THOR the Warrior
ARMOUR: Tough skin - eliminates 20% of damage.
SHOT POWER: Excellent - twice normal power.
HAND TO HAND: Excellent - Battle Axe - can destroy generators.
MAGIC POWER: Poor - damages most monsters and no generators.

THYRA the Valkyrie
ARMOUR: Shield - eliminates 30% of damage.
HAND TO HAND: Good - Sword - can destroy generators.
MAGIC POWER: Moderate - damages most monsters and generators.

MERLIN the Wizard
HAND TO HAND: Poor - Bare Hands - cannot destroy generators.
MAGIC POWER: Excellent - damages all monsters and generators.

ARMOUR: Leather - eliminates 10% of damage.
HAND TO HAND: Moderate - Dagger - cannot destroy generators.
MAGIC POWER: Very good - destroys almost all monsters and generators.

The monsters pour out of the generator which lie throughout the dungeons.
Each generator creates a specific type of monster i.e. ghosts or demons.
There are three levels of generators; the toughest monsters. Shoot the
generators to destroy them. Monsters too, have three strengths, the most
powerful taking three hits to kill.

GHOSTS: Stay away from ghosts. They hit you only once and
disappear. One hit hurts alot. Shoot ghosts, do not run
into them!

GRUNTS: Grunts will run up to you and hit you with their
clubs over and over. Either move the joystick towards them
to fight them hand-to-hand or shoot them.

DEMONS: Demons will try to shoot fireballs at you if they
can, or if they are too close they will bite you again and
again. Fireballs hurt more than biting does. Either move
the joystick toward them to fight hand-to-hand or shoot

LOBBERS: Lobbers will try to lob rocks over walls and
other things in the maze to hit you. They will also try to
run away from you. Try to shoot them or trap them in a
corner and fight them hand-to-hand.

SORCERERS: Sorcerers try to fool you by disappearing while
moving. When they are invisible, your shots will go
through them. Either move the joystick towards them to
fight hand-to-hand or shoot them.

DEATH: Death will drain health from you. He will take up
to 200 points and then die. The only way to kill Death is
with magic. Don't even thhin about fighting him hand-to-

SUPER SORCERERS: This sorcerer appears, takes a shot at
the player and then disappears again. He continues to do
this until shot by a player. Magic only stuns him and
prevents him from shooting or disappearing immediately.

ACID PUDDLES: These green pools hurt the player but do not
attack him: instead they wander around aimlessly. They
cannot be shot. Magic only stuns them.

The "IT" Monster: This creature, which looks like a
glowing, spinning disc, disappears when it hits a player.
That player then becomes "IT". All monsters are attracted
to the player who becomes "IT" until he or she leaves the
maze or until this player touches another player who then
bacomes "IT". This monster cannot be shot but can be
stunned by magic.

The "THAT" Monster: This creature, which looks like the
"IT" monster, chases players around the dungeon. If it
touches a player he loses a special power or a potion
or 100 health points.

THE DRAGON: Dragons appear rarely and should be approached
with caution. They need to be hit several times on the
head with a missile to destroy them. Don't get too close,
though, or it will fry you with it's fiery breath.

THE THIEF: The thief appears well into the game at the
characters' start position and chases them until it can
steal an item from the richest player. Unless it is shot,
it will then flee leaving its ill gotten gains on the
next level. The thief steals special power potions or
normal ones if no special ones can be found.

THE MUGGER: This creature can appear more than once per
level, and like the thief, steals from the richest player.
The mugger only steals health points.

All four players should be selected at the start of the game using any
joystick. Two extra joysticks, making a total of four, may be connected
to your Amiga with a special interface available from Mindscape.

Around the dungeons are objects to collect and avoid:
POTIONS: Some potions can be shot although their effect is less powerful
when they're collected and used.
SPECIAL POTIONS: These behave as normal potions when shot but endow the
player with special abilities if collected.
These include:
-EXTRA ARMOUR - increases protection
-EXTRA MAGIC POWER - increases the effect of potions
-EXTRA SHOT SPEED - increases missile speed
-EXTRA SHOT POWER - increases damage inflicted by missiles
-EXTRA FIGHT POWER - increases hand-to-hand combat ability
-EXTRA PICK UP POWER - increases carrying ability from ten to fifteen times
POISONED POTIONS: These behave like poisoned food.
FOOD: Plates of meat increase health by 100 and give a bonus 100 score
CIDER: Cider bottles can be shot and destroyed. When drunk this acts like
POISONED CIDER: This can be shot and will slow monsters down for a short
time. If drunk, poisoned cider takes 50 health points and makes the
character dizzy and difficult to control.
KEYS: Score 100 points for collecting. Use keys to open doors.
TREASURE: Treasure chests cannot be shot but give 100 points when collected.
Some treasure chests are locked and need to be opened with a key. They
may contain food, money, a potion, and even Death!
AMULETS: These magic devices confer special abilities on the wearer for a
short time.
INVISIBILTY: Monsters cannot see you and wander around.
INVULNERABILITY: Monsters cannot hurt you, but your health decrements
twice as fast as normal.
REPULSIVENESS: Monsters cannot stand you and run away.
TRANSPORTABILITY: The player can now transport through any solid object by
running into it.
10 SUPER SHOTS: These shots kill all monsters in their path and keep
travelling until they hit a wall.
REFLECTIVE SHOTS: These shots bounce off walls allowing players to shoot
around corners. These bounce a maximum of three times.
WALLS: In general walls are impenetrable objects, but some walls crumble
when shot.
TRAPS: These glowing patterns on the floor make some walls disappear when
stepped on. There can be more than one trap. Traps walls may be invisible.
STUN TILES: These tiles stun any player who treads on them and then
TRANSPORTERS: Glowing red discs on the floor, transport players to the
nearest visible transporter. If several transporters are the same distance
away, then one is chosen at random. There are several ways to influence
your direction. Can you find them?
FORCE FIELDS: These go on and off in a particular pattern. If a player
enters a field when it is on his health will quickly drain. Monsters are not
affected. Force fields cannot be destroyed.
EXITS: These labeled holes lead down to the next level or to the level
specified. Some exits are phoney. They are painted floor tiles. On some
levels exits move around by closing and re-opening elsewhere. Treasure room
appears randomly and the player has a fixed time to collect as many
valuables as possible within a time limit, which is displayed at the top of
the screen. There is no score unless the player escapes.

In general players are immune to the other player's shots but in some areas
of the dungeon, missiles can stun or injure fellow players.
If players do not fight for about half a minute, the locked doors will
disappear, freeing all of the monsters. Eventually, if players still avoid
combat then all of the walls turn into exits!

Choose the color and character you want by pointing the gauntlet and
pressing the FIRE BUTTON.

How long you last depends upon your health. Health is lost by contact with
the monsters and as time elapses. It can be regained by picking up the food
which can be found in the maze. Be careful, some food can be destroyed by
your shots and some may be poisoned.

The object of the game is to survive the monsters' attacks for as long as
possible whilst competing for food, treasure and magic potions. You must
also search the maze to find the exit to the next level.

For game controls, details will appear on the screen.

Insert the disk in drive and turn on computer.
NOTE: Amiga 1000 owners, Insert Kickstart 1.2 or higher before loading your
program disk.

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