A Family Comedy Without The Family

User's Manual


Introduction ......................................... 1

Getting Started ...................................... 2
Requirements ................................. 2
Starting the Program ......................... 2
Copy Protection .............................. 2
Options Menu ................................. 3

Phase I .............................................. 4

Phase II ............................................. 5

High Scores .......................................... 6

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When the McCallisters decided to go on vacation, they forgot one very
important thing... Kevin!

Now you can play eight-year-old Kevin, trying to foil the break-in of
those inept burglars, Harry and Marv. In the first phase of the game,
you rush throughout your gigantic home creating traps and pitfalls.
From the attic to the basement, the tree house, big brother Buzz's
cluttered bedroom and the dozens of rooms in between, you'll find
innumerable household items to aid in your defense. Armed with
imagination and a BB-Gun, you can create a wealth of clever contraptions,
but time is limited. Will you be ready for the Wet Bandit Gang?

Soon, Harry and Marv come bumbling in for a hilarious chase as you try
to lure them into your snares and ploys. Will they succeed in catching
you or can you hold out until Mom arrives in this playful quest to
protect your home... ALONE.

Slapstick humor, comic twists and infinite variations of play, turn
Home Alone -- The Family Comedy Without The Family -- into exciting
computer action for the entire clan.

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Getting Started


In order to run HOME ALONE you will need the following equipment:

o An Amiga 500, 1000, 2000, 2500 or 3000 with at least 1MB of memory

o KickStart 1.2 or higher

NOTE: Please be sure you have the computer properly hooked up and are
familiar with its operation. If there are questions about the
computer, please refer to your owner's manual.

Starting the Program

Boot your Amiga as you normally would, when the computer asks for the
Workbench Disk, insert disk number 1 in the disk drive. Insert Disk 2
when you are asked.

Copy protection

When the program starts, you will be asked to enter a letter from the
HOME ALONE code card. Locate the indicated row and column, type the
indicated letter and press the ENTER key. The program will then display
the opening credits. To skip the opening, press ESC while the Capstone
logo is displayed.


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Options Menu

You can pull up the Option Menu at any point during the game by pressing
the ESC key. This will also pause the game. The menu options available
are explained below:

M - MUSIC turns off the music only, if it is on, leaving sound effects
unchanged. Turns on the music if it is off.

A - ALL SOUND turns off all sound effects and music if they are on and
turns on all sound effects and music if they are off.

R - RESTART will start the game at the beginning of Phase 1.

C - CONTINUE will continue the game.

Q - QUIT will exit to DOS. If you choose to quit, the program will
begin to show the credits. Press ESC to exit the game.

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Phase I

It is 8 O'clock and Kevin is Home Alone. He knows that the burglars will
be arriving at 9 O'clock. You have one hour of game time to find objects
and set traps.

Below is the layout of the playing screen.
| | |___8:00___| | |
|Burglar | |Burglar |
|Window | |Window |
| #1 | | #2 |
| |
| |
| Main Play Area |
| |

Use the left, right, and up arrow keys to run around the house and find
objects. Below is a list of all the objects available.

Micro Toys Blow Torch
Xmas Ornaments Charcoal Starter
Roofing Tar Silicone Caulk
Firecrackers Paint Can
Iron Rolling Pin
Marbles Dictionary
Bag of Flour Fire Extinguisher
Boiling Water Skateboard
Roller Skates Robot Toy
Radio Controlled Car Baseball Bat
Soldering Iron Garden Hose
Grease Gun Bowling Ball
Tarantula BB Gun

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When you get near an object that you can pick up, it will begin
flashing. Press the F1 key to pick up this object. If an object
is located too high for Kevin to reach, press the 0 key on the
numeric keypad to make him jump, and then press F1 while he is in the
air. If Kevin tries to pick up more than 3 objects, a warning will
appear. Press SPACE to continue.

When you have objects in your inventory, press the F2 key to select
which objects will be used for a trap. the selected object will

As Kevin runs around the house, possible trap locations for the
currently selected trap will be shown. When Kevin is close to a
location, the word HERE will appear. Press the F3 key to place
an object at that trap site. The currently highlighted trap will be

Trap locations in the middle of a room and above Kevin's head must be
shot with the BB gun to work. You need to have the BB gun in your
inventory to do this and the burglar must be directly under the trap.
To fire the BB-Gun in Phase II, press the ENTER key.

If you are ready for burglars before 9:00, you may press N to go to the
next phase. Phase I will automatically expire at 9:00. Kevin's
location in the house will be the same at the start of Phase II as it
was at the close of Phase I.

Phase II

The burglars will enter the house and try to catch you. You must avoid
the burglars, and at the same time lure them through the traps. You
must be careful not to trip the traps yourself. Kevin must jump over
any traps that are on the floor.

The traps will inflict varying amounts of damage on the burglars. Harry
and Marv will not always trip the traps. They are more likely to trip
traps if they are near Kevin and chasing him.

The amount of damage that each burglar has sustained is shown under his
name. Each tick mark represents 5 points of damage. You must inflict
50 points of damage on each of the burglars. If one of the burglars
catches you, you lose the game.

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The boxes on the top of the screen allow you to keep an eye on the
burglars. If the burglars are not in the same room as you, they will
appear in these boxes. You can see what happens to them as they trip
traps in other rooms.

As a last resort, Kevin can shoot the burglars with his BB-Gun. The
first time that he shoots a burglar, it will inflict 5 points of
damage. Each time after that will not cause any damage, but will slow
the burglar down for a few seconds.

F2 key will show names of traps still available.

F3 key will tell where the available traps are located.

High Scores

The game saves the ten highest scores of all time. If you have one of
these scores when you finish the game, you will be asked to input your
initials to be added to the high score screen. Scores are determined
by the amount of damage done to Harry and Marv. If two players have
both defeated the burglars, the one that one in the least amount of
time will be ranked first. Otherwise, if two players have the same
number of damage points, the one that played the longest before getting
caught will be ranked first.