Williams moved slowly in the half light of the barricaded storeroom.
This was the place he had hidden the radio transmitter two months
previous at the beginning of his operation. Becoming a part of
the German Military Underground had been a difficult task but after
several weeks of searching and darkened alley encounters the blond
haired American spy finally gained entry to the Underground elite.
They took him to where they had set up a base of operations far outside
any city in an abandoned mining shaft. Since then Williams had learned
of the evil Baron Von Max and his plans to dominate the world with a
deadly doomsday device. He called it the Tower of Armageddon and wanted
to succeed where the Nazi War Machine had failed.

Stepping up to a series of bare shelves Williams pressed his fingers
against a section of backboard which slid aside at his touch. The
wooden panel looked no different from the others to either side except
for the hollow space behind it and the small brown leather box hidden
there. Taking the box from the space Williams crossed the room to
a small table in one corner placed the box down and opened it
revealing the transmitter s various controls.

Von Max was a twisted man his dreams of an Utopian society tainted by
evil ambition and his quest for world conquest. The doomsday device
as powerful as it was supposed to be lacked the very thing Von Max
strived for the most: power. Conventional energy sources were not enough
to operate the massive machine of destruction. The evil baron had
searched in vain almost four years trying to locate several
mysterious crystals which contained strange energies strong enough
to fire the tower s weapons.

Williams flipped a switch on the side of the box and the radio
transmitter began to hum softly. Several indicators lit up on the
radios control panel and the spy began to turn various knobs.

Satisfied with the numbers appearing in the displays Williams attached
a small headset to the transmitter and placed the earpiece in his right
ear. He then began to tap out a coded message, transmitting to his
contact in Berlin faint beeping noises sounding with each press
of a button.

Somehow Von Max had finally discovered the resting places of the
crystals and was even now readying an expeditionary force. The
crystals lay hidden in various cities around the world and the evil
baron would lead his elite troops to each of the cities to steal the
crystals from wherever they might be. However Williams had one
problem Von Max disclosed to no one the locations of the crystals.
But the spy had learned the crystals were useless on there own. If
even one of them was not found the rest could do nothing and the
doomsday tower would never be used for its evil purpose.

The transmission almost complete a scraping sound caught Williams
attention and he froze. The spy held his breath as he listened to
the nights darkness. Had the sound simply been the result of Williams
strained nerves? After a moments pause he continued transmitting
satisfied nothing lurked outside the storeroom shack. The loud crash
of wood splintering broke the silence as the storeroom door was
kicked in. Williams tumbled to the ground and rolled behind several
boxes as machine gun fire tore into the room and destroyed the radio
transmitter. The American spy clutched his head as the gun shots
continued shaking as bullets ricocheted by. When the shots ceased the
sound of boots scraping along the wooden floor filled the room until
long shadows fell over Williams hiding spot.

Get up! A thick accented voice demanded. Get up or we vill shoot you
vair you hite American cowvard!" The cocking of machine guns accompanied
the last demand; Williams decided to stand. Six uniformed men filled
the room's cramped interior, and in their midst stood the stout Baron
Von Max, eyes glaring. One of the soldiers motioned with his gun and
the spy moved forward, out from behind the bullet riddled boxes.

Von Max looked Williams up and down, "Dis iz zee von?~ The first
soldier nodded his head. "Zo, you are zee American zpy?" the baron spat
the words out, "How easy it iz to find undt stop you." Von Max spoke
quickly to his men in German and two came up beside Williams. Putting his
hands in the air, Williams waited as the two patted his clothing, searching
for any concealed weapons. Stopping just below the spy's knees, they
missed the knife hidden under Williams' pant leg.

"You Americanz are zo very foolish. Even zough you defeat our glorious
Third Reich, you allow zee rest of uz to plot your deaths." The baron
stepped closer with each word he spoke until he stood only a yard from
the captured spy. Williams shifted from foot to foot, feigning fear,
waiting for the chance to slip out the knife. "Zoon I vill have zee
Crystals of Armageddon and zen all zee vorld vill tremble beneath
my stare. Undt zen your puny Atomic Bomb vill be like a firecracker
compared to my Doomzday Tower!". Von Max raised his arms and began to
laugh, hands clutching at the empty air.

