You are Super Joe the crack combat soldier of the eighties battling against all
odds to defeat the advancing rebel forces. Equipped with only an M60 machine
gun and six hand grenades you carry out your lone crusade, forcing your way
into hostile territory. Mortars, grenades and dynamite rain from the skies and
explode around you. Enemy bullets fly past you in all directions, trenches,
cliffs and lakes block your path. Rebel forces appear from caves, strong holds
and troop carriers to stop your progress. You must show no mercy. You must not
retreat. You must keep pushing yourself further and further into enemy lines,
collecting supplies of hand-grenades from defeated outposts, until you reach
your final objective, the fortress. Developed with the aid of Capcom to produce
the closest possible re-computer simulation of the original arcade No. 1 hit
game. Have you got the skill and stamina to defeat the enemy!

To load the game:

1. Ensure the cassette is fully rewound
2. Type LOAD "" (Enter).
3. Press PLAY on the cassette player.


The object of the game in to advance as far as possible into enemy lines whilst
destroying rebel forces, installations and vehicles. Along the way you should
pick up as many boxes of hand grenades as possible so as to replenish our