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(Taken from TV Games "TV Special" compilation)

Game 3 - Blockbusters
A specially designed Bob is your Question Master. This completely re-written
verson has at least 3,000 new questions including the Gold Run. Just as in
the TV Quiz, you must forge a path across the hexagon to connect both sides
of the matrix. Do not worry if your typing is not always accurate, the
computer will often give you the benefit of the doubt. The winner of three
games steps onto the Hot Spot in the Gold Run.

The TV Games range brings the most popular TV shows to your computer. The
first titles to appear were Bullseye, Countdown and Treasure Hunt. Now we've
got three new TV games with more to come! Look out for the TV Games range at
your local software shop.

TV Games 22 Hartfield Road, London SW19 3TA.

This is the All New Blockbusters game of the successful ITV Quiz Show
featuring Bob Holness and his keen contestants.

The Game
The concept is exactly the same as the TV show, exept that the role of Bob
Holness is taken by your computer. It's all about answering questions
correctly and creating a connecting line across the Hexagon matrix.

Make sure that the cassette is fully rewound. Insert the tape into the
cassette player and follow instructions on the tape label. The game will
load in a few minutes.

Playing Blockbusters
The computer version of Blockbusters should be played by two people.

Two Player Mode
Once the game has loaded, type in each name and press the key as told by the
computer. Now the fun starts! As player 1 is trying to go one way across the
Hexagon and Player 2 the other way, get ready to press your buzzer and beat
the other Player!
Player 1 will be asked to pick a letter say "P" from the Hexagon Screen and
the Computer "Bob" will ask a question "which P...". As quick as you can,
press your buzzer key if you know the answer - don't forget the other Player
may beat you to it!
The computer will decide which Player pressed their buzzer first and that
Player then types in the answer which in our example will be one beginning
with "P". You will be told if the answer is right or wrong.

Don't worry if your spelling is not 100% accurate every time. We all know how
easy it is to get excited because you think you know the answer, only to
type in "DONARK" rather than "DOMARK". Our Computer "Bob" is programmed to
understand what you meant and will either give you the benefit of the doubt
or ask you to type in answer again.

Corect Answer
When you give a correct answer, the Hexagon will change to your colour and
off you go again!

You get "BLOCKBUSTERS" when you have connected one side to the other. When
you have got Blockbusters once that is not enough! If is the best of 3 games
and the Player who wins 2 of the 3 games goes on the GOLD RUN.

Gold Run
You are a champion if you get to this stage. Now two or three letters appear
in each Hexagon and you must connect one gold side with the other within 45
seconds to het the GOLD RUN.

To get the game going at a faster pace, you can put a timer on answering the
questions. Again, the Computer "Bob" will tell you how to do this.

"Blockbusters" is a CENTRAL Television production made in association with
Mark Goodson and Talbot Television Music (C) ITC Film Scores Ltd 1987
Software (C) TV Games 1988 Programmed by Oxford Digital Enterprises.