Williams moved quickly, knocking away the soldiers at his side before
bending to bring out the knife. Suddenly surprised, the baron took a
hasty step back, yelling out as Williams lunged forward aiming the
short blade for the center of Von Max's chest. The knife fell short of
its intended target, a moment before the fatal blow would have landed
the remaining soldiers opened fire at the attacking spy. A barrage of
machine gun bullets struck Williams across the legs and chest and the
spy was thrown back by the force of the impacts to collapse against
the crates that had hidden him.

Von Max loomed over Williams' crumpled form. In the dim light the
American spy could barely make out the expression of disgust that
contorted the evil baron's face. Coughing hoarsely, blood trickling from
his open mouth, Williams tried to speak. Curious, Von Max bent lower to
hear the faint words. "Vhat? Speak up, I cannot hear vhat you are sayink!"

Williams curled his lips into a snarl and spat into the baron's face.
Enraged, Von Max straightened and brought his booted foot hard into the
spy's ribs, kicking repeatedly until the bloodied man was dead. Turning
back, the evil baron stormed past his men and out the doorway. Stumbling
over themselves, the soldiers hurried to follow their master.


Two olive garbed MP's, rifles held across their chests, stood
guarding the conference room door. A third soldier, sitting behind a
small, white desk, looked up at General Atterman's approach. Striding up
the the desk, the general presented his ID card and waited impatiently as
the seated guard stared first at the card and then down at a clip board
resting on the tabletop. With a nod of his head the guard passed the card
back, "You can go right in, General Atterman. The meeting has already
started, but..."

The general snatched back the card, "Of course I can go in." Not waiting
for the other two guards to move aside, General Atterman pushed the door
open and walked quickly into the Pentagon's Presidential conference Room.
His footsteps echoed loudly, stopping all conversation as the general
entered, hoisted his briefcase onto the conference table, and sat; hls
chair creaked under Atterman's considerable weight. The other men sitting
around the table, watched and waited as the general settled himself.

~Gentleman,~ a quiet voice sounded from behind a large chair, turned away
from the table, "Now that the Secret Service voice has arrived, might
we continue this discussion?" Several of the other seated men chuckled
softly and General Atterman's face turned a dark shade of red. Admiral
Pierce cleared his throat, ~Yes, as I was saying. There Is nothing to
substantiate the movements of the so-called threat. Not one German ship
moving through the Mediterranean shouldn't be there..."

~We all know how well the Navy is doing its job, Admiral," The quiet voice
interrupted, "There is no question this Baron Von Max has begun his
operation and that he is a threat. What I need to know is where will his
plans take him and how will he move from place to place?"

The admiral sat up and puffed out his chest, "Wherever this baron is
going, he's not travelling by sea!". Beside him the, admiral's two aides
whispered words of agreement, trying to console the aged Pierce.

General Atterman watched impatiently as each entourage bent and spoke
into their superior's ears. The assembled war heroes represented the
egos of the entire American Armed Forces, and it wouldn't do to have
the President treading on any of them. Atterman popped the clasps of his
briefcase, the loud noise again causing all eyes to turn to him. After
an appropriate, dramatic pause, the general spoke.

"Sir, as you know it was one of the Secret Services' operatives who
brought this matter to your attension," Atterman reached into the
briefcase as he spoke and pulled out a thick file, "Although the
particular agent gave his life to deliver the information, several other
operatives are still in the field collecting data on Von Max's
whereabouts and movements." As the general placed the file onto the table,
the seated military commanders, and their various aides, began to laugh.

Admiral Pierce spoke between guffaws, "You don't really expect us to take
any of your secret agent spies seriously, do you?" He stopped to laugh
again, "We all know how unreliable your agents are. Especially that big,
brown haired one, what was his name?" One of the admiral's aides spoke
up quickly. "Ah, yes, 'Guy Spy'. You've got to be joking?" More laughter
accompanied the admiral's exclamation, apparently he wasn't the only one
who found the agent's name humourous.

