Mickey Mouse - The Computer Game
Typed by Belgarath

Loading Instructions

Atari ST

Insert Disk 1. Turn computer on. Follow on-screen instructions.

Commodore Amiga

Insert Disk. Turn computer on. Follow on-screen instructions.


The wicked witches of the North, South, East and West have
stolen Merlin's magic wand and given it to the awfully 'orrible
Ogre King. Using its power they will, between them, rule
Disneyland! The Ogre King has used the want to cast a sleeping
spell over the land. He then broke the wand into four parts and
gave each witch a piece to guard.

The wizened witches have moved into the four tallest towers of
Disney castle and banished all of the drowsy Disney characters.
They are each using the pieces of wand they guard, along with
some enchanted water they also stole from Merlin, to fill the
castle with hideous monsters. This water is the key to
Disneyland's salvation. Merlin had one bottle of water hidden
and this he gave to Mickey Mouse to use to defend himself as
he rescues the wand. The water must be used sparingly or it will
run out.

Mickey starts his search for the wand at the bottom of each of
the four towers. The only way to go is up! On his way to the
top Mickey will encounter the witch's gruesome guardians.
Squirting some monsters with the enchanted water pistol will
turn them into potion bottles or special magical bonuses. Some
monsters, however, only respond to a sharp tap on the head
with Mickey's rubber mallet, although this often causes them
to split into two smaller monsters! If Mickey collides with a
meany he loses more of his precious water, but it can be
replenished by collecting the potion bottles.

When Mickey reaches the top of the tower he will find fireballs
being hurled at him by the witch. If he can reduce the witch to
a pile of bones by throwing mallets at her, he can collect the
piece of wand she was guarding. Once all four pieces are retrieved
Mickey has to face the fiendish, flying 'orrible Ogre King!
Squirting him 15 times with the pistol defeats him, but that's
not easy. If Mickey doesn't succeed at first, he can try, try again.
If he fails a third time the game is over and Mickey will have
to return to the bottom of tower one!

The Castle

The four towers get progressively taller and tougher. Each floor
of the tower consists of a large circular room overlooked by two
balconies. Mickey must take special care on balconies for two
reasons; firstly he could fall off and secondly there is less room
in which to avoid the monsters. Falling off a balcony stuns
Mickey for a little while allowing the beasties to drain his
supply of water.

Throughout the tower are doors which lead into side rooms.
While ghosts are able to walk through walls, some monsters
need to use these doors. All of the doors need to be boarded up
before Mickey will be allowed out onto the battlements to face
the witch. In order to board up a door Mickey must first find a
key and enter the room. Inside will be one of four sub-games
and if this is completed successfully he will be given a hammer,
nails and some planks and will nail the door shut as he leaves
(the sub-games are described below).

The Meanies

The following monsters appear in all versions of the game.

The Ogre: This giant, warty slob can only be affected by a
gentle wallop with the mallet. When hit he often splits into two
little ogres.

The Ghost: This flimsy phantom can't feel the mallet but
he does fear the water pistol.

The Skeleton: A creepy collection of bones.

Hedley: Squirt this ghostly head.

The Witch: The wicked witch found at the top of each tower.

The Ogre King: Yeuch! What a repulsive sight!!


Mickey can, in the main tower, choose from two weapons; a
water pistol filled with enchanted water and a large, rubber
mallet. The control panel shows which is currently in use.

Remember: Large monsters which are affected by the
mallet will often split into two smaller ones.


When a meany has been squirted or walloped it will disappear
leaving behind a bonus. Mickey has only to run over bonus items
to collect them. They should be collected quickly or they will
fade away.

Water - This bottle contains the enchanted water which
had made the monster. Collect it to add to the supply in Mickey's
water pistol.

Key - Keys are needed to open the doors and enter the side
rooms. They are essential to Mickey's quest.

Bomb - When this is collected all monsters currently on
screen go up in smoke.

Bird's Head - This magic item allows Mickey to fly!
Well, to be honest it just stops him falling. For the duration of
this bonus Mickey can step off a balcony and walk around on
thin air.

