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Amiga 1200/4000 Loading and Installing Instructions

Playing Shadow Fighter From Floppy
1. Insert Shadow Fighter game disk 1 into the default disk drive.
2. Turn on your computer and monitor. Follow any on screen loading instructions.

Installings Shadow Fighter On To An Amiga Hard Drive
1. Turn on your computer and monitor.
2. Insert the Shadow Fighter game disk 1 at the Workbench Screen.
3. Double click on the 'Install_HD' Icon.
4. Follow the on screen instructions.

Playing From Hard Drive
After Shadow Fighter is installed on your Hard Drive you can place your floppy disks
in a safe place and play from the Hard Drive.

While playing Shadow Fighter in two player mode you need to have both joysticks.
Which means that you will have to remove your mouse. We recommend that you plug
both joysticks into your machine before switching on.

If you are playing Shadow Fighter from a hard drive and want to play the game with
two joysticks connected at the boot up then you will need to use the following keys
detailed below to move the cursor around the workbench so that you can select the
Shadow Fighter Icon.

Either Amiga Key and the left keypad arrow = Move Left
Either Amiga Key and the right keypad arrow = Move Right
Either Amiga Key and the down keypad arrow = Move Down
Either Amiga Key and the up keypad arrow = Move Up
Left alt and the left Amiga key = Left mouse button
Right alt and the right Amiga key = Right mouse button

For the 1200 version of Shadow Fighter we've changed a few of the moves for the
following characters from the ones printed in the manual:

Kury's Rock Roll move is now Back, Forward + Fire
Yarado's Electric Splash move is now Jump, Down/Back + Fire
Fakir's Magic Carpet move is now Forward, Forward/Down, Down + Fire
Okura's Thunder Power move is now Down/Forward, Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire


Kioya Mishuma, a seventeenth century Samurai lived an honourable and disciplined
life. The Emperor held him in high esteem, valuing both his agile mind and skill with the
sword. He was also fondly regarded by the people, his balanced judgement and wisdom
never seeming to harsh nor lenient.

But Kioya was plagued by dreams, he longed for more fame, for more recognition.
Kioya's burning ambition was to be regarded as a living legend. This caused a great inner
conflict, Kioya's strict Samurai code would not allow for such thoughts, his health began to

These dreams did not go unnoticed. Chronozon, keeper of the abyss and gateway
to the after world found them of great interest. He dispatched his personal insubordinate to
claim such a noble soul, for such a soul would be highly prized by his master. Rewards
would be great.

Kioya found himself falling one night, for hours he plummeted through the dark veils
of dreams, until suddenly he woke with a start. A shadow darker than the night stood at
the foot of his bed and in its out stretched palm it held a globe of moving light. Kioya gazed
into the orb and a smile slid across his face, all of the dreams which had troubled him were
there, there for the taking. The shadow smiled too.

Kioya instinctively reached for his sword, it felt lighter and more balanced than it
had ever done before. with one experimental swing he realised that he had been blessed,
this silent messenger who had appeared unbidden had fulfilled his life long dreams. The
long struggle with his conscience was over.

His feats across the kingdom became legendary. Kioya could do the impossible it
was said, he could do, or be, or take anything he pleased. Unfortunately Kioya also heard
these tales and he believed them, he more than believed them he knew them to be true.
Soon his confident swagger was despised by other Samurai, who had been insulted and
belittled by his words and deeds of mockery. Kioya had begun to abuse his legendary
status and the people he had once needed saw him for the false idol he was, and realised
they no longer needed him. Kioya rebelled against his doubters, and in a paranoid rage
killed countless of his fellow Samurai. And his people, who had once respected his
judgement fell beneath his merciless blade. To the public's eye Kioya had all but disap-

These deeds did not go unnoticed. Chronozon, keeper of the abyss and gateway to
the after world found them of great interest. He dispatched his Daemon servitors to curse
such a worthless and foolish soul, for such a soul would be of little value to his master.
Kioya had broken his word.

Cursed to become one of the walking dead and forbidden passage to the after
world, Kioya's only wish was for release, to be able to rest after an eternity of shame.
Kioya drifted through the centuries, his body rotting and his sanity suffering. Eventually he
offered a tremendous reward for the individual who could give him peace, someone who
could overcome his formidable combat skills. Fighters from all around the world began
combat, for the honour of pitting themselves against the Shadow Fighter. Perhaps the
greatest fighter who had ever walked the earth.


AMIGA 500/600/1200 ONLY

1. Insert the Shadow Fighter game disk 1 into the default drive.
2. Connect your joystick(s).
3. Turn on your computer and monitor. Follow any on screen loading instruction.


