A multi-screen 3D rescue game by Tony Poulter for 48K Spectrum.

This programme uses a special loader. Do not be alarmed if the normal
striped border does not appear during loading.

Centuries from now, man has progressed far beyond the limits of the
solar system and has begun to explore unimaginably distant worlds in
search of knowledge and resources. The dangers which await the new
pioneers wherever they land are unknown, and the risk of disaster is
ever-present. In every new system an Intergalactic Rescue cruiser
stands at readiness; a powerfully equipped orbital search and rescue
vessel manned by volunteers of the Life Corps. You are one such, and
today the emergency at Braxx Bluff will make you a hero, or just a
memory ...
Lifeship Vega has achieved orbit around the planet Prolon in the
Arcturan system in response to an emergency call from the planet's
exploration team. Three members of the team had left the ship in their
hydro-crawler and fallen foul of the indigenous life-forms. The
creatures, in their many forms, have fed on all the energy in the
crawler's power-plant, and the craft now lies in the treacherous
terrain of Braxx Bluff, its occupants dying as the life-support system
Your mission is dangerous ... land, find the crawler and get it back
to the base-ship before the crew die!

You may select the control keys or joystick you prefer before each
game, your choice being displayed top left all the time. When first
loaded, the cursor keys are used.
The controls always operate your character or craft, unless the fire
button is depressed, whereupon you are controlling your weapon beam
instead. Everything required is therefore on five keys or one
At any stage you can SAVE your position by using the S key and
responding to the prompts. Press SPACE afterwards to carry on with the
In the same way, you can LOAD a previously recorded position at any
time after the start with the J key.
You may pause the game by starting a SAVE or LOAD option and just
pressing SPACE to cancel it when ready to restart.
During play pressing SPACE will abort the game. You may exit the
programme without unplugging your Spectrum by pressing CAPS SHIFT and
SPACE (BREAK) between games.

Your score increments whenever the ILS reference dot is central. To
reach the landing point safely you must score at least 8.00 points.
Altitude is shown on the right.

The beeping tone and score indicate the crawler's proximity. If they
rise you are getting nearer, and vice versa. Your way will be blocked
by rocks, which you must go around. At score 20.0 you will be at the

The crawler has six speeds. A clunking noisse will tell you if you
clip the road's edge. If you go far enough off track for the road's
edge to reach the inner bonnet markings you will leave the road. When
you fire, the crawler will carry on on its last heading and speed.
Energy left displayed on the left. Each creature which passes you
takes one energy unit. The life readouts of the three crew are on the
right - a straight trace means a dead crewman. The three terrains last
for 10.0 points each, taking you to 50.0 points.

The rocks are fatal if hit, but can be clipped harmlessly. You cannot
slow down and must find the ship by use of the Direction Finder; a
high tone and a rising score mean you are heading in the right
direction, and vice versa.

You beach the crawler by the ship and walk into it. The Commander's
enigmatic face appears in congratulation. Your score of 70.0 at this
point is added to for each surviving crewman, up to a best possible
99.9. And then? Well, let's try again for that elusive best score ...