Typed in by THORAX. Edited by Parasite.

The Story so far.........
Double Dragon is the story of two twin brothers, Billy and Jimmy Lee
facing the odds together in a city where survival has to be learned
the hard way. Their knowledge of the martial arts, combined with the
experience of though urban existence, has made thom both formidable
fighting machines, ready for any challenge that comes their way.

But now the brothers are faced with their greatest challenge ever.
Billy's girl Marian has been kidnapped by the Black Warriors, a savage
and ruthless street gand led by the mysterious Shadow Boss. Using
skill gained from a lifetime on the streets, and whatever weapons come
to hand - including knives, whips, baseball bats, rocks and even oil
drums - Billy and Jimmy must pursue the gang through the sprawling
slums, factories and outskirts of the city, to reach the thugs'hideout
for the final confrontation with the infamous Shadow Boss!

The Cast
Billy Lee: Height 5'10. Weight 165 Ibs. Billy began his Kung Fu
training at the age of 12 and became a Kung Fu Sosaiken
Master at the age at 20

Jimmy Lee: Height 5'10. Weight 170 Ibs. Billys twin brother and also
a master in the martial arts.

Lopar : Height 5'8. Weight 175 Ibs. Packs a nasty right and left
punch, and gets a kick out of hurling oil drums around

Abobo : Height 6'3. Weight 167 Ibs. The Middle Boss, Abobo likes
to slap people about.

Williams : Height 5'8. Weight 167 Ibs. Has perfected strong jump kick
and is very handy with a knife or beasball bat.

Linda : Heigth 5'4. Weight 114 Ibs. Watch out for her swift right
and left punches. She also cracks a mean whip.

Chintai : Height 5'6. Weight 152 Ibs. A Karate Master. Enough said...

Willy : Height 6'. Weight 205 Ibs. The Big Boss, Willy is armed
with a machine gun and, needless to say, won't hesitate
to use it...

Your weapons
As you hunt throug the urban decay of the city you will find boxes,
oil drums, knives, baseball bats and whips. All can be picked up
(by moving near a weapon and pressing fire) and used in fights (by
pressing Fire when the weapon is held)

The action in Double Dragon takes place in 5 different scenarios:
the City Slum, Industrial Area, he Forest, and outside and inside the
Boss's Hideout.

Attacking the enemy

You have a vast range of fighting skills at your disposal. Individual
attacking moves are below.

LEFT OR RIGHT PUNCH - press fire to punch your opponent in the direction
you are facing

KICK - move joystick to the right and press Fire to kick forward. If can
get very close to your opponent, you can turn the kick into a
HAIR GRAB KICK. And you can turn a hair grab kick into a SHOULDER THROW
by reversing joystick and pressing fire

HEAD BUTT - move joystick down and press fire to head butt yoor opponent

JUMP KICK FORWARD - move joystick in south west direction and press fire
to turn an kick

WHIRLWIND KICK - move joystick in south west direction and press fire
to turn and kick

ELBOW BACKWARD - move joystick to the left and press fire to elbow an
opponent behind you

JUMP BACKWARD - move joystick up and left and press fire

JUMP UP - move the joystick up and press fire

JUMP FORWARD - move the joystick up and right and press fire

Playing the Game
At the bottom of the screen are shown two sectioned bar displays
one for each player. Each bar represents one life which is used up
as Billy takes the enemys shot. (The number of lives remaining is
shown next to the bar.)

At the top of the screen, beneath the scores, is a display of how
much time you have to left to complete that level. Just like the
Arcade, if you are still hanging around when the clock runs out,
you lose a life. Life is tough on the street.

Keep fighting you way to the right using whatever weapon you can
find. Beware of allowing the bad guys to rob you of a weapon to close
to the edge of the screen - you will not be able to pick up it again!

If you lose all your lives, you can use up one of the five credits
you start the game with - drop another quarter in - and continue on
just like the Arcade. Once all your credits are gone so are you.

Press fire to use a credit and continue on from your present position
when you lose all you lives and are prompted to do son on the screen

Clear out the trash on one level to move on the next. Your girl is at
the end of level 5 - go get her! Watch for the thumb to tell you
when you move on! If two players as a team fight through more enemys
its gets even more interesting towards the end. Keep your wits about
you and one eye on your partner.