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S P A C E A C E !!!

From ReadySoft Inc.



The evil Commander Borf is attacking Earth! With the help of his
dreaded weapon, the Infanto Ray, Borf will reduce all of humankind into
infants and take over the planet.
Only two people have the courage and strength to stop Borf and save the
Earth, the beautiful Kimberly and the heroic Space Ace. But as they approach
Borf's stronghold Ace is hit by the Infanto Ray, changing him into a
weakling, and Kimberly is kidnapped by the evil madman!
Only you can guide Space Ace, and his weak alter-ego Dexter, to rescue
Kimberly and defeat Borf. But watch out, many dangers and deadly beasts
await as you travel planet and back again! Survive Borf's monsters, rescue
Kimberly and finally confront Borf himself in deadly hand to hand combat all
before the Earth is enslaved forever!


Game Instructions
To Load Space Ace
A-1000 Owners - Turn on your computer.
- insert KICKSTART 1.2 or greater at the prompt.
- when prompted for the WORKBENCH disk, insert the SPACE ACE
Disk One (1) into the internal disk drive.

All Others - turn on your computer.
- when prompted for the WORKBENCH disk, insert the SPACE ACE
Disk One (1) into the internal disk drive.

The game will then load quickly.

Starting The Game
After the game has loaded the demo mode will automatically begin. The
demo runs through scenes from the first disk and then returns to the title
screen and credits. To start playing the game simply press the fire button
on the joystick or the zero (0) on the keypad at any time. You will know the
game has started when the player score screen appears. This screen shows
your score and the number of lives you have remaining. The first scene will
then load automatically.

Playing Space Ace
You do not directly control all of Ace's actions, rather you control
his reactions to the events that happen around him. As you watch the
animation, you must decide in which direction Ace should move on the screen
and when.
To finish a scene successfully you must make a joystick move or press
the fire button when Ace is in danger. Timing is very critical and often you
may make the correct move but at the wrong time. Also, many scenes require
more than one move. If you are having trouble, watch the animation carefully
and move Ace in the safest direction or if no direction is safe press the
fire button to use Ace's laser gun or laser staff.
If you're sure you have the correct move try varying the time when you
make the move, a little sooner or a little later. Don't be surprised if Ace
doesn't move immediately after you have made a joystick move. You must wait
for the animation to finish and if you made the correct move(s) you will
continue on to the next scene.
Don't be surprised when you see Dexter in one scene and Ace in another.
Ace has been hit by the Infanto Ray once already and he transforms back and
forth between some of the scenes. You have three lives and for every 10,000
points you will receive on extra life. The game will end if you lose all of
your lives or when you have completed all of the scenes on the four disks.
From time to time it will be necessary to change the disk in the drive.
After you have finished all the animations on a disk you will be asked to
insert the next disk so that the game can continue. NEVER eject one of the
game disks while you are playing, unless you are prompted, or you may damage
the disk!

There are two ways to control Ace: you may use either a joystick
plugged into Joystick Port 2, the port beside the mouse port, or the numeric
keypad on the keyboard. The directions you will need are UP (8), DOWN (2),
LEFT (4) and RIGHT (6). To use Ace's laster gun or staff press the FIRE
BUTTON on the joystick or the '0' on the keypad.

Ending The Game
To stop playing the game simply reboot your Amiga, press the CTRL key
and the two AMIGA keys (on some machines the COMMODORE Key and the AMIGA
Key) at the same time. The screen will go blank and you may now eject the
disk(s) from the drive(s).

Saving Your Position
To save your position press the 'S' key during a scene and after you
have successfully completed the scene you will be prompted for your save
disk. Remove the game disk from the internal drive and insert the Save disk.
Your position will be saved and you will be prompted again for the current
game disk.

NOTE: Any data on your Save disk will be ERASED. Be sure to use a blank disk
or one you will use only to save your position onto. Also it is unnecessary
to format the Save Disk.

Loading a Saved Game
To load a saved game press the 'L' key during a scene and you will be
prompted for your Sae disk. Remove the game disk from the internal drive and
replace it with the Save disk. The last saved position will be loaded and
you will be prompted for the appropriate game disk.

NOTE: You can cancel either of the operations by pressing the 'ESC' key
while the 'Insert SAVE Disk' prompt is on the screen.

Pausing The Game
You can pause the game at any time by pressing the 'P' key on the
keyboard. To continue to play, press the 'P' key again and the game will

Turning the Audio Off/On
You can toggle the audio off and on by pressing the 'A' key on the

Playing Scene One
Borf will appear from his space station flying on an anti-gravity
platform. He will fire his laser gun at the rocks around young Ace. Just
before the third laser shot, move RIGHT and Dexter will jump behind the
large rock on the right hand side of the screen. Borf will fire again
hitting the top of the rock. Before Borf shoots at the rock again, move LEFT
and Dexter will jump from behind the rock to the centre of the screen. Borf
will follow and fire his gun again. Before Borf can shoot, move DOWN, Dexter
will jump behind the rock again and you will have finished this scene.


