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Before Crowther and Woods wrote Adventure in 1978 games all had something
more or less in common. The player knew the rules, and had to try to use
them to get the best possible score. In an Adventure the aim of the game
is to discover the rules!

To do this, the computer acts as your eyes and hands. It will tell you
where you are, and what you can see. You can tell the computer what you
would like to do by giving it simple one or two word commands like "THROW

The aim of the game is to find the many fabulous treasures hidden, and
often guarded, in the Colossal Caves, and get them back to the building.
But take care! Magic is said to work in the caves, and things are not
always what they seem! Many things you pick up have strange side-effects,
and there are shady and often unfriendly characters lurking in the dark.

Typing "INFO" will get you some general information about playing Classic
Adventure. To see how well you are doing type "SCORE". "HELP" may be
helpful at times. "INVENT" gives you an inventory of what you are
carrying. "QUIT" allows you to finish the game.

Don't forget the caves have very twisty tunnels so if you go "NORTH",
going "SOUTH" doesn't always get you back where you were!


The computer only uses the first four letters of the words you enter so
you can save time by typing "TAKE SILV" rather than "TAKE SILVER". The
direction commands can be abbreviated to a single letter. If you have
tried several different ways to do something without success, it probably
can't be done. Try dropping something, or move on to something else -
there's plenty to see in the Colossal Caves. Experienced adventurers
generally make maps as the explore, and although mazes are difficult to
chart, it can be done! If you get really stuck, go adventuring with a
friend - they may think of something you haven't.

And remember the etiquette of adventuring - revealing the tricks is like
announcing the end of a whodunnit - the act of a cad!

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