Long ago, three evil dragons descended from the skies and brought a
nightmare of darkness and destruction to a once peaceful kingdom. From
this suffering, emerged a powerful and brave warrior who fought against
the demonic Dragons and Demons to restore law and order in his
homeland. He was known only as the Black Tiger. You take on the role of
Black Tiger and enter a sinister fantasy world of endless and absorbing

The game consists of stages in which you destroy various fantasy
oriented opponents, collect zenny coins, open treasure chests (with
keys) and break open containers that hold either treasure or villains.
There are a number of Old Men frozen along the way who may reward you
if you free them. Some give clues to the game, others give you more
play time. money or vitality potions - while some allow you to buy
weapons, armour, keys and potions from them. After you save an Old Man,
he will disappear. Saving zenny coins allows you to purchase various
items as you progress. If you buy one of the four weapons available, a
weapon power number appears next to the appropriate icon at the foot of
the screen. You automatically throw several knives each time you use
your weapon.

Each stage endds with a major villain. You may encounter any of the

Block Head, Blue Dragons, Spear Throwing Demons, Blue Samurai Dragons,
Red Dragons, Gold Samurai Dragons or Black Dragons.

Opening a treasure chest can reveal one of the following:

An hourglass (gives more time), a lantern or gold. Take care, some
contain fire columns that can damage you.

Bonuses are gained by collecting various characters, these include
Capcom cows, elves, barrels and stars.

Here is a list of minor villains you will encounter:

Block Heads - rectangular chunks of stone that bounces around and
tries to squash you.

Skeletons - appear out of the ground and throw their heads at you.
Can't be killed until fully animated.

Blue Goblin - tries to chop you with his battle axe.

Spinning Skull - can't be killed.

Fire Mummies - spit fire.

Audrey II - man-eating plant.

Audrey III - poisonous variety of Audrey II. If you are poisoned by an
Audrey III plant, you will not throw the knives. The potions from the
Old Man will cure poison.

Fire Demons - doesn't move. Just throws fireballs at you. It can't
throw fireballs as long as you keep hitting it.

Grim Reeper Hags - come in two varieties. One generates red fire
columns and one generates blue frost columns. The blue frost columns
reverse the right left on your joystick. Both go ethereal when

Spear Throwing Demon - starts out as a sphere. Uncurls and flies
around throwing spears.

Birds - lethal to you if touched.

Rocks - fall from various places when triggered by player bounce a
couple of times, then disintegrate.

Vile Vials - little blue blobs that bob around and try to touch you.


Left -------+------- Right

Fire Button - Fire

If you push up first and then right/left between 1/4 and 1/2 second
later, you will jump straight up and then move to the right or left at
the top of his arc.