Last Ninja III Quick Docs
Typed By Slayer & Action Man Of QUARTEX

Keyboard Controls

P - Pick up

M - Music or sound effects option

Spacebar - Select weapon / objects

Help - Pause / Unpause

Esc - Abort game

At any time durung the game you can chose between full contact cound
effects or music by pressing the M key.

The game can only be played with a joystick.

Joystick Controls

Basic Movement

To change the direction the Ninja is facing, roll the joystick
handle through all the positions until you are facing the
direction you want.

TO WALK FORWARDS Push the joystick in the direction the Ninja is facing
TO WALK BACKWARDS Pull the joystick in the opposite direction to the
one the Ninja is facing.

Special Movement

TURNING THE NINJA Roll the joystick through all the positions until
you are facing the direction you want.

SOMERSAULT If the fire button is pressed while the Ninja is moving,
then he will somersault in that direction.

PICK UP To pick up objects/weapons the button must be pressed and
the joystick pulled down-left or down-right (Diagonal)

Note: This move is also used at certain points of the game for
placing objects in a desired order or poisition.

Joystick Controlled fighting movements

To activate the fighting moves, the Ninja should be stationary and
the fire button pressed.

Unarmed Moves Armed Moves

Kick DOWN Stab UP
Punch UP Cross Slash RIGHT
Overhead Slash LEFT
Throwing Moves (Shiraken, etc.)

Throw Right or Left


The first aspect of the game you master are the joystick controls. The
highly interactive nature of the game is required because of some of the
complex moves the Ninja character has to peform. A high level of
competance at the controls will enhance your game play considerably.
Because of the adventure elements our second sudgestion is that you
should get into the habit of recording what happens on each screen. This
will enable you to obtain higher scores with repeat pley.
The last point is, NEVER take anthing for granted - some things are
not as they appear. Be curious, nosey, etc. and examine everything.