Once upon a time, on a faraway planet, lived the harmonious people of
"Skweez". But one day, the vile Pitark with his hordes of Schnoreuls attacked
Skweez'Land. Quickly defeating the defensless skweezettes. As a last
humiliation, Pitark had Skweez 'Land contaminated with a blue Skweezticide,
forcing the Skweezettes to flee to the planet Refuznoid.

Many years later, Pitark died and the Skweezettes decided it was time to
decntaminate the 99 continents of Skweez'Land returning them to their
origional colour:Pink.

Skweek volunteered to attempt this difficult mission;indeed, the Schnoreuls
are very aggressive and Skweez'Land is a strange and dangerous planet.

If Skweek succeeds in restoring all of the continents, the Skweezettes will
return and Skwez"Land will become a free and prosperous planet once again.


'Baby Skweek' One Extra Life.
The Freeze With this shot, the monster cannot move for
some time. In order to kill it, you need to
push it, otherwise he will free himself and
go crazy.
Invincibility Allows you to kill monsters by touching them.
The Hamburger Gives you 8000 points
The Ice Cream Gives you points.
The Door Allows you to go to the next level.
The Laser Fire Allows you to destroy some of the walls.
The Teddy Bears Collecting 4 different Teddy Bears gives 5
lives and allows you to go to the next level.
But if you pick up one that you already have
you lose it.
The Yellow Egg Timer Adds 100 seconds.
The Green Egg Timer Adds 30 seconds.
The Red Egg Timer Adds 15 seconds.
The Gift Contains many different things;Some good,
some not so good.
The Shoe Skweek will not slide on the Ice or on the
The Turbo Allows you to run faster than light!

There are four different ways to complete a level.
- Decontaminate all of the blue steps.
- Freeze the 6 monsters.
- Take the 'Exit' bonus.
- Collect the 4 Teddy Bears.

@ 10/07/89 The Phantom Lord.