Menu Screens: Use the joystick to move up and down and press a button to
select. The small arrow on the left of the text will indicate your
current choice.
Character Screens: Use the joystick to move up, down, left and right. To select a
character press a button when the desired character is

To return to the Main Menu from any point in the game press ESC.


Select the Options Menu from the Main Menu by moving to it and pressing a fire button on
the joystick. Move up and down to select an option, the small arrow will indicate your
current choice. Then press a fire button to toggle through the available options.

Difficulty: Select Easy, Normal or Hard. Select a setting to match your fighting skill. The
harder the setting the harder your opponents will be to beat.

Stunned: Select to turn this option On or Off. If you select On, your opposition will be
stunned for a few seconds after a combination of blows or special moves making it easier
to finish them off with a lethal blow. On the other hand it could leave you seeing the stars!

Blood: Choose On or Off.

Sound: Select Music, Background effects or Sound effects while you're fighting. In either
Music or Background effects mode you still get to hear all fighting sound effects, so you can
hear your fatal blows land as your opponent hits the ground.

Time: Select a 30, 60 or 90 second timed battle. If you select a time limited battle the
player with the most energy left after the time limit will be the winner, or select Unlimited
for a timeless battle to the very end.

Exit: Select Exit to return to the Main Menu.


Shadow Fighter has four different options, these are described in more detail below.


Select this mode to pitch your fighting skills against the awesome Shadow Fighter.
However, meeting Shadow Fighter is not as easy as it may seem. There's no walking
through all the levels on easy in this game, it would be an insult to Shadow Fighter. If you
are playing with the difficulty set on Easy mode you can choose from the first six fighters
only. After you've selected your fighter you will face up to ten opponents but you won't
meet Shadow Fighter. If you select Normal mode you can select any fighter from the first
twelve fighters and you will have to win thirteen fights in your bid to fight the Shadow
Fighter. If you select Hard mode you can choose any character you wish and will have to
win sixteen fights before you have a chance to knock the Shadow Fighter for six. If you
lose your challenge at any point you have 3 credits (4 games) to try and meet Shadow
Fighter. Press a button to continue or let the time limit expire to remain to the Main Menu.

High Score: Even if you don't get to meet or beat Shadow Fighter there is always the
chance of get your name on the high score table. Use the joystick to highlight a letter and
press a button to select a letter. Note: your high score is not saved to the floppy disk.


Not sure how to pull off those special moves or how to put a stunning combination
together? Then Pupazz is your man or even puppet, well we're not quite sure what he is
but he isn't a push over that's for sure. The Training simulator was designed with Beat'em
Up gameplayers in mind, there's nothing worse than being beat by the computer or a friend
every time you play a Beat'em Up. Shadow Fighters Training Simulator allows you to learn
to do the special moves and put combinations together, but don't be fooled into thinking
that Pupazz likes having the stuffing beaten out of him, he doesn't. After each battle the
computer will ask if you wish to continue to fight using the same characters, press Y to
continue or press N to return to the Main Menu.


Like VS BATTLE this mode allows you to choose any fighter you wish. After you've se-
lected your fighter the computer will choose a fighter for you to play against as well as the
location. The first fighter to win two rounds is the winner. If you lose your challenge at any
point you have 3 credits (4 games) to try and beat the computer. Press a button to continue
or let the time limit expire to return to the Main Menu.


In this mode two players can select any fighter (or the same fighter) they wish for a head to
head battle of fast cut fighting action. Both players select their fighter and then select a
location in which to fight. The first fighter to win two rounds is the winner. After each battle
the computer will ask you if you wish to continue to fight using the same characters, press
Y to continue or press N to return to the Main Menu.


This screen is where you select your fighter, use the joystick to move up, down, left and
right. The fighter will be highlighted by the highlight box and their portrait will appear on the
bottom left of the screen. If you are playing in VS BATTLE mode, player two's fighter will
show on the bottom right of the screen. Each player's highlight box can be identified by the
initial in the box, player one's box is 1P and player two's is 2P. To select a fighter press the
fire button, then select a stage to fight at. If you're playing in SINGLE BATTLE or
CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT the computer will randomly select your opponent and the


In Shadow Fighter for every challenge you win you are awarded points for your perform-
ance after every challenge. If you get the first kick or punch in you will receive a First Blow
5000 points. If you manage to put together a combination that stuns your opponent
you will receive an Excellent points award of 15000. If you finish of your opponent without
being hit at any point you'll receive a Perfect bonus of 25,000, do this twice in a row and
you'll get a Double Perfect award of 50,000. If you are playing in a Time limited mode and
both fighters are still standing after the limit is up the remaining energy of the winner will
be transferred into points.