SCENE 1 - Borf flies out of his ship on an anti-gravity platform.
As he approaches Dexter, Borf begins to fire his laser
gun. Dexter must dodge the laser shots, hiding behind
the rocks at his sides.

SCENE 2 - After getting away from Borf, Dexter runs towards his
spaceship. But before he gets there he must cross the
path of a floating robot who is stomping the ground
beneath him. Dexter must dodge the stomping arms and
make his way across the crumbling ground.

SCENE 3 - More floating robots come flying at Dexter and he must
dodge laser shots to get to his spaceship.

SCENE 4 - Dexter has launched his ship and is flying towards Borf's
Space Station. Dexter must slow the ship down without
landing too hard on the station.

SCENE 5 - Inside the station a huge, green muck monster lurches out
of the mud to try and eat Ace. Ace must kill the monster
before it kills him.

SCENE 6 - Dexter is standing on a section of broken bridge and a
large stomping arm appears to crush the bridge. Dexter
must jump from the bridge to safety.

SCENE 7 - Dexter must now jump onto a moving platform to get
across the remaining piece of bridge.

SCENE 8 - Dexter is running along a rock path when suddenly a large
purple monster appears. Dexter must jump through the monster's
open jaws and run to safety.

SCENE 9 - Another purple monster appears along the path and again Dexter
must dodge the monster's gaping mouth.

SCENE 10 - After escaping the purple path creatures, Dexter is grabbed
by the tentacle of the largest of the purple monsters! Dexter
must kill the monster before it devours him.

SCENE 11 - Dexter is dropped onto a rock bridge, in front of two caves.
Beside the bridge two purple monsters appear bouncing up
and down waiting for him to move. Dexter must get into a
cave before two blue cat people get him from behind.

SCENE 12 - Dexter is now in the centre of the station. He must make his
way through the maze of corridors and buildings in order to
find the evil Borf. But all around him are Borf's security
dog creatures! As Dexter runs past an intersection, two of
the dog creaturs appear from the sides to try to stop him.
Dexter must dodge the creaturs as they jump towards him.

SCENE 13 - Dogs appear from in front, behind and the side of Dexter
intent on killing him. Dexter must continue running down
one of the corridors.

SCENE 14 - The dog creatures follow Dexter through a narrow corridor,
between rows of energy conduits. Dexter must get out from
between the conduits before they come to life or the dogs
get him.

SCENE 15 - Ace is standing between two of Borf's security robots. They
raise their laser blasters and fire! Ace must dodge the laser
shots and run down another corridor.

SCENE 16 - Ace makes his way down a corridor and past several energy
conduits. As he passes them, the conduits come to life! Ace
must dodge the energy bolts before they fry him alive.

SCENE 17 - Dexter continues through the corridors and must dodge another
laser blast.

SCENE 18 - Borf's stronghold is almost in sight but before Dexter can
reach it he must stop and dodge another laser blast.

SCENE 19 - Dexter makes his way down the last corridor and must climb
up to Borf's control center.

SCENE 20 - Ace is now in the control center and Borf attacks swinging his
staff before knocking Ace off his feet with a hard side-kick.
Ace must block the staff swing before getting kicked.

SCENE 21 - Ace continues to grapple with Borf in hand to hand combat!
Flaming staff in hand, Borf attacks. Ace must block Borf's
staff before it knocks him unconscious.

SCENE 22 - Again Borf swings his staff down towards Ace's head. Ace
must block the staff before it knocks him out.

SCENE 23 - Ace goes on the offensive! Borf blocks Ace's attack and
counters with a round-house kick. Ace must duck under the
kick before attacking again.

SCENE 24 - On his back Ace is vulnerable and Borf isn't waiting for him
to get up! Borf swings his staff down to finish Ace off and
Ace must block the staff.

SCENE 25 - Getting to his feet, Ace stands in front of Borf waiting for
his next move. Borf swings his staff once and then again!
Ace must jump over and duck under the staff.

SCENE 26 - Borf swings again! Ace must dodge the blow before jumping
onto Borf's back.

SCENE 27 - Borf's little, blue goons come to help their master! Ace
can't stop them all, so he must jump from Borf's back.

SCENE 28 - Swinging down on the rope, Ace must jump onto the platform
Kimberly is strapped to.

SCENE 29 - Kimberly in hand, Ace lands in a pool of lava, on top of
the platform. As Ace waits, the lava slowly creeps over
the edges of the platform. Ace must jump from the platform
to safety.

SCENE 30 - Now that Kimberly is safe, Ace must get Borf before the
Infanto Ray gets him. Running along a platform inside the
station, Ace must dodge the ray without falling off the

SCENE 31 - Borf fires his Infanto Ray again. Dexter must dodge the ray
without falling off the bridge he's running on.

SCENE 32 - Ace turns down a bridge lined with mirrors as Borf fires
again. The Infanto Ray destroys the bridge ahead of Ace.

SCENE 33 - Borf aims the Infanto Ray and fires! There is no escape
for Ace this time. The only option is to push a mirror
into the path of the ray.

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