General Atterman stood up, sending his chair rolling across the floor,
~I'll have you know, Guy Spy is our best operative! Why he almost
single-handedly wiped out the entire German Secret Agent Underground
after the war's end..."

~That's enough!" the quiet voice wasn't so quiet anymore. The large,
black leather chair swivelled to face the table and President Truman
glared at the seated men. ~I don't care where the information came from,
or who attained it. This baron may have a device capable of making the
A-bomb look like the Fourth of July." The president's gaze came to rest
on General Atterman, still standing at the opposite end of the
conference table. Truman gestured to one of his aides and the man trotted
over to the general's chair and wheeled it back to the table. Atterman
sat and returned the president's stare.

"General, tell me more about this 'Guy Spy'. Leaning forward in his chair,
the President listened intently as Atterman began to speak. If there was
anyone who could deal with Baron Von Max, thought Truman, perhaps it was
the super agent, Guy Spy.


The setting sun had moved below the barracks' roofs, casting long shadows
on the patted earth of Fort George US Military Base. The approaching
night would bring sleep and relief for most of the base's personnel, but
not for Guy Spy. He hated sleep, when he was sleeping he was off duty
and he hated being off duty. There wasn't enough time during the day to
take care of all the things he had to do, much less subtracting the time
he would spend with his eyes closed, resting.

Feet beating the earth haphazardly, the squad Guy Spy lead stumbled
through the base's front gate. Some time earlier the squad had left with
full equipment packs for a short, 30 mile, quick stepping march. Most of
these soldiers were good men, Guy thought, but in need of substantial
endurance training. After only a few hours of marching the squad had
started huffing and puffing as if the trotting pace was difficult. Guy
lead the squad into the main compound and motioned them to halt.

"Well, men, it's almost time for mess call, so you'd better get to your
barracks and clean up. Dismissed!" At the sound of the order half the
squad collapsed, falling hard to the ground, and the other half fell on
top of them. Guy shrugged his shoulders, "If that's where you want to
rest?" Guy Spy turned and walked in the direction of his quarters.

Various personnel saluted as Guy made his way through the base towards
the barracks he called home. Several weeks ago he'd returned from a field
assignment and would remain stationed at Fort George until receiving new
orders. The area Guy lived in was quite sparse, he spent so little time
there it might never get that 'lived in' look. Regardless, Guy kept his
bunk immaculately clean and it remained that way because of his absence.

Having reached his quarters, Guy strode up the stairs, opened the door
and walked in. The first thing he noticed was the lack of light. Someone
must have pulled the main switch and the interior of the building was
almost pitch black; probably some practical joker. Guy stepped into the
darkness, slowly moving towards where he knew the fuse box was
located. So intent on restoring the overhead lighting, Guy failed to
detect the motion ahead of him until the attacker struck.

The two bodies tumbled to the floor and Guy struggled under the weight
of whomever he was grappling. A dim light filtered through the window set
in the door and Guy could make out the outline of the man. The broad
shouldered intruder tried to keep Guy pinned as he raised something into
the air. A glint of light shone off a knife blade as the arm descended in
an arc aimed at Guy's head. Guy twisted his shoulders and neck, and
the blade struck the wooden floor where his head had just been. The
attacker fought to pull the knife free from where it had become

Reaching his arms around the other man Guy rolled both bodies towards
the barracks' door. Pulled by the American soldier's considerable strength,
the attacker lost his grip on the knife and flipped over. The two men
bashed into the door and rolled out of the building into the growing
twilight. Guy squeezed with all his might, tightening his grip each time
the intruder exhaled. Unable to free himself the other man collapsed
under the constant pressure. Once he was certain of his attacker's
unconsciousness Guy pushed the man aside, got up off the ground, and
began to brush himself off as several soldiers came running up.

"Are you all right, sir?~ One of them asked.

