from Imagine

You the most skilled Alchemist on Earth have been summoned to do
battle with the Evil Warlock who is terrorizing the land.
As you enter his dread castle you wonder if even your formidable
powers will be enough to defeat this evil force.
Your only chance of success is to find the four sections of magic
scroll that have been ingeniously hidden in this forboding place. Only
when the four mystic pieces are in your possesion will you be able to
render the Warlock powerless by using his own "Spell of Destruction"
against him.
As you fight your way relentlesly onward, every evil creature and
force at the Warlocks disposal is unleashed against you.; you hurl
lightning bolt after lightning bolt against these powers of darkness,
your energy becomes depleted, you must find food to rekindle your
ebbing power. As the obstacles become more and more awesome will you
have the energy at your command to perform the transformation spell
which will turn you into a mighty Golden Eagle and enalbe you to
overcome many of the diabolical traps set for by the Warlock.
Your objectives are clear, assemble the magic scroll and banish evil
into oblivion for eternity.

How to Play
The object of the game is to find the four pieces of the "Spell of
Destruction" then locate the evil Warlock; once you are close enough
you will be able to cast the spell and destroy him. To assist you in
battling your way to the Warlocks lair there are a number of lesser
spells which you can find and then cast as you need them. These lesser
spells will take the form of small scrolls. You will also come across
other objects which may or may not assist you in your quest, this is
for you to discover.
You may only carry one object and or one spell at a time.
Any type of movement or bumping into objects or obstructions will
decrease your stamina by varying degrees. To maintain your stamina you
will need to eat regularly; to do this you must pass over food packs,
then your stamina will be replenished.
Casting spells, hurling lightning bolts or transforming into a
"Golden Eagle" will decrease your spell energy, this is only restored
with time ... so be careful ... and good luck.

Should you engage one of the Warlocks Evil Guardians in combat both
yourself and the Guardian lose stamina. If however you are carrying a
weapon your fighting ability is increased (by varying amount,
depending on which weapon you have), but beware some of the Guardians
are incredibly strong.

Casting Spells
Once a spell has been cast it will last for a set period of time,
unless your spell energy runs out ... in that case so will the spell.

The Status Area
The bottom three lines display status.
Status informatioon is:
1. Spell Energy; the energy remaining with which to cast spells or
hurl lightning bolts.
2. The amount of stamina you have left.
3. Any lesser spell you are carrying.
4. Any object being carried.
5. Time left in that room before you are located by the Warlock.
This time is indicated by an hourglass sand timer.
6. Any of the four pieces of the "Spell of Destruction" you have

How to control the Alchemist
Walk/Fly Right - Z, C, B, M, SPACE
Cast Spell - A, D, G, J, L may be used to cast either the lesser
spell you are carring or the "Spell of Destruction" if you have
all four sections of the Mystic Scroll in your possesion. If you
are not carrying a lesser spell or the "Spell of Destruction"
you may use these keys to hurl lightning bolts at your attackers.
Transform - S, F, H, K, ENTER may be used to transform from the
Alchemist to the EAGLE, and back.
Flap - Q, E, T, U, O may be used to flap the Eagles wings.
Pick Up/Drop Object - The Alchemist may only carry one object at a
time. If he is standing next to an object he can pick it up or
put it down by using one of the following keys: W, R, Y, I, P.
Pick Up/Drop Spell - Any key on the top row may be used to pick
up/drop lesser spell and/or a piece of the "Spell of Destruction".
Quit Button - If you get stuck you may abandon current game by
pressing Key '1'