{UAD ASTRA}U Gargoyle 1984

{+1CONTROLS}N : Keyboard, Kempston, Cursor

{+1AIM}N : Ad Astra - To The Stars - is the motto of the legendary Deep Space
Patrol. There is little to occupy a pilot as he doggedly coasts from
station to station...

...That is, unless you count the deadly phasers of the formations of
Pirate battle-cruisers and their robot Scout ships, the
multidirectional scatter bombs, the gigantic mine-layers of the
Capellan Anti-Terran League, the almost impenetrable curtain of
lethal mines and the fragmentation bombs, not to mention, of course,
the ever-present interstellar debris that litters areas of space...

{+1GAMEPLAY}N : If it moves, shoot it. If it doesn't move, shoot it anyway!
Also, take a note of the security codes...

{+1COMMENTS}N : "Addictive, attractive graphics and very playable."

{+1RATING}N : 80% (CRASH #4, May 1984)

{+1NOW}N : Strictly of historical interest; Ad Astra is a very, very dated
game indeed.

{+1KEYS}N : Left/Right - alternate bottom row keys
Up - third row keys
Down - second row keys
Fire - CAPS/SHFT, SPACE, 1, 0