Guy bent to examine the strange man, "I'll be fine. But who the heck is
this fellow and what does he want with me?" Stark white hair protruded
from under a dark green cap and the man's eyebrows were so blanched that
Guy could hardly make them out. The man's uniform was also green, but
of varying shades. Guy looked up at the soldiers gathered around him,
"When he wakes up make sure he doesn't leave. And one of you go get
the MP's." The soldier who had spoken ran off and the others stared down
at the unconscious man.

Remembering the discarded knife, Guy went back into the barracks,
switched on the main light panel, and plucked the weapon out of the
wooden floor. Turning the knife over in his hands Guy noticed the
intricate design of a large tower, with what appeared to be rays of
light streaming from its top,worked into the blade. Below the tower
were the two words 'Von Max'. Pondering the inscription's significance
Guy's attention was suddenly drawn to the sounds of a commotion coming
from outside. Peering out the door Guy saw the green uniformed
stranger dodging the attempts of three soldiers trying to tackle him.

~Hey! Don't let him get away!" Guy sprang from the doorway and leaped
towards the melee. Seeing the American spy's approach the intruder
bolted, breaking through the circling soldiers, and ran towards several
tanks returning from patrol. Ignoring the shouts of the men he dove
beneath the tracks of the nearest tank. Guy Spy and the pursuing
soldiers turned away at the sight and grimaced as a loud, squishing
sound filled the air.

The tank came to a halt, the intruder's lifeless form spreading into
a puddle under the wide tracks. A hatch opened and the operator's head
popped out, "Man, what were guys gonna do to him that he wanted to
jump under my tank?" Guy and the rest of the soldiers shook their heads,
astonished by the intruder's suicide.

"Hey, Guy Spy," someone called from behind the group, UMajor MacLeod
wants to see you."

"I'll be right there." As Guy turned and waved, two MP's arrived. Guy
pointed over at the now reversing tank, "You're too late for the chase,
boys, but you're just in time to clean up the mess." Chuckling at the
soldiers' disgusted expressions Guy strode off towards the Major's
office. He walked through the outer doors and was ushered in by the
attractive stenographer. She watched him walk by, learing as Guy
closed the door behind him.

Guy stepped up to the desk and saluted, "You wanted to see me, sir?"

Major MacLeod look up from the playing cards spread across his desk,
"Yes, Guy, your orders just arrived," Solitaire was one of his favourite
past times. The Major paused long enough to reach into his desk drawer,
take out a sealed envelope, and pass it to Guy. He immediately continued
flipping cards.

~Thank you, sir." Guy took the proffered envelope, saluted and left the
room. Once outside the office he examined the envelope; imprinted across
the glued flap was the Presidential Seal. Guy saluted the empty air
and ripped the envelope open. The orders it contained were short and
simple, 'Find Baron Von Max and stop him. Signed, President Truman.'
Baron Von Max? Where had he seen that name before? A bulb lit up above
Guy's head and he took out the dead intruder's dagger. Inscribed on
the blade, below the image of the tower, were the words 'Von Max'. Whoever
this man was he had already tried to have Guy killed and that made
the American spy very angry. If there was one thing Guy hated more
than sleep, it was people he didn't know sending assassins to kill
him. Storming out of the building Guy ran towards his barracks; there
would be no sleeping for some time.

Game Intstructions

To load Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon

PC Owners
Before loading Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon, make a backup copy
of your disks and put them aside in case anything should happen to your
original disks.

To load Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon, insert Disk 1 into your
computer's disk drive. Type in the disk drive letter followed by a
colon (for example A: for the first floppy drive) then type GUY and press
RETURN. A number of options will be displayed.

First, select the Video Mode by entering C(CGA), E(EGA) or V(CGA). Next,
select the sound output by entering A(Adlib), S(Sound Blaster), P
(Pro Audio Spectrum) or N(No Sound). Please note that internal sound is
not supported; only the three sound boards listed above are available.

