Kenny Dalglish - Soccer Match

documents - typed by The Jester of QUARTEX!!


Whether on the filed playing, or off it managing, Kenny Dalglish has been
more than successful, he's rewritten both the record and fairy tale books! A
brilliant player with outstanding skill - put in charge of one of the most
successful football clubs in the world - what does he do? Wins the League and
F.A Cup in his very first season in charge! This is the stuff that dreams are
made of.
However throughout his footballing career 'dreaming' has never been
associated with Mr Dalglish. A determined positive attitude focused on the
important matters of the day has brought him honours at all levels.
Internationally, he is Scotland's most capped player with over 100 appearances,
including taking part in two World Cup tournaments and scoring as many goals
for his country as any other player. At club level, having scored over 100
goals in the Scottish first division for Celtic he transferred to Liverpool to
repeat this feat in the England first.
His ability to score goals is only surpassed by his talent for making them. A
great player in a great team enabled Liverpool Football Club and Kenny Dalglish
to pick up 3 European Cups, 6 League Championships, 1 F.A Cup and 4 League
Cups! His achievements as a player were recognised by both the Footbal Writers'
(in 1979 and 1983) and his fellow Professional Footballers (in 1983) giving him
the 'Player of the Year' awards.
As a manager, he has already won with Liverpool, 2 league Championships and 2
F.A Cups and was Bells Scotch Whisky Manager of the Year in 1986. So what does
he do now? Whatever it is I believe success will be part of it.


The match is on! Type in the name of your team(and the opposition), set the
difficulty and the length of game and away you go. You control the red team
playing from left to right. The arrow shows which player you control(the
closest to the ball).
Before the game starts, Kenny will give you some valuable advice, ignore it
at your peril!


The player under your control will move in the direction you move the
joystick. Pressing fire when the ball is near you will enable you to kick the
ball. How far it goes depends on the direction the joystick is in -when you
release the fire button.

Up and Left : flick ball to players left
Up : flick ball forward
Up and Right : flick ball to players right
Left : chip ball forward
Centered : low pass forward
Right : boot ball high in the air
Down and Left : short pass along the ground
Down : medium pass along the ground
Down and Right : long pass along the ground


Press the following keys

T - display time (for a few seconds)
S - display score (for a few seconds)
P - pause game
Q - quit game (good for saving face!)
E - turn off in-game action sequences

That's it from me I won't say have fun ..cos you won't