Medway Boys & Ikari

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Docs by ** P H A N T O M L O R D **


Left-Move Joystick Left
Right-Move Joystick Right
Left Somersault Press Fire and move Joystick Up & Left
Right Somersault Press Fire and move Joystick Up & Right
Jump Left Move Joystick Up & Left
Jump Right Move Joystick Up & Right
Crouch Pull Joystick Down
Jump Up Push Joystick Up
Defend Hold Fire Button
Throw Shuriken Press Fire and Release Fire Button
(Will only work when enemy is not near the Ninja)
Slash with Knives Press and Release Fire Button
(Will only work when enemy is near the Ninja)


Left-Move Left Cursor Key
Right-Move Right Cursor Key
Left Somersault Press CTRL and Cursor Keys Up & Left
Right Somersault Press CTRL and Cursor Keys Up & Right
Jump Left Press Cursor Keys Up & Left
Jump Right Press Cursor Keys Up & Right
Crouch Press Down Cursor Key
Jump Up Press Up Cursor Key
Defend Keep CTRL Key Pressed
Throw Shuriken Press CTRL Key
Slash with Knives Press SHIFT Key


Pause Game Press P Key
Abort Game Press ESC Key


Select Controls Press F10
Help Screen Press HELP
Music On/Off Press M
ST Sound On/Off Press S


Many years ago, the young Bangler embarked on a political career - a
good-natured and mild-mannered fellow, he quickly gained the support of
electors and was voted into office. Within a few months, Bangler realised
that he liked power and set his heart on obtaining it at any cost.

Gradually, his motiviations, like his methods, changed for the worse. The
idealistic, young, would-be-politician slowly turned into a power of
corrupt individuals within the police force and army, Bangler's rise was
meteroric. Bangler rose steadily through the ranks of local government,
national government and eventually won a seat on the World Government. His
final alliance, with the international criminal fraternity, tipped the
scales in his favour - Bangler finally suceeded in becoming President of
The World.


Democracy rapidly crumbled, once Bangler seized control of the planet - he
was hardly likely to run the risk of standing in another election, now that
he had schemed his way to the top. A few idealistic fellows continued to
argue the merits of free elections and true representation of the people,
but one by one they disappeared in mysterious (but always bloody)
circumstances. Now Bangler's corrupt policemen and soldiers patrol the
streets of every town and city on the globe, snuffing out the spark of
dissent before the flames of revolution can catch...

The cause of Good is not totally lost, however. A research scientist by the
name of Mulk still controls a vast underground laboratory set up by a
previous World Government to research into robotics. Mulk and his staff are
inspired by revolutionary fevour (well, Bangler did cut off the research
grant the moment he took power), and they have decided that it is time to
rid the world of the Big Bad Guy.

In the image of Man, Mulk and his mates created two assassination machines.
Not from clay, but from the finest molydbeno-titanium. These robotic Ninjas
are the ultimate in programmable killing kit. The ultimate in killing kit,
anyway - Mulk's team of scientists doesn't include programmers, so the
Ninjas have to be controlled manually from a console that links into their
servo systems via a high-band microwave link.

Mulk has sent his robo-killers onto the surface, and they're on a mission
to rid the planet of its evil ruler. The long road to Bangler's fortified
mansion awaits...


Mulk has delegated the task of controlling his Ninja killers to you -
sitting in front of the control cconsole, your first task is to get the
hang of Ninja operation. RTFM, as they say in the trade. Done that?
Right... let the battle commence.

NOTE TO ALL LAMERS --- RTFM = Read The Fucking Manual ... Trade knowledge.
(not in the manual)

Five zones have to be penetrated on the journey to Bangler's hideout. Armed
only with flesh-rending knives and a supply of magic-combatting shuriken
stars, the two robo-killers have to be controlled with a fine degree of
precision if the mission to murder Bangler is to succeed.

Bangler's henchmen are dotted throughout all six (only 5 levels on a 520ST
with single sided disk drive (HA HA)). Dodge and kill Bangler's ruthless
troops who are armed with knives, guns and grenades - and watch out for the
killer dogs from the Barkie Brigade! Just when things are going well,
Bangler's magicians are likely to transport a seriously hard opponent into
your part of the world. The magicians have some serious surprises in store,
including the Hunchback, Ground Spider, Ninja Swordlady, Iron Arm, Fire
Breather, Sniper Bats, 3SVOs (laser firing droids) and Giant Tank.

Conflict commences in a Slum Zone, where death stalks the streets then the
combat move on to the Military Base. As night falls, the route to Bangler's
lair takes our robo-heroes onto the mean city streets. Then it's on to the
final stages: in dynamic order to penetrate the high security of Bangler's
mansion the dynamic duo need to tarry awhile in the sewers - before facing
up to Evil Fat One himself...

Sharp reflexes, a will to win and an uninterruptible high-band microwave
link are the keys to success. Mulk has provided the robo-ninjas and the
control equipment - can you provide the rest?


***** P H A N T O M L O R D *****