You will then be asked if you want to use a joystick. Enter either Y(Yes)
or N(No). If you select Yes, please refer to the instructions listed

It is important to realise that you can still use the keyboard when you
have selected the joystick. If you are using the joystick and finding
it impossible to make the correct moves, it is possible that your Joystick
is improperly adjusted to your game controller card. To centre your
joystick insert disk one into a drive, type your drive letter followed
by a colon (typically A:) then RETURN. Next type CENTERJS and press
RETURN. Once the program has loaded, you will be prompted to press
the fire button on the joystick and the screen will change displaying
a large cross with an asterisk somewhere near the cross. Using the
joystick's vertical and horizontal trim adjusters, position the
asterisk in the center of the cross, or as close to it as possible. Your
joystick is now centered.

To install Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon onto a hard drive,
insert Disk 1 into a disk drive and enter the appropriate drive letter at
the command prompt (typically A: for the first floppy drive). Then type:
INSTALL drive1 [drive2] <enter>, where drive1 is the hard drive you wish
to install onto, and drive2 is the source floppy drive (the drive2
parameter is optional and defaults to A:).

Note, it is necessary to place a colon after the drive letters.

Example - INSTALL C: B: would install Guy Spy onto the hard drive C from
the floppy drive B.

In the future you will be able to load Guy Spy and the Crystals of
Armageddon by doing the following: enter your hard disk letter followed
by a colon (typically C:) then press RETURN. next type
CD\GUY, RETURN then type GUYSPY and RETURN. You will now follow the same
procedure as above. except when asked to Install YOU should select N(No).

Macintosh Owners
Before loading Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon, make a backup copy
of each of the disks and put them aside in case anything should happen
to your original disks.

After booting your Macintosh with a system disk or autobooting from a hard
disk, insert the Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon disk 1 into the
disk drive and double click on the Guy Spy icon to begin the game.

To install Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon on a hard disk drive
double click on the Install icon. When a requester appears, enter the name
of your hard drive and press RETURN. You will then be prompted to insert
the Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon disks, one by one,
until the entire game is copied onto your hard disk.

To run Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon from your hard disk, double
click on the GUY directory icon on your hard disk then double click on
the "Guy Spy" icon.

Amiga Owners (KeWL!).
For A-1000 owners, at the prompt you should insert KICKSTART 1.2 or
greater. For all Amiga models, when prompted for the WORKBENCH disk, you
should insert the Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon Disk 1 into the
internal disk drive.

Atari ST Owners
Insert the Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon disk 1 into the disk
drive and then turn on your computer. The game will quickly load.

C64/128 Owners
Insert the Guy Spy and the Crystals of Armageddon disk 1 into the disk drive
and type LOAD"*",8<return> RUN <return>.

Starting The Game
After the game has loaded, the demo will automatically begin. The demo
runs through a scene from the first disk and then returns to the
title screen. To start playing the game simply press the spacebar or the
fire button on the joystick at anytime. The first scene will then load

At some point during the game, PC and Macintosh owners will be asked to
answer a question based on the information supplied on piece of paper
that comes with the game. If you fail to answer the question correctly,
the game will quit.

From time to time it will be necessary to change the disk in the drive.
After you have finished all the animations on a disk you will be asked
to insert the next disk so that the game can continue.

NEVER eject one of the game disks while you are playing, unless you are
prompted, or you may damage the disk!

Ending The Game
To stop playing the game simply reset your computer. On an IBM PC, you may
press ESC during game play to return to DOS. Macintosh owners may click
on quit . You can then safely remove the disk in the drive.

Saving Your Position
To save your position press the S key during a scene and after you have
successfully completed the scene you will be prompted for a save disk.
Remove the game disk from the internal drive and insert the save disk.
Your position will be saved and you will be prompted again for the
current game disk.

Loading a Saved Game
To load a saved game press the "L" key during a scene and you will be
prompted for your save disk. Remove the game disk from the internal
drive and replace it with the save disk. The last saved position will be
loaded and you will be prompted for the appropriate game disk.