Basic Moves

Every fighter in Shadow Fighter has a set of unique basic and special moves. All these
moves can be done by using the joystick and one button, this is what makes Shadow
Fighter unique. There's no pressing six buttons and trying to do a 360 degree clockwise
rotation at the same time. Shadow fighter is the first true one button Beat'em Up on the
Amiga, it also happens to be the best.

The basic movement of each fighter is shown below.

|\ | /|
\ /
/ \
|/_ | _\|

Note: This diagram shows the joystick positions for a fighter who is facing to the right.
These positions are reversed if you are facing to the left.

As well as the basic and special moves the fighters in Shadow Fighter have moves that
only come into play when both fighters are at close range, some fighters will throw an
opponent, others will do a hold or an inside punch.

You'll also find that if you press the fire button at the same time as you make a basic move
your fighter will do a different move to the basic one. All the fighters in Shadow Fighter use
this method, giving each fighter more versatility. So, who does which ? I hear you ask. You'll
want me to play your game for you next.


Like the basic moves, every fighter has a set of unique special moves, you'll find a list of
the special moves for each fighter in the Fighter Information File. From the list of available
special moves you'll find two of these explained, you'll have to find
the rest by yourself, experimentation and a great deal of practice is the key here. These
moves can prove difficult to pull off but with a lot of practice you´┐Żll be able to put some
stunning combinations together. The diagram below should help you understand all the
different joystick positions.

|\ | /|
\ /
/ \
|/_ | _\|

Note: This diagram shows the joystick positions for a fighter who is facing to the right.
These positions are reversed if you are facing to the left.

So, for example lets say that Slamdunk has a special move that is described
as Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire. To pull this move off you must move
the joystick in one continuous move from Down to Down/Back to Back and then press Fire
to pull off the special move. If a special move is described as Forward, Forward/Down,
Down, Down/Back, Back, Back/Up, Up, Up/Forward + Fire you must do a full 360
degree clockwise rotation starting from Forward and then press Fire. As mentioned before
it takes a great deal of practice to pull off some of the moves. Use the Training Simulator to
practice and find the special moves, try different combinations of movement on the joystick
and fire button.


Once you've chosen the mode and your fighter you'll be taken to the Play Screen. This is
where all the action starts, you must use all your skill and all your fighters moves to kick,
punch and smash your opponent into the ground. The more times you hit your opponent
the more his energy level will decrease, once this is completely depleted you'll be declared
the winner of that round. If you're the first to win two rounds in any challenge you'll be the
winner of that challenge. If you're playing in a CHAMPIONSHIP FIGHT and you win two
rounds you will automatically earn the right to go onto the next challenge, in a bid to meet
the almighty Shadow Fighter face to face. If you are playing in Easy mode, you'll face only
ten other fighters. Shadow Fighter is very particular about who he fights and anyone who
tries to take him out by flying through the rounds on Easy doesn't deserve to meet such a
worthy opponent. If you can complete the ten fights in Easy mode with ease, then you're
ready to switch up a mode to Normal and do battle with some of the best Beat'em Up
characters ever on your quest to beat THE SHADOW FIGHTER.


NATION: Denmark
AGE: 24


Slamdunk combines his mastery of basketball with an expertise in all the fighting arts.
While this may seem an odd mix, Slamdunk is an outstanding fighter. His skill on the
basketball court is matched only by his skilful fighting.


Jumping B-ball Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Spinning fire kick ?
Speed attack Back, Forward + Fire
Spinning fire B-ball ?
Head spring kick ?

NATION: France
AGE: 19


Living on the streets taught Electra the hardest and greatest rule of all - self preservation.
Her skill and will to survive against all the odds make her a strong and agile character
who is willing to face the unknown.


Electric Body Rapid Fire
Power launch Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Earth power Energy ?
Electric boomerang ?
Double kick ?
Spinning jump ?

NATION: Belgium
AGE: 23


He is the Kick boxing world champion. When he's not starring in his own movies
Soria is in the gym practising his moves and trying different combinations,
combinations that leave the opposition wondering what's hit them.


Spinning roundhouse attack ?
Flying kick Back, Forward + Fire
Double drop heel kick Up/Back + Fire

NATION: Germany
AGE: 27


Yurgen entered the tournament with an on-going investigation in mind, Yurgen suspects
one of the fighters to be a murderer. He's a hard cop who believes in asking questions later,
his unorthodox methods only get him in trouble with the authorities but he remains a
firm favourite with the crowds.


Gun fire ?
Power fist Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Earthquake fist Forward, Down/Forward, Down + Fire

AGE: 20


He is the Kuto arts master. He was taught by his father at an early age, he succeeded his
father as the master at the age of sixteen. Cody has devised several moves his father
believed to be impossible.


