(Software Projects)

Thank you for buying a Software Projects game. We hope you
enjoy playing DRAGON'S LAIR (r) on your SPECTRUM 48/128.


Place the cassette tape in your recorder. Load side 1 first. Type
LOAD "" OR LOAD "DL" then press key marked ENTER on your
Spectrum and then follow the computer's prompts. (The main
program has been recorded twice on side one. If the program fails
to load, fast forward to approximately halfway through the tape and
Because of the size of DRAGON'S LAIR (r) this game will load in
several stages. Because of the multi-load the computer will prompt
you to rewind the tape so the game can be re-started once all lives
have been lost.

If you have purchased the version that runs on the OPUS disk drive
please follow these instructions carefully. First switch on your
computer. Now insert disk into the drive, type RUN then press
(ENTER). Each screen will load in as you reach it.

You will earn Bonus Dirks (extra lives) after completing the
weapons room and one Dirk for each screen completed after
that up to a maximum of five Dirks (you will need them!).

To record your high score of the day, just press the space bar
when on the title screen and you will be able to put in your


When playing the Ramps and Giddy Goons screen you will need
to press the ENTER key to jump from ramp to ramp.

In Skull Hallway, the Weapons room and the Tentacle room, the
joystick will only accept the correct action at the correct time.
The correct action at the wrong time will be ignored, and the
wrong action at the correct time will result in an audible buzz. If
you hold the joystick in anticipation of a move it will be ignored,
resulting in losing a life. So be warned, timing is very important
in these rooms. To use your sword just press L to draw and slash
with the sword (at the correct time). You always have your sword
with you except on the final screen when you will need to collect
it from the top of the cliff before slaying the dragon.

K = UP

and RAM TURBO JOYSTICK interfaces.

For those people who have purchased the cassette version of
this game and would like to have it on an OPUS disk please
return your cassette and its packaging to us with a cheque,
access card number or postal order for #4 and we will send the
disk version to you.



Long ago, in a magical time, a good King named Aethelred ruled a
peaceful kingdom. Now his kingdom had many treasures, but its greatest
prize was Princess Daphne, the King's only child. Brave Knights and
handsome Princes came from afar just to pay her court, for she was a
maiden of exceeding beauty and grace. But, though they laid vast
riches at her feet and pleaded most earnestly for her hand, Princess
Daphne refused them all. For her heart had long been given to another
... Dirk the Daring, the King's champion and bravest Knight.

Then one dark day, Singe, an evil dragon who ruled over a shadowed
land, appeared in Aethelred's kingdom and demanded that the king
deliver up his kingdom and people to him. When Aethelred refused
Singe's vile demand, the monster kidnapped the beautiful Daphne and
imprisoned her in a crystal sphere in the horrible dungeons beneath
his enchanted castle. Singe then sent Aethelred this message:
Relinquish your kingdom before the setting sun or your beloved
daughter will perish. Aethelred and all the people of the kingdom were
plunged into despair. All except for Dirk who vowed to go to the
enchanted castle and free the Princess ... if he could survive the
dungeon's many perils ... if he could reach the Dragon's lair.


Jump onto the falling disk and ride it to the dungeons beneath the
castle. Will you ride the disk and then enter the enchanted dungeons
or will you join the other, less fortunate adventurers whose bones lie
at the bottom of the shaft ... ? Move carefully down the ramp and jump
onto the disk. Ride the disk down through the shaft. Ramps that lead
to the dungeons will appear at the side of the stone shaft and the
disk will stop for a short time. When the disk and ramp are lined up,
jump onto the ramp. One of Singe's most fearsome creatures, an Air
Genie, guards the shaft against intruders. Be wary. You can defeat
this conjured creature if you keep to the centre of the disk and move
into the gusts of wind.