There are two ways of controlling Guy, either by using the Joystick, if
that option is available on your computer, or else by using the numeric
keypad on your keyboard. The directions you will need while using your
numeric keypad are UP(8), DOWN(2), LEFT(4), RIGHT(6), UP/RIGHT(9), UP/
LEFT(7), DOWN/RIGHT(3), and DOWN/LEFT(1). To use Guy's weapon press the
FIRE BUTTON on the joystick or the space bar.



Berlin Train Station
Arriving in Berlin, an Intelligence Report tells Guy Spy that Von Max
is travelling to Switzerland by train. Guy goes to the train station,
purchases a ticket, and walks out onto the platform. Waiting for the
spy, several Goons stand on the opposite side of the train tracks,
aiming their machine guns across at Guy.

Guy Spy's Movement
Moving the joystick to the down left position causes Guy to take a step to
the left, while moving the joystick to the down right position causes Guy
to step to the right. When the button is not pressed, moving the joystick
moves the crosshair quickly. If the crosshair reaches the left edge and
you move the joystick left, Guy will step to the left, and when Guy
reaches the left edge of the screen he will roll all the way to the
right side. If the crosshair is at the right edge of the screen and
the joystick is moved to the right, Guy will step right, and when he
reaches the right edge of the screen he will roll to the left side.

Weapon Controls
Pressing the button fires Guy's machine gun, and as long as the button
is down the gun continues to shoot. While shooting, the machine gun
jerks around in Guy's hands and when the joystick is moved the crosshair
will go in that direction, but it will still jerk around making it
difficult to get an exact aim.

Health and Bullets Left Indication
There are two Health indicators on the screen, one for Guy and one for
the Goons. As Guy gets hit by bullets his health indicator becomes smaller
and when the indicator disappears Guy is dead.
As each Goon is shot, the Goon indicator becomes smaller and the scene
will be completed when the indicator disappears. The machine gun has
a limited amount of ammunition which is displayed as a Current Clip
Indicator, showing the number of bullets remaining for that clip, and
another indicator showing the remaining number of full clips.


Gondola Ride To Mountain
The train pulls into the Switzerland station and Guy jumps out. Checking
his revolver, Guy pursues Von Max as the evil baron travels up the side
of a mountain inside a gondola. But Von Max has left a squad of Goons
to attack Guy, shooting at the spy as the two gondolas move up the

Guy Spys Movement
To cause Guy to step left or right move the joystick in either direction
without pressing the fire button. When Guy reaches the centre of the
screen the next step will cause him to turn and face the other side of
the Gondola. Each time Guy needs to move from one side of the Gondola to
the other he will turn at the post between the windows. Pulling the
joystick back when Guy is in front of a window causes Guy to duck.

Weapon Controls
When the fire button is held down, Guy aims his gun either to the left,
center, or right of the other gondola window. The gun fires when the
button is released. To reload the gun, position Guy at either the far
left, far right, or centre of the screen and press the fire button.

Health and Bullet Indicators
At the bottom of the screen is a small figure. Each time Guy is hit, a
red mark appears on the figure and when Guy has been hit five times he
dies. Beside the Health indicator is the Bullets Remaining Indicator
displaying the bullets remaining in the clip. When the clip is empty Guy
must reload the gun.


Olga's Cabin

Exiting the gondola, Guy enters the cabin at the top of the mountain and
is confronted by Olga. The large, strong woman will try to keep Guy
occupied until Baron Von Max can escape.

Guy Spy's Movement
Guy will not attack a woman, so he must walk around Olga. Guy will step in
the direction the joystick is moved, including diagonally. Whenever she
can, Olga will slap Guy forcing him back a step. Pressing the fire button
causes Guy to duck.


Switzerland Mountain Ski Chase

Running out of the cabin, Guy jumps onto a pair of skis stuck in the
snow and proceeds down the side of the mountain. High above the hill,
riding the ski lift, more of Von Max's Goons attack Guy.