Glue - The glue pot will stick all monsters to the spot for
a short while.

Shield - The shield prevents monsters draining Mickey's
enchanted water.

Repulsiveness - Collecting this bonus makes
monsters run away from Mickey.

Slow - The monsters slow down to half speed when this
bonus is collected.

Lightning Bolts - With this bonus Mickey moves
twice as fast as normal. Be careful because this can make things
difficult in a tight spot.

The Panel

On the left of the panel is a picture of Mickey's hand holding
the mallet or the water pistol. The SPACE BAR changes
from one to the other.

Next is Mickey's score followed by......

The water meter. This shows how much water is in the water
pistol. If the pistol becomes empty the game is over!

At the right of the panel is a picture of the tower. The small line
next to it indicates where you are.

The Sub-Games

In each of these games Mickey has three lives which are shown
as three red boxes at the edge of the screen.

The Puddle Maze

Mickey has to avoid or shoot the monsters created by the
dripping taps. To complete the room he must find and collect a
hammer, some nails and some wood. These will be found lying
on the floor and enable him to board up the door. Also in the
maze is a heart which gives Mickey a bonus life. A skull will
take a life off Mickey. The power pack allows Mickey to burst
the water monsters without being hurt himself. The power pack
makes Mickey flicker until its effect wears off. The spring makes
Mickey's mallets bounce off the walls of the maze. Once the
hammer, nails and wood have been collected Mickey can leave
the maze through the hole in the floor.

The Bubble Machine

Mickey stands on a platform which moves randomly left and
right. Below him to the left is a glass tube full of enchanted
water. This slowly leaks into a pipe which runs across the
bottom of the screen. At regular intervals along this pipe are
nozzles which produce bubbles. Mickey must shoot the bubbles
by throwing his hammer until all of the water has leaked out
of the tube. If a bubble reaches the platform it eats it away a
little. Eventually the bubbles will eat a hole in the platform
which Mickey will need to jump across. An extra hazard is the
floating ghosts which slowly follow Mickey around. Prolonged
contact with it will cost Mickey a life. Hitting the ghost with
the mallet will dispose of it but another one will soon appear.

The Pump Room

A long pipe snakes from the top right of the screen down to the
bottom where Mickey appears. At several points along this pipe
are holes with corks in. At the top right is a large monster
operating a pump which creates little monsters. The little
monsters patrol the pipe and may pull out corks which Mickey
has hammered in. The mallet will deal with them. To complete
this screen Mickey must get past the force field which is
protecting the large monster. The force field will be lowered
when some of the corks have been hammered in. The corks
Mickey needs to hit are different each time. To add to Mickey's
problems, water dripping from the corks creates a floating ghost
when it hits the floor. This will stun Mickey or take a life from

The Dripping Taps

There are four dripping taps here which need to be turned off in
a specific order. The tap handles spin or flash to indicate which
should be turned off next. The floating ghost is here again and
is drifting around the screen. If it touches Mickey he will be
stunned or lose a life. Moving platforms help Mickey travel from
tap to tap but he must be careful not to be squashed between a
platform and the floor or ceiling.

Controlling Mickey

Atari ST & Commodore Amiga

Use a joystick in port 1, and the following keys:-

SPACE - To toggle between hammer and water pistol.
P - Pause
S - Music/sound effects toggle (Atari ST only).

Mickey Mouse - Hints And Tips

1) If you run out of water, try to use your hammer.

2) Do not shoot too fast. Every miss wastes water.

3) You can't be hurt while you are on a ladder.

4) Collecting ANY bonus gives more water.

5) You cannot carry more than two keys.

6) It is safer to fight on a large platform than a balcony.

7) It is difficult to fight while you are standing in a doorway.

8) The Puzzle Maze is composed of 16 linked rooms. Try to
find a search pattern which will cover each room once only
and return you to the exit.

9) In the Bubble Room, try to move in the same direction as
the platform. This allows you to move faster; you will also
be heading in the same direction as the floating ghost.

10) When finding the Ogre king take your time.

Typed by Belgarath