Postman Pat 3 TO THE RESCUE !

The story

The phone rings in Postman Pat's house, its his old friend Delivery Man Dan
from Pencaster.
Dan tells pat he has a problem, he has just received a large number of
telephone directories that need to be delivered by the end of the week but
unfortunately, Dan has broken his leg, can Pat help.
Pat, being the good sort that he is, agrees to help his friend by doing the
deliveries for him.

The Game

You drive Pat around the streets of Pencaster avoiding the many hazards and
obstacles, delivering the telephone directories in the time allowed, without
running out of petrol.

Just some of the many features

* Police cars * Road works
* Fire engines * Nails
* Cars * Petrol stations
* Vans * Complaining customers
* Trucks * Cups of delicious tea
* Motor bikes * Cyclists


* Easy or hard versions * Original theme music
* Sound effects

Playing the game

Deliver a parcel to each house which has a numbered doormat. When delivering a
parcel, the van should be on the same side of the road as the house being
delivered to.
If a parcel misses the door mat, it may be possible to reverse quickly for
another try.
Pat needs to complete the deliveries quickly, but driving too fast makes it
difficult to avoid various hazards, such as road works, nails in the road and
other road users. Watch out in particular for wobbly cyclists that wander
across the road and vehicles that pull out without warning.
The van may need extra petrol to complete the five days, so pull in and stop at
the petrol station when the fuel gauge is low.
If Pat fails to do the job properly, the number of complaints will mount as
shown by the complaint meter and Dan may loose his job.

Loading Instructions


Press SHIFT and RUN STOP together.

Spectrum 48K

Type LOAD"" and press ENTER.

Spectrum 128K

Switch on and press ENTER on loader.

Amstrad 464/664/6128

Press CONTROL and small ENTER together.


UP Move forward
DOWN Move backward
LEFT Move left
RIGHT Move right
FIRE Throw parcel

Joystick only with P to pause

Amstrad/Spectrum _________
Joystick or keys as follows / \
/ DON'T \
Keys / FORGET! \
I Move Left | The award winning |
O Move Right | POSTMAN PAT and |
Q Move Forward | POSTMAN PAT 2 |
A Move Backward \ are available. /
SPACE Throw Parcel \ /
P Pause \___________/

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