Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade

Loading Instructions A500/2000
Turn on the computer and wait for the workbench prompt then insert
the disk label facing upwards. Simple eh!

Basic Game Play
Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade is an exciting multi-level game
in which you control Indy in his search for various artifacts of which
there is an important one on each level.The objective of the game is to fight your way through each level and collect the artifact.Once the artifact is collected,then you need to fight your way to the end of the level.

Level One
Each level presents a different challenge and on level one you need
to collect the Cross of Coronado, but remember to collect the torches
or it will get dark and pretty difficult to see your way around the caves.Once you have the cross you need to escape over the top of the train.

Level Two
This level takes you deep into the catacombs.When the catacombs were
built,secret archways were constructed to hinder false searchers.
Presented with six arches, the true searcher finds the correct arch and continues on his search.The false searcher unable to choose the right arch is doomed to wonder the catacombs in vain,unable to find the Crusaders Shield that lies there.When begining this level you will see the arches,and above each arch is a coded hieroglyphic.These change daily and the date is shown above the arches.To find the correct arch,look up the date on the grid supplied and enter through the arch that matches the code you find.Once you have found the shield,you need to scale the castle wall,but beware of the lightening.

Level Three
Here the game moves on to the airship.Search for the Grail Diary that Indys Father has lost here.Be careful to pick up the passes as you move.They are made of flimsy paper and fall apart after a short time.
If Indy does not have a pass the alarm will be raised,making your task more difficult.

Level Four
Dr. Jones Snr. has been shot and his only hope is that Indy can get to the Holy Grail in time.With dads heart gradually turning to stone,you must guide Indy quickly,but safely past the traps set by the Crusade Knights.Time is your enemy and only the brave will make it in time.

Gameplay Controls
Joystick operation only.Joysick in the second port.
F9/F10 will pause/unpause the game.
Shift/Esc will abort the current game.