Fright Night
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You moved into this neighborhood because it was quiet and peaceful. Just
what you needed since you sleep during the day.

Now your neighbors have gotten together and are planning a little surprise
for you. All this trouble just because of an unfortunate misunderstanding.
After all, it's not as though the people whose blood you took are actually
dead, they are serving as new recruits in the Legions of the Undead, trans-
formed into vampires like you.

Your neighbors are not only planning to drive you out of the neighborhood,
but to end your exsistence completely, and all because of your need for fresh

You'd think a neighborhood like this would allow a vampire to enjoy the peace
of the undead!

Now these nesfarious do-gooders have invaded the sanctity of your own home,
searching for your resting place. Each is intent on driving a stake through
your heart.

Well, there is one good thing. You don't have to wander far from home to
satisfy your urgent lust for fresh blood. Simply avoid the crosses, garlic,
holy water, and other obstacles, and feast on new victims in the privacy of
your own home. Just beware of powerful vampire hunters with strong faith.
They can certainly ruin your night!

Extra Memory

If you have memory expansion installed, extra graphics will automatically be


Control your character by moving the joystick. Defensive actions, such as
ducking or jumping, are controlled by pressing the fire button and moving
the joystick in the appropriate direction.

Playing The Game

In a twist of fate, you play the role of an anti-hero, Gerry Dandridge, a
modern day vampire, struggling to stay undead. The action takes place inside
your house, which has become infested with do-gooders intent on making your
eternal life miserable.

Put quite simply, they don't want you in their neighborhood.

Each game starts at sunset on Monday. Your energy level is high, and you are
ready to go.

Time is represented by the moon at the left of the status display. As time
passes, the full moon gradually fades.

Your image, located at the right side of the status display indicates your
current state of being. As your need to replenish with a fresh supply of
blood grows greater, your image will begin to deteriorate. When all that
appears is a skull, your after-life has ended.

Quite fortunately, a fresh supply of blood is available. The pests that
invest your home are an excellent source of nourishment. Besides, they intend
to do you harm, unless you eliminate them first.

Unfortunately, your neighbors are not thrilled with the idea of becoming a
thirst quencher for a vampire. They are prepared to defend themselves, and
will attempt to ward you off by any means possible, including resorting to
such tricks as throwing crosses, garlic, holy water, and other items known
to cause pain to vampires. These items all will have a detrimental effect if
they hit you. How much effect depends on the level of faith of your attacker.
Be ready to dodge!

Watch the center symbol on the status line, the pentagram, for an indication
of the relative faith level of the person you encounter. Darker colors indi-
cate little faith in the weapons they bear. Bright colors could mean big
trouble for you.

After disposing of all victims each night you may return to your coffin for
a good days sleep. You must make certain you've disposed of any remaining
vampire hunters, otherwise they could stumble onto your resting place, and
interrupt your repose with a well placed stake.

Don't waste time! You must eliminate the vampire hunters and return to your
coffin by sunrise. After all, Vampires cannot abide the light of day.

Each night becomes increasingly difficult to survive as more of your
neighbors are alerted to your presence. Even ghosts of your past victims will
strive to make your undead exsistence even more intolerable.

Should your vitality be drained, your exsistence as one of the undead will
end, and you'll be banished from the realms of the netherworld forever. In
other words, the game is over.

Mybe you'll have better luck in another life.