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Game Description

As a young pilot in the World Military Service your main concern
was once the defense of your planet against the warriors of
Craylon. Your new mission has become one of even greater
challenge and difficulty. Remnants of planets that were destroyed
during the third interplanetary nuclear war, now only blazing
fireballs, are bombarding the planet's surface and destroying its
inhabitants. Being both young and bold you must try to the best of
your ability to protect the surface of Torch. The only available
instrument for this task is an old 2042 S.D.G. (surface defense
glider). It was designed for defense of the planet against the
firepower of the Craylon race, but you must use it to construct
metallic panels ten miles above the planet surface increasing the
structure of the candar shield. Preservation of the species is up to
you and may only be ensured by defending the surface against as
many waves as possible until either the fireball fades or you perish.
Wave after wave you must attempt to limit the flight area of the
huge fireball by flying from panel to panel and edge to edge of
your territory constructing new panels. This task is not easy and
the main fireball is not the only enemy that you must face. Aside
from the fireball and its deadly spitfires are the ever so fierce
perimeter patrollers who trace the edge of new and old panels
alike, in a berserk rage, seeking to destroy even you.

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Starting The Game

1 Plug a joystick into joyport #2 and turn on your Amiga.

2 Insert "Kickstart" 1.2 or newer into the internal drive.

3 When prompted for Workbench eject the "Kickstart" disk and
insert the "TORCH 2081" disk.

4 After the program loads, use the joystick to change the level of
play (increasing or decreasing your rank). Select your choice by
pressing the joystick button.

5 The game will now start.

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Digital Concepts does hereby grat to the "customer" a non-transferable and non-
exclusive license to use the software program Torch 2081. Title to the ownership
of the software shall at all times remian with Digital Concepts.

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How To Play

The object of the game is to shield a required percentage of your
territory in order to advance to the next level. This is done by
creating panels while avoiding the fireball, the spitfires, and the
perimeter patrollers. The player is capable of moving around the
perimeter of the playfield and all created panels at will, but must
press the joystick to construct a protective panel. The player
canoot travel along the edges shared by panels. Another constraint
on the player is the limit on flight time, which of course is
graphically displayed by a fuel gauge. One final not regards the
construction line of the player. This construction line contains
much energy and is very unstable. If the player stands in any one
place while constructing a panel the energy may become unstable
and result in fusion of the player's glider.


FIREBALL-The player's main apponent in the game. It is capable of traveling at
many speeds and in many directions in an unpredictable fashion. It is known to
purposely change direction or speed to elude the player. The player is safe from this
enemy while on the border, but is fair game during construction of the panels. Any
contact between the fireball and the player or the player's construction line results in the
loss of a glider.

SPITFIRE-An additional hazard created by the fireball. During the flight of the
fireball, occasionally a spitfire is released from the core of the fireball. Seemingly with a
mind of its own the spitfire follows a straight path toward the player. In early levels death
only results from direct contact with the player, but the spitfires later become more

PERIMETER PATROLLERS-Once protectors of the candar shield. These seemingly
innocent crystals patrol all of the perimeters of the shield seeking to destroy any and all

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The player receives points for shielding areas of the playfield. A
required percentage of the playfield must be covered before
advancing to the next level.

Bonus points are awarded to the player for covering more than the
required area of the playfield.

Points are also awarded for each unit of fuel remaining at the
completion of a level.

A bonus glider is awarded every 10.000 points.


Every fith level is a bonus level in which two identical fireballs
appear. The player must either seperate the fireballs and increase
the bonus multiplier, or capture both of the fireballs and be
awarded a new glider as well as receive bonus points, however, no
multiplier will be awarded in this instance.
Additional bonus points are awarded here for each percent of the
screen covered while attempting to complete the level. rather
than being awarded bonus points for the amount over threshold,
points are awarded for all covered territories if the fireballs are

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