Guy Spy's Movement
Above Guy, riding the ski-lift, more of Baron Von Max's goons try to stop
our hero by showering the slope with grenades. Trees, patches of ice,
sign posts and ski-lift poles fly past and Guy must avoid the various
obstacles as he skis down the mountain. Moving the joystick left starts
Guy skiing to the left, while moving the joystick right starts Guy skiing
to the right. Guy continues in a direction until the joystick is moved
the opposite way and Guy will automatically turn around when he
hits the edge of the screen.


Pyramid Maze

Having pursued Baron Von Max to Egypt, Guy runs into a large pyramid
that contains one of the Crystals of Armageddon. Once inside, Guy finds
himself in a large maze. Guy must make his way through the pyramid
corridors, avoid the various traps, and stop Von Max's Goons.

Guy Spy's Movement
Guy enters each section of the maze from the bottom of the screen, walking
up to the center. He will wait there until the joystick is moved.

If the corridor continues in a direction, moving the joystick forward, left,
or right will cause Guy to walk down that passage. Pushing the button
and moving the joystick up causes Guy to jump forward, while holding down
the fire button causes Guy to roll forward.

There are many traps inside the maze. Fire, spikes, moving walls, snakes
and spiders are all obstacles trying to impede Guy's progress.


Guardian Mummy

Wandering through the maze, Guy finds the pyramid guardian, an
oversized, ancient Mummy. The Mummy was given eternal life by the
pyramid's builders to keep intruders from disturbing the sleeping
Ramah-Kul. Performing its magical duty the Mummy attacks Guy, swinging
bandaged arms wildly through the air.

Guy Spys Movement
Pushing the joystick up causes Guy to step in the direction he is facing.
Moving the joystick to the right or left causes Guy to rotate towards
the right or left.

Health Indicators
Guy's health indicator is on the left side of the screen, a small figure
which becomes smaller each time Guy is hit. The small figures
representing the Mummy's health are on the right side of the screen, and
they become smaller each time the Mummy is hit by Guy's sword.

Weapon Controls
Guy will swing his sword each time the fire button is pressed.


God Chamber
Lost in the maze, Guy stumbles into the resting place of Ramah-Kul.
The pyramid was originally built to imprison this evil God, and by
entering the room Guy has breached the magic spell holding the God
captive. Rising from his sleep, Ramah-Kul waves his arm sending bolts
of energy raining down on Guy.

Guy Spys Movement
Moving the joystick up causes Guy to take a step forward, while pulling
the Joysffck down causes Guy to take a step back. Pushing the joystick to
the left or right causes Guy to step either to the left or right.

Weapon Controls
Pressing the fire button causes Guy to throw the sword. To retrieve the
sword Iying on the ground, position Guy standing over the sword and press
the fire button.

Health Indicators
Guy's health indicator is on the left side of the screen, a small figure
which becomes smaller each time Guy is hit. The small figures representing
the God's health are on the right side of the screen, and they become
smaller each time the God is hit by Guy's sword.


Arab Fight

Guy stands at one side of the maze exit. Several Goons run into the room
and attack Guy with drawn swords. Guy reaches for a sword hanging on the
wall and moves forward to meet the attack.

Guy Spy's Movements
Guy can use his sword in two ways. Pressing the fire button causes Guy
to slash at the Goon, while moving the joystick up causes him to jab.
Guy can also avoid the Goons' attack by moving the joystick down to
duck and right to dodge.

Health Indication
There are two rows of small figures in the bottom left corner of the
screen used as health indicators, one for Guy and one for the Goons.
As Guy gets struck by the Goon's sword the row of small Guys becomes
shorter and when the figures are all gone Guy dies. As a Goon is hit
the Goon Health Indicator becomes smaller and when the figures have
disappeared the goon dies.


Bar Fight

The chase across the African desert brings Guy to a small bar in the
middle of Kenya. Striding up to the bar, Guy is given a message by his
attractive contact. But as Guy reads the message, Von Max's Goons kidnap
the contact and corner the hero at the end of the bar.

