimum RAM required to play (1MB),
the Detail Level Slider is set to low and cannot be changed.
4. If you are playing off floppies, you can speed-up game play or
disk loading by turning off the music or by inserting the music
disk in a second drive.

Trouble shooting

Problem: Even though my computer has 1MB of memory, I receive a
message saying there is not enough memory to run Willy.

Possible Solution: Avoid running other programs before you start
Willy. Such programs might be using memory that Willy needs. It
also helps if you run Willy from the CLI without loading the
Workbench. You can also save memory by running Willy from the
Workbench when there are no CLI or application windows currently

Problem: My computer doesn't have a hard disk, so I am often forced
to swap disks during game play.

Possible Solution: You can reduce the number of disk swaps by turning
off the game's music or leaving the Music Disk (#10) in a second
drive. Press Alt-M to turn off the music.

Problem: Constantly playing music bugs me, but I still want to hear
sound effects.

Possible Solution: Press Alt-M to turn off the music or select "music
off" from the Options Menu.

Problem: Everytime I set the game's Detail Level to high, the computer
lowers it.

Possible Solution: Unless your computer has more than 512K of chip
RAM, you will be unable to set the game's Detail Level to high.
Owners of Amiga 1000's or some older 500's and 2000's, will need to
upgrade their computers to the 1MB Fatter Agnus chip to increase
the amount of chip RAM.



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Willy's "Top Secret" Notebook!!
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Indeed, even in the midst of deep personal grief, she affirmed the
Humpford civic commitment, remarking to the group of reporters
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Continued on page D2

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Willy Beamish
November 25
Ms. Glass

"My best friend."

I have a lot of cool friends like Dana and Perry, but my bestest friend
is the ghost of my grandfather Beamish. He is totally awesome, even if
he is dead and can't buy me ice cream anymore. He's kind of like a
"fairy grandfather." He is the best, coolest, most excellent, friend
I have ever had.

The End.

C - This was supposed to be about someone real!

rumor has it that it'll be out around December 1st!!

All new graphics! Gut wrenching action! Can the monsters stop the
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Nintari Scores!

4/2 - 1,000,009,154
broke a billion!!
4/10 - 1,007,995,142
4/21 - 1,301,114,022
5/11 - 1,582,601,003
(only 3 weeks until the regionals!)
5/21 - 1,893,611,502
(almost there!!)
6/1 - 2,010,102,050
(2 Billion)
6/3 - Kicked some major butt today at the Nintari Championships


Local Boy Wins Regional Title

Frumpton's own William J. Beamish has won the western regional title
for the Nintari "Monster Squad" championships, qualifying him for the
national championships to be held later this summer. Beamish's score of
2,349,997,186 was enough to beat his closest competitor by eighty
thousand points. The Nintari Corporation plans to award the winner of
the national championships a scholarship and will feature him in
several upcoming nationally-aired commercials. He will also receive a
lifetime supply of video games, a stereo, a minibike and a trip to space
camp. When asked the secret to his success, the nine year-old Beamish
replied "I practice a lot and drink Slam-Dunk cola while I play: it
improves my reflexes."

Supreme Interview after I dominate at Nintari Championship!

Lather: So Mr. Beamish, How does it feel to be the Supreme exalted
world Nintari Championship?

Me: Pretty good, Stan. But I gotta tell ya: it took a lot of hard work
for me to get where I am today.

Lather: I guess so. What kind of things did you do to get ready for this

Me: I had a very strict training regiment: Every day I'd get up and skate
3 miles down to the video arcade and play Space Busters for a while.
Then I'd head back home after my parents went to work and practice

Lather: I see. What other things did you do to get ready for the

Me: Well, I had a strict diet: Dofritos chips, Slamdunk Cola, and
products made with Tootsweet were almost all that I would let myself

Lather: That's impressive self discipline!

Me: Well if you want to Hone your skills to razor sharpness, you have
to make a few sacrifices.

THE END.....