After the War


The year is 2019, Manhattan, after a nuclear war. From the
ashes rises a hero, Jonathan Rogers, better know as "Jungle Rogers",
master of the asphalt jungle. His only chance of survival is by
reaching the XV-238 launching platform, located at the HQ's of
professor Mc Jerin, a schizophrenic murderer, and then escaping to
the outer colonies away from Earth!

It won't be easy getting there. He has to cross the dangerous
streets of Manhattan plagued with hapless survivors who in their
desperate situation have become thieves and cannibals. And afterwards
he will have to face the guardians of Mc Jerin's scientific complex.

First Part Load:

Phase 1:
You're in the heart of devastated Manhattan. You won't find too many
friends here due the tough living conditions. A few "radio-gladiators"
remain, they're used to fighting and they're also lethally contaminated
by radiation. They're starved and will do anything they can to mug you.
Some hide out in the buildings and throw dynamite cartridges at you.

Phase 2:
You go towards the outskirts of the city crossing under Manhattan
bridge through derelict buildings and car cemeteries. Here the
radio-gladiators are much more aggressive but your main enemies are
the "Manhattan punkies". They've got an advantage over you because they
carry magnum C-gsi revolvers and attack from behind, trying to bruise
your ribs.

Phase 3:
Out of the city, filthy gutters surround you. Before you, at last, is
the subway entrance. The enemies in this phase are much fiercer. After
each stage you will encounter the "R.A.D. bulls", your worst opponents.
These gigantic and ruthless creatures won't hesitate at the first
chance they get to slash you to pieces.

Comment on time running:
When radioactivity seeps in, every second that goes by is vital. Your
body will notice it more every time. You'll feel weaker every second.
Careful: if the time runs out you'll lose all your lives.

Part 2:

This part has two phases. In the first phase you cross the
aisles and tunnels of the Manhattan subway so that in the second one
you can sneak into Mc Jerin's subterranean base. Your aim: to reach the
launching base and avoid the radiation by escaping to the outer

Phase 1:
You are at Station 1-2-5 of the Manhattan subway, Line 1. Here you'll meet two kinds of prof.
Mc Jerin's defense robots: The "flying rats" and the "PPS torretas" (i. e. Progressive Pneumatic Shooting torretas). The formers will pursue you relentlessly if you don't destroy them first. Not only that, they have a hidden weapon that they seldom use, but with a deadly destruction capacity: IP-2433 atomic mines. Be very careful with these. The PPS torretas are deadly weapons that appear within the tunnels and that will always point at you.

Further ahead and nearer to the base you will be pursued by third
generation "guardian men," combat androids that resemble human beings.
Don't let their appearance fool you and give them plenty of lead:
they're only machines.

And finally you have to take the lift to prof. Mc Jerin's base, your
last stop in your attempt to escape alive from Earth.

Phase 2:
At Mc Jerin's base, the most dangerous zone of the post-nuclear world, it's your last step to salvation, but it's too soon to start celebrating. All the prof's defense devices have been programmed for one purpose: To finish off with intruders. Of course you're one of them.

The artefacts that "welcome" you there are:

*Kangaroo Fighters: One-man defense units that patrol the area. Their
armor plating, made of uranium p-24, is almost indestructible. Only a
great amount of ammunition targeted at the pilot's cabin can destroy

*Mega Kangaroo Destroyers (MKDS): Anyone meeting one of these face to
face would start trembling. You've got only two choices: run away or
follow this attack plan:

-MKDS have a cannon that shoots explosives of a variable reach.
Watch out for the bullets. When the cartridge and detonator are
separated that means they're about to explode: Get away and throw
yourselves on the ground if necessary.

-MKDS advance toward you without hesitation, and the slightest
contact with their shield of force would be lethal. Their weak point is
the articulation under the cannon, that's where the atomic motor is
located. Shoot them in that exact spot and you will stop their advance.

-Just like the kangaroo fighters, MKDS's are covered in uranium
p-24 armor plating. Once you destroy the motor, attack the pilot
without mercy.

Comment on time running:
Undergound the radiation is not as strong, although it will still
affect you. Make it to where you are going faster and get ready to die.