(C) JAWX 1985


(As translated from the French by C.A. Havelock)

The life of a cockerell, it is not always so very nice. He has to defend

the chicken house against his insatiable enemies. And he must eat to keep

up his strength so that he is able to honour the requests of Madame.

Never forget that a gallant visit can leave you powerless to fight the

hedgehogs, rats, stoats, snakes and other terrible beasts that are so fond

of the oeufs. You can replenish your energy from the grain store in the

chicken house.


1. Connect the EAR socket of your Spectrum to the EAR socket of your tape


2. Place the tape in your recorder and rewind to the beginning.

3. Type LOAD "" and press ENTER on your Spectrum.

4. Press PLAY/LOAD on your tape recorder.

Note: Full loading instructions can be found in your Spectrum Manual.


Chickin chase can be played by redefining the keys to your preferred

layout. The standard key settings are as follows:

7 = UP

5 = LEFT 8 = RIGHT

6 = DOWN

0 = PECK

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