Guy Spy's Movement
Moving the joystick to the left or right causes Guy to punch with either
the left or right arm. Pressing the fire button causes Guy to kick at
the Goon with his knee. To have Guy duck under the Goon's punch pull the
joystick down.

Health Indicators
The health indicators are on the bottom left of the screen, two small
figures, one of Guy and one of the Goon. As Guy is hit by the Goon, the
small Guy figure becomes smaller and when the figure disappears Guy is
dead. When Guy hits the Goon the Goon health indicator becomes smaller
and when the indicator is gone the scene is completed.


Log Fight
Guy Spy arrives in Peru, hot in pursuit of Von Max and his Goon
kidnappers. The Doomsday Tower lies near, assembled inside an ancient
Inca temple. Guy proceeds towards the temple, but several natives wait
in hiding. Balanced on a fallen log, high above a rushing river, Guy is

Guy Spys Movement
Moving the joystick to the right causes Guy to take a step forward, while
moving the joystick to the left causes Guy to step back. Pulling the
joystick down causes Guy to duck down under the attack of the native.
Pressing the fire button puts Guy into the strike position. From the
strike position, with the button held down, moving the joystick to the
right causes Guy to strike right, and moving the Joystick to the left
causes Guy to strike left.


Bow and Arrow
The Doomsday temple lies across an open section of Jungle. Guy knows more
natives are waiting to attack him in the jungle at the edge of the
clearing. Fashioning a bow and some arrows, Guy cautiously walks towards
the temple, ever alert for movement from the nearby trees.

Guy Spys Movement
Moving the Joystick to the right causes Guy to walk to the right. Pulling
the joystick down causes guy to duck under the spears and darts. Pressing
the fire button and moving the joystick to the right at the same time
causes Guy to jump.

Weapon Controls
Pressing the fire button and holding it down puts Guy into aim mode. Holding
the button and moving the Joystick causes Guy to aim the bow in the
direction the Joystick is moved. Releasing the button causes Guy to shoot
the arrow.


Inside the Doomsday Temple

Entering the temple, Guy crosses a rope bridge and makes his way to the
base of the Doomsday Tower. Once there, Guy is attacked by several Goons
hidden behind the tower supports.

Alerted to our hero s presence, Baron Von Max activates the towers automated
defences, a laser cannon mounted on the tower front. Guy must shoot all the
Goons while avoiding the laser blasts.

Guy Spys Movements
To have Guy step left or right, move the joystick to the left or right.
Moving the Joystick up or down causes Guy to roll along the ground to
the left or roll to the right.

Weapon Controls
Holding the fire button down causes the aiming cursor to appear. With the
button held down, the cursor moves in the direction the joystick is pressed.
Releasing the fire button shoots Guys revolver. If the gun clip is empty,
pressing the fire button will load a new clip. While the cursor is on
the screen Guy cannot walk or roll.

Health and Bullet Indicators
Guy s health indicator is in the bottom left of the screen. As Guy is shot
the indicator becomes shorter and when the indicator disappears Guy is
dead. Beside the health indicator is the bullets indicator showing the
number of remaining bullets in the clip.


Final Fight

Guy enters the Doomsday Tower to confront Von Max. The evil baron
stands poised beside Guys bar room contact, bound and hanging, a knife
held to her throat. Von Max barks out a threat, Guy throws away his
pistol, and the two slowly advance for their final confrontation.

Guy Spys Controls
Guy will swing his arm back fisted when the fire button is pressed.
Pulling the joystick down causes Guy to crouch under Von Maxs knife
attack. When Guy is in the crouched position, the joystick held down,
pressing the fire button causes Guy to rise up and punch.

Neither of the punches will reach Von Max from the resting position.
Guy must wait until Von Max attacks with the knife, avoid the attack,
and punch either from the crouched position or back fist Von max as he
swings his arm back.

Health Indicators
There are two small figures used as health indicators, one in each top
corner of the screen. Guy Spys indicator is in the top right, while Von
Maxs indicator is in the top left. As hits are scored, the indicators
become smaller and when an indicator disappears the appropriate
character dies.