Why Soitenly, nuk nuk nuk...

LOADING INSTRUCTIONS: Amiga 1000 owners should KICKSTART their (machines with
version 1.2. Insert The Three Stooges REEL1 into the (main drive. If you
have a second drive (recommended) insert Stooges REEL2. Plug a joystick into
port #2 and away you go! WISE GUY!

WINNING THE GAME: Can the Stooges help the poor widow save the orphanage
from I. Fleeceem, the evil banker? Moe, Larry, and Curly have only 30 days
to earn enough money to stop Fleecem from foreclosing. To pay off the
mortgage, they'll need $5000.00. With $10,000 they can pay off the mortgage
AND repair the orphanage, but they'll need more than that to marry and
maybe even lay Ma's beautiful daughters, do not attempt if you are a
provincial putz.

HOW TO PLAY: Moe has a map of Stoogeville, but can't make up his mind where
wait until the timer runs out and go where ever Moe's hand stops. (You will
have about 2 seconds to look at the map before the hand starts moving and the
timer starts counting down, so pay attention!) There are 180 places to go in
Stoogeville, all on a ONE WAY street. The first 30 squares are on the back
of this card on my original program, unfortunately I can not let you see them
but the map consists of different places that you could go. The street never
changes, so after you play several times, you'll know your way around town!
The different things along the road are:

SLAPPING GAME: Its important to control the speed of Moe's hand. To slow
it down you'll have to "knock" some sense into Larry and Curly. You control
Moe in the middle. Whenever you hit Larry or Curly the speed of the finger
goes down. But if you miss them or they hit you, the speed increases. The
bar above their heads shows how much speed has changed and the time remaining
FAKING IS CRITICAL TO MOE'S SUCCESS. Use the button on your joystick to
instigate a real hit or kick or some kind of blow. Let off the button to do
a fake. Ill leave it up to you to figure out the joystick positons as to
what positon is what kind of hit. Its not hard unless your a fatboy!

MOUSETRAPS: When Moe's hand stops on one of these, the trap will snap on his
finger. The Stooges don't go anywhere when this happens, and they loose a day.
If Moe gets snapped on his last finger, the Stooges will no longer be able to
work, and their trip through Stoogeville will be over. Watch the hand, it
indicates the number of fingers remaining.

PIE FIGHT: You control all three Stooges. Move the joystick up, down, or
center it to make Moe, Larry, or Curly duck. To throw a pie, simply push the
joystick while any of the Stooges are "ducking". Watch the lights in the
upper right corner to tell how many times you've been hit-five "hits" and the
Stooges are out of a job. If you throw ALL your pies, you double your money
as a bonus! NOTE: You only make money when you HIT a guest not when you miss.

HOSPITAL: Move the joystick UP to accelerate, DOWN to break, and LEFT or
RIGHT to avoid the people in the hall. Make money for making it to the
operating room with time left on the clock. Collect the items thrown from the
nurses cart to make bonus money along the way! Moe makes FIVE dollars per
item, Curly gets TEN and Larry scores FIFTEEN bucks! Enjoy the sound effects
on this one. ITS BITCHIN!

CRACKER EATING: Move the spoon over the cracker and push the fire button to
scoop it up. You make TEN dollars for each cracker and FIFTY dollars per

BOXING: Move the joystick right to accelerate, left to slow down, and up or
down to change lanes. Press the fire button to jump over things. Get back
before the end of the last round and receive a bonus.

TRIVIA: Move and hold the joystick LEFT for "A", up for "B" and right for
"C", then press the fire button.


MONEY: ($) Free money, or a reward for finding it!

EVIL BANKER: If you're lucky, you'll just lose a day!

Extra NOTES:

1. If you have extra RAM or a hard disk, read the READ.ME file on REEL 2

2. You may skip the introduction by pressing the ESC key. When the game
finishes the current animation it will skip to the beginning of the game.

3. To pause the game or quit, hold the joystick UP just before the hand
starts moving. Then make your selection with the joystick.

4. More money can be made further along the street, but the work is harder.
As you get better at the game you may want to skip an odd joy on square 1 to
hit a money square on day 6, for example. Remember, you only have 30 days to
raise the dough and there are 180 total squares on the street. That's a 6 on
every turn! And remember, as we say in Alaska, Dont Let Your Meat Loaf!

Nuk Nuk Nuk, AAHH Wise Guy, Why Soitenley I am! THESE DOCS PROVIDED TO YOU