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Loading instructions:-
Type LOAD "" and then press ENTER key.

After a hard days training with the freestyle team at the local dirt
track, Phil "Pookie" Wheeler, unofficial BMX Ninja, whilst travelling
home on his bike, a Blackfoot Falcon, was set upon by a rival team,
the Diamond Backs, whose leader is intent on gaining the ultimate
street cred. Your title.

You must prove to yourself and your girlfriend that you are capable of
keeping your title. Should you fail in your task, you will not only
lose your title, you will lose your girlfriend (who wants to be seen
with a loser anyway?) and your dignity. Should you succeed, you will
be rewarded by your girlfriend. Should you complete a certain number
of areas, you will receive the ultimate reward from her. (We're not
telling you what it is, so find out yourself if you can.)

The game objective is to survive for as long as possible. To proceed
to the next location, you must dismount 8 BMX bikers. Ninja skooters
and Skateboarders do not count towards this total.
You must also avoid rocks thrown by other gang members. The scoring is
dependent on how you dismount your opponent.
There are six different locations in which you can battle. These are:
a Miami beach, a California sea front, the Dallas oil fields, New York
City, Times Square and Cape Canaveral.

On the tape are two different sets of locations. The first set loads
with the game, and is used by default. You can load a second set of
locations from the tape, by pressing 'L' from the menu page. This is
the only place that you can load the locations from.
Once you have loaded the second set you can no longer access the
original locations, so you would have to reload from scratch to see
them again.
The second set of locations is recorded directly after the game.

Z - Left
X - Right
J - Hop/Up
Enter - Spin
O - Pause [this may be a number 0 rather than a letter O. JimG]
L - Load Locations (from menu only)

(c) Alternative Software Limited 1988