Kuto kick ?
Fast punch Rapid Fire
Flying Power Kick Back, Forward + Fire
Kuto fireball ?

AGE: 21


Exploring the inner mind and life force, Fakir has harnessed the power of ancient secret
magical knowledge. This knowledge coupled with his fighting ability make him an unpredictable
character to fight against.


Genie hurricane Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Mystery fire ?
Teleport ?
Magic carpet Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire

AGE: 21


Learning to fight on the dark streets of Madrid was how Salvador made his living, bare knuckle
fighting against some of the greatest. His understanding of the animal psyche is formidable,
harnessing the power of his familiar, the panther. He is an unusual fighter who has moved
on from the small prize money offered by street fighting to now fighting for the highest
prize of all.


Spinning powerball Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Turning flip kick Down, Up + Fire
Flash Panther ?

AGE: 30


No one is quite sure who or what Kury really is, he prefers his personal history to remain
more esoteric than some people desire. In fact the last person to question him on this point
is still in hospital. Kury's size alone causes concern for the other fighters, his brute
strength and powerful arms make him a hard target to knock down.


Power smash fist Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Body drop ?
Rock roll Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Spinning fire hand ?

AGE: 20


Based in Florence, Toni teaches the fighting arts involving the secrets of fire and before
each fight can often be found crossed legged meditating on the flame of a single candle.


Burning uppercut Forward, Down/Forward, Down + Fire
Spinning fire ?
Flame kick Backward, Down/Back, Down + Fire
Massive uppercut ?

AGE: 25


A Kung Fu master raised in a mist-shrouded temple where he learned to harness the forces
of nature. He's since been exposed to the back catalogue of Bruce Lee films and seems
to have discovered a new role model.


Firey handspring Down, Up + Fire
Fist of the falling sun Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Fury spin ?
Fury kick ?
Falling nunchaku ?

NATION: Unknown
AGE: 19


Lost in the wilds as a child, Manx was raised by animals who taught her the way of the Tiger.
She strikes with a powerful force and is greatly feared. Her style is unique and as wild
as the tigers.


Fire hands ?
Cutting claws Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Rolling claw slash ?
Tiger pounce attack Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Falling angel ?

NATION: Thailand
AGE: 35


An enigmatic character, Top-Knot is the Thai boxing world champion. He's a no-nonsense
character, often accused of taking himself a little to seriously. He's generally silent
before and throughout all his fights, except when he pulls off a powerful move.


Fast fire somersault Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Spinning kick ?
Power combination ?
Speed elbow smash ?
Hangman's uppercut Down, Up + Fire

AGE: 24

Born deep in the Mexican wilds, Yarado lived alone for many years meditating with the 'Old Ones'
to learn the ancient Aztec power of the soul and how to channel the inner force. Yarado has a
style of his own that has yet to be taught to anyone else in the world.


Electric speed ?
Spirit power Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Electric body ?
Electric splash Up/Back + Fire
Spinning arms ?

AGE: 27


An honourless and renegade Samurai. Like Kioya before he dissapeared, Okura will kill for the
right price. He practised under the same school as Kioya as a young man and now believes he
should have the title as the most infamous Samurai fighter in the World.


Electric sword ?
Spinning blade Down, Down/Forward, Forward + Fire
Thunder power Up/Back + Fire
Steel sword ?
Teleport ?

AGE: 14


Last of the Japanese "Katu" Dragon arts schools students. The Darkstar Ninja's were responsible
for the destruction of this highly specialised school of martial arts, a vengeful act of revenge
for teaching the unknown and secret moves to their students. Thankfully Toshio arrived late
on the night of the destruction and was the only existing survivor from the school of "Katu", he
is the last of the "small warriors".


Fireball Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Speed dragon ?
Dragon uppercut ?
Dragon kick ?
Circle of fire Forward, Down/Forward, Down + Fire

NATION: Unknown
AGE: Unknown


The volatile result of a DNA experiment. Khrome is out to prove he is superior to the human race.
His accurate control of cellular structure makes for a style that can't be copied by anyone.
With the prize money, Khrome hopes to build a lab so he can construct a partner.


Grabbing gut Fire, Down/Back
Liquid silver attack Down, Down/Back, Back + Fire
Melting body ?

MADE IN: Taiwan


The best fighter-training system around. Pupazz was designed for fighters to practice
their special moves on, however Pupazz has a few moves of his own that most fighters would
be proud to own.


Bowling ball
Buzzing saw
Electric fence force
Flame thrower
Jack-in-box punch
Head bomb

NATION: Unknown
AGE: Unknown




Unknown ?

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