Typed By Catlord/LSD

Guardian is a fast and frantic 3D shoot'em up set in the future. The action takes place in a rapidly shrinking universe only a few light years in diameter. Millions of life forms are battling desperately for possession of the few remaining resources, while turning a blind eye to the implications of the imminent Big Bang. You have been selected as a 'Guardian', one of an elite troop of pilots charged with the protection of what is left of the human species. Your job is to repel the relentless attacks of alien life forms on a series of populated planets. Should you fail, the human species faces certain destruction. The rewards of success, however, are not so clear.

To begin play, simply turn off your Amiga CD32 insert the guardian CD and turn the CD32 back on. After a short delay the game will be loaded and you will be ready to play. Make sure you have a 6 button CD32 joypad connected in either port and the volume on your stereo is set to 11. As guardian uses a 3 dimensional sound effects system you may need to swap the left & right audio leads connected to your CD32 so explosions etc. are heard from the correct speaker and hence direction during play.

Joypad Left/Right - Rotate Ship
Joypad Up.Down - Dive & Climb
Shoulder Buttons - Thrust & Reverse Thrust
Red - Lasers
Green - Flip
Yellow - Smart Bomb
Blue - Launch Missile
Pause - Options


The controls for Guardian are different if you are running it with a normal joystick. These are the controls for the PARADOX joystick fix.

Joystick Left/Right - Rotate Ship
Joystick Up/Down - Dive & Climb
Joystick Up/Down & Fire - Thrust & Reverse Thrust
Fire - Lasers
Right Mouse Button - Options


By pressing the Play/Pause button on the joypad an options screen will appear. Besides the standard options to adjust camera angles etc. The shoulder buttons can be used to shift the position of the screen on your TV.

Your primary targets are the Dronoids alien craft armed with powerful trilium bombs capable of destroying planetary installations. Destroying a number of Dronoids will cause the enemy to temporarily give up their attack. Allowing the Dronoids to destroy all the planetary installations will allow the enemy to strengthen their attack - not a good idea! Two scanners are available to aid you in your mission. The left hand scanner represents the location of all Dronoids located on the planet surface, use this to seek them out before they destroy the planets valuable installations. The right hand scanner is a close range radar alerting you to the location of nearby alien forces. You have 2 special weapons available smart bombs & tracking missiles. Igniting a smart bomb will destroy all aliens within a visible radius, while a tracking missile will home in on and destroy the nearest Dronoid. At the start of the game you are given a supply of three ships and three smart bombs. Extra ships and smart bombs are earned every 30000 points. 3 tracking missiles are also awarded every 30000 points.

Shooting a Dronoid may result in the release of a power up. If collected, your ship will be enhanced in one of the following ways.

Shield Boost - Increases your ships shield.
Laser Boost - Increases the speed of your laser bombs.
Twin Lasers - Allows your ship to fire 2 lasers at once!
Tracking Missile - Increases your stock of tracking missiles.

Power ups may be stockpiled. For example, if you collect a twin laser power up while your ship already has twin lasers, the power up will be reserved for use with your next life.

The job of Guardian is an extremely difficult and dangerous task. Only with hours of practice and dedication can you hope to become one of the elite pilots of our time. The following points may also help in your fight to save the shrinking universe.

Dronoid destruction should always be top priority.

Don't destroy your own installations, you only loose points and aid the enemy.

Fly slalom through installations to lead the enemy to their destruction.

Flip then reverse thrust to get aliens on your tail into your sights.

Keep the scanners in the corner of your eye at all times.

Catch bonus power ups as quickly as possible for maximum points.