You will find the procedure for loading a program in the
Spectrum Basic manual, chapter 20.
The procedure for loading 3D Strategy is given below:

1. Connect the EAR socket of the Spectrum to the EAR socket of
your cassette recorder.
2. Make sure that the tape is wound to the beginning.
3. Set the volume control to a suitable level.
4. Set maximum treble, minimum bass on the tone controls.
5. Type Load ""
6. Press ENTER
7. Start the cassette recorder.
6. The program will RUN itself once loaded and will provide
If the program does not load correctly try a different volume level.

(c) Copyright 1983 Quicksilva Ltd.


The rules of 3D Strategy are essentially those of Noughts and Crosses,
played in three dimensions on a 4x4x4 cube. To win, you must get four
of your symbols in a straight line (Hor/Vert/Diag).
Your symbol is X.
Squares are identified by their coordinates, i.e. A-P and 1-4.

There are four levels of skill: -
L1 BEGINNER Good for training
L2 ADVANCED Quite challenging
L3 MASTER VERY challenging
L4 EXPERT The Ultimate One

AUTO-PLAY mode switches your computer to playing itself.
There are two playing styles:-
Tactical (TAC) plays an active, risky game. You should defend calmly
and then counter-attack.
Positional (POS) plays a deep, strategic game and is extremely hard
to outwit.
You can preset Time Controls for a match. In response to the prompt,
T, followed by the duration in minutes, to set a maximum time for you
to make ALL your moves.
I, followed by the duration in seconds, to set a maximum time for each
individual move (Blitz).
N, if no time control is wanted, durations must be between 1 and 9.
R, Use the R key to resign in mid-game.
The best move found so far and the EVAL number are displayed whilst
the computer is thinking.