Plug in your joystick into port two (2). Load Kickstart, and then, at Workbench prompt, insert your Discovery disk. When your screen fills up with starts, (following the appearance of the Micro-Illusions logo,) turn up and adjust the volume on your monitor or stereo.


* When Discovery's cast of characters appear on the screen move the joystick left and right to select which one shall represent you, then push your joystick button.

* If you do not wish to see Discovery's introductory screen, or listen to the description, you may press the spacebar to skip over these areas.

* At Lesson Menu, press the letter on your keyboard for your desired selection of the challenge level. (Or if you have an additional data disk, insert it.)

* "M" - toggles music on/off.

* "Q" - ends the game and allows you to quit or make a new selection for level of difficulty.

* HELP key repeats questions you are challenged with.

FUEL CRYSTALS - Look are diamond shaped and sparkle, you have to collect all twelve, you collect them by walking over them.

ALIEN ANIMAL SPECIMENS - There are 3 aliens that will zap your energy level from you if you walk over them or they walk into you.

The Veerus - looks like an inchworm.

The Meba - looks like a green slimy patch

The Cellot - looks like little spider.



The Starship Discovery, carrying a cargo of alien animal specimens, has crash landed on a remote, inhospitable astroid. From its crew of four, you alone have survived well enough to survey the damage and return the starship to flight. with the crash impact, twelve fuel crystals have been dislodged and must be replaced. While moving through the many compartments of your complex craft you are met with unexpected challenges. Impeding your mission are the alien creatures which have escaped from their containers and are running loose throughout the ship. Can you collect the crystals and restore the ship to flight without being contaminated by the animal specimens? You will be relying heavily on both your adept skill at the joystick control and your intellectual prowess of mastering either mathematical, spelling, or trivia challenges, as well as additional challenges still to come in the form of separate data disks. You alone will be setting the grade of levels of challenge, so make it as difficult as you dare. Soon you will be accepting the Discovery challenge over and over, for as you do, your own brain power will be expanding and you will soar into the heavens with the Starship Discovery.


To place your Discovery starship back into astral flight and WIN, you must find and collect all twelve (12) fuel crystals which have been scattered about the vessel. You must then return with the crystals to the forward compartment where they will be re-inserted into the master control panel. If you can accomplish this task without losing all your strength points, Discovery will again be launched into the heavens with you at the helm, and VICTORY will be yours!


Use your joystick to move about Discovery's compartments in search of the fuel crystals. Climb up and down ladders as desired, but keep an eye out for the alien animal specimens which can contaminate you and zap your strength (at a cost of 5 points per encounter). You will be starting out with a total of 20 pints of strength. To avoid the aliens, you may "jump over" them, as well as the open hatches, by using your joystick button. If you should lose all of your points of strength the game is lost, but there is way to fight back. For each fuel crystal you collect you wll regain one (1) point of strength.
You will be faced with other challenges in your quest for the fuel crystals when sliding doors suddenly just out to block your path. Only by selecting the correct answer, can the barrier be removed.