Doctor What

What has ended up somewhere strange.
Where is somewhere, it goes without saying.
Why is in Whats laboratory - why worry!
When is stuck in a pretty heavy predicament.

Don't ask Why.
Don't ask Where.
Don't ask When.
And especially don't ask What.
The Doctors are busy.
Trying to reach the jelly baby of infinite wisdom and ultimate knowledge!

An arcade adventure with a difference. "What's the difference?" I hear you
ask! But we already told you not to ask that!

What It's All About:

When the four Doctors - What, Where, When and Why got together for a party
they didn't anticipate a simple problem. Getting home afterwards.

Travelling through the contunuum of time and space under the influence of
Neuro Cardial cocktails wasn't their best decision.

Several million light years, many eons and four hangovers later, What, Where,
When and Why found themselves in a bit of a sticky situation.

A trip to the Jelly Baby of Infinite wisdom and Ultimate Knowledge in the
tower of Darabur!

Why is in What's laboratory!
What's totally lost!
When is stuck on a nasty planet!
Where Where is, is anybodys guess!
Where What is, why Where is where What is and when will get to where Where
is, and what will do when Why gets to where Where is, (if he's not gone
somewhere else) is up to you!!!

Increadibly Brief Instructions!:

A pulsing selector shows the position of the object to be dropped or if it
is blank the position occupied by the object to be picked up.

The Doctors strength is determined by the Jelly Baby on the bottom right.
It is gradually eaten away when the Doctor suffers energy loss.

That's all you are getting, so make the most of it!

(C) CRL Group 1986
CRL Group PLC, Carpenters Road, London.
Made in U.K.

(Transcribed by Robin Stuart)