This morning I had risen early to take in the brilliant sunshine of the

Cote d'Azur in the height of the season. The contrasting blues of sea and

sky provide a perfect backdrop as I relax with a Pernod and lemonade and

lots of ice. Only the occasional sound of seagulls disturbs my peace as I

become engrossed in volume three of the Chronicles of the Faluvian Empire.

What an epic book!

However, by 10.00 a.m. the temperature has reached the low nineties and

the blistering hot sand is now unbearable to lie upon. I must cool off.

My companion suggests water ski-ing. Well the sea seems calm enough for a

mere novice like myself.

The boat is started and is soon skimming across the bay whilst I aquaplane

along behind it, parting the still blue surface of the water like a giant

cheesewire, I see rocks and driftwood ahead - we must have come too far. I

shout to my companion, but my voice is lost beneath the steady throbbing

of the speedboat's powerful engine. Soon we are both ducking, weaving and

threading our way through, fighting for survival.

Thank God! The rocks are gone, but ahead I see regatta day. Yachts follow

eccentric tracks across our path, but miraculously we find a way through

without fouling the line, only to be met by a flotilla of "gin and tonic"

cruisers being driven by inexperienced rich kids who all seem determined

to finish me off. Don't they know there's a speed limit this far inshore?

Ahead I see sharks. We can't turn with so many "G and T's" in the way, I

hope I live to regret this escapade, or will I provide these mean marine

devouring machines with an early lunch?


You will find the procedure for loading a program in the Spectrum basic

manual, chapter 20. The procedure for loading Aquaplane is given below:

1. Connect the ear socket of the Spectrum to the ear socket of your

cassette recorder.

2. Make sure that the tape is wound to the beginning.

3. Set the volume control to a suitable level.

4. Set maximum treble, minimum bass on the tone controls.

5. Type Load ""

6. Press ENTER.

7. Start the cassette recorder.

8. The program will RUN itself once loaded and will provide instructions.

If the program does not load correctly try a different volume level.

(c) Copyright 1983 John Hollis and Quicksilva Ltd.

All rights of the producer, and of the owner, of the work being produced,

are reserved.

Unauthorised copying, hiring, lending, public performance and broadcasting

of this cassette is prohibited. The publisher assumes no responsibility

for errors, nor liability for damage arising from its use.

WARNING: These programs are sold according to QUICKSILVA Ltd's terms of

trade and conditions of sale. Copies of which are available on request.

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