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Typed by THE TWINS

Exported by Midnight Maniac

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Up * jump up
Down * crounch
Left/Right * turn left (and then walk left/right)
Fire * hurl current weapon or kick/punch
Fire and Up/Fire and Down * leap between the ground and higher
<Space Bar> * activates Ninja Magic
F10 * pause


One hot summer's day, everything began to go wrong.

As the most famous graduate of a secret oriental Ninja school, you had
been invited back to the annual graduation ceremony and prize-giving.
Having enthralled the junior classes at the assembly with your tales of
international ninjing, you were just about to move on to handing out
prizes to the seniors when there was a flash of Dark Ninja Magic and
Bwah Foo made an unscheduled appearance.

Few of the pupils realised who Bwah Foo was, but within a ninja-second
you had identified him and realised that this once illustrious graduate
of the Ninja school had turned to the Dark Ways. Transfixed by Bwah
Foo's Holding Magic, you were unable to move a muscle or even twitch a
tendon as Bwah's henchmen led away the entire junior class.

Then the evil Foo issued his personal challenge to you. With one
mighty bound he somersaulted onto the speech-giving platform and thrust
his face in front of yours. "Why if it's not Joe Musashi", he sneered,
"Old Goody-Two Shurikens himself. Well, well, well." (Clearly the
quality of teaching on the Dark Side has slipped abominably, you
thought to yourself, as Bwah Foo ranted on in clipped baddie-speak the
like of which was normally reserved for second-rate pantomimes in
seaside towns.)

"...well, well, well. It's gold I want", Foo continued, "all the gold
in the Scholl's coffers. And if I don't get my gold by Wednesday
evening I'll kill every last member of the Junior Class and THEN you'll
be sorry." And with a maniac cackle and a flash of green Ninja Magic,
he was gone.


It took a few hours for the Holding Magic to wear off - clearly the
magicians on the Dark Side were much more skilled than the
speechwriters. While you were held in the clutches of Bwah Foo's magic,
your finely-tuned Ninja mind began turning over. Obviously the
dastardly fellow had taken the kidnapped children to his hideaway, and
clearly he meant business. The school was going to have to dip into its
coffers and make with the gold - or face the wrath of some very angry

But then you'd shared a tea-ceremony with the school principal and his
favourite concubine just before the speechgiving - and hadn't the
principal bemoaned the fact that the school was nearly out of gold?
That's right! An appeal for funds was about to be launched to the Old
Boys - and if past graduates didn't cough up, then the school would
almost certainly have to close. Or at the very least merge
ignominiously with the Samurai School at the other end of the island,
"and you can imagine how the parents would like that", the principal
had sighed.

"Oh Well" you sigh, "there's only one thig for it", you thought as
the Holding Magic began to wear off, "It looks like it's up to me to
get those children back".


Now Wednesday evening is drawing close, and with it the deadline set
by Bwah Foo for the delivery of the ransom. You have found his hideout,
and it's time to put those ninja skills to gooduse on the side of the
truth, beauty and justice.

In order to reach Bwah Foo's lair you must fight your way through five
missions. Each mission is divided into three or four stages, packed
with highly-mobile henchpersons, a handful of the kidnapped Ninja
children and one of Bwah's big bosses who must be defeated before you
can pass onto the next mission.

The rescue has to be achieved before Bwah Foo's deadline expires, so
there's a time limit in which a section has to be completed. All the
children found in a mission have to be rescued before you can confront
the boss at the ed of each mission. Just walk past the kids and your
Ninja Magic causes them to be beamed back to Mummy and Daddy. Then you
must defeat the boss in a fight to the death and you can move to the
next mission, with time left on the clock converted to useful points.

Saving Ninja children earns the eternal gratitude of the parents, but
more importantly also confers points. Rescue several sprogs, and you
earn a power-up weapon that is more deadly than the shuriken. Use these
weapons well and remember that when the going gets really tough you can
call the power once per level - use it wisely!