by Alistair Miller

In the skyscraper world of the future a mutant strain is beginning to
infect the fabric of civilisation. A lone figure fights to stop the
infection spreading.

Hardware required: SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM 48K

As a lone figure you must stop the infection of your skyscraper being
spread by Mutant Forms by strategically making holes in the super-
structure of the building with your bombs. Having made a hole you must
lure one of the Mutants towards you so that it falls to its death.
Just leaving one alive will soon cause total infection of the building,
causing it to rapidly decay. Time is short as the air too is becoming
unclean; fresh oxygen is running low so speed is of the essence.

Compatible with a Kempston joystick

5 - Left 6 - Down 7 - Up 8 - Right

Loading Instructions:
This program should be loaded using LOAD"" as a direct command.

(c) 1984 CRL Group PLC on license to Omega Software.