Tread most carefully as you pass through this horrible hallway. It's
haunted with spectres from your most terrifying nightmares Snapping
skulls, clutching skeletal hands, gruesome goo and whirling clouds of
bats. Can you avoid these visions of doom or will you perish hideously
in their grasp ... ? Time your moves and sword swings carefully. Don't
react too soon or too late! Battle some of these gruesome foes with
your trusty sword avoid; others with an agile dodge.

Flames roar from the fiery pit below. Tongues of flame climb higher
and higher, engulfing everything in their path. Will you swing through
the burning room before it's too late or will you plunge into the
fiery abyss ... ? Get ready to conquer the blazing inferno, move to
the end of the ramp. Then jump from the ramp to the stone platform,
closest to the first rope. When you are on the stone platform, jump
from the platform to the swinging rope. Make your jump from the
platform to the rope when the rope swings closest to you. Then jump
from rope to rope on the fiery tier. Jump to the platforms at the ends
of the first and second tiers when the rope swings in a forward arc.
The stone platforms will magically raise you to the next tier. Exit
from the platform at the top of the screen.

Singe's armoury ... an enchanted chamber of whirling death. An evil
spell protects this room from all intruders. Lethal weapons take on
lives of their own and the mindless clay golems become instruments of
death. Can you run this gauntlet of death and survive ... ? Battle
your way through the Weapons Room. Some of the bewitched room's foes
can be defeated with a well-timed sword thrust; others with a skilful
move. A magic door will open to the side of the room; exit there.

A series of ramps topped with enchanted ice lead to the next perilous
level of the dungeons. The Giddy Goons laugh scornfully as they battle
you to death. Jump skilfully and quickly from ramp to ramp as they
vanish suddenly. Tarry too long in this accursed place and you could
plunge into the ebony void. Jump from ramp to ramp. Try making your
jump from the edge of each ramp. Swing your sword to battle the Giddy

Singe's laboratory ... where his evil experiments are conducted. The
room crawls with the hideous results of those experiments. Danger can
slither from anywhere, above or below. Keep a wary eye out and tread
cautiously or you may find yourself in the grip of something very
unpleasant. This room contains some creepy and crawly adversaries -
battle some of them with a timely swing of your sword, and others with
a normal move. Exit the Tentacle Room through the door to the side of
the screen.

Another falling disk takes you to the last level of the dungeons. You
can feel the dank air grow thicker as though evil is gathering its
forces for the final battle. Ride the disk and be vigilant ... dark
forces are all around you. As you did before, keep to the centre of
the disk, because another of Singe's conjured creatures lurks in the

Dirk's gambit ... the game is deadly and the prize is your life.
Battle Singe's fiendish champion, the Phantom Knight, on a deadly
checker-board that hangs suspended in mid air. Can you defeat the
Phantom Knight and reach the door at the other side of the room or
will you be checkmated by the forces of evil ... You're getting closer
to the dragon's lair and Singe has sent his greatest champion to stop
you. Jump across the checkerboard squares and swing your sword to
battle the Phantom Knight. The Phantom Knight will appear for a short
time and then vanish ... only to reappear on another square of the
checkerboard. When the Phantom Knight lands on a square, he changes a
line of harmless checkerboard squares to a line of certain death.
Don't linger on these squares or you'll pay with your life. Stay away
from the checkerboard's edges or you could plunge into the yawning
depths. You must defeat the Phantom Knight to exit through the door.
When the Phantom Knight changes colour he can be defeated with a blow
from your sword. Each time your sword swing hits the Knight when he's
black he'll stay vulnerable longer next time.

Fair Daphne waits in the dragon's lair for rescue from the crystal
sphere. Flame-breathing Singe waits, too. Slay Singe and release your
Princess. Remember your dragon lore or things could get pretty hot for
you ... Cross the ledge to reach the magical sword. Use the boulders
to shield yourself against the dragon's flaming fireballs. If you're
especially lucky, fabulous hidden treasure may lurk beneath a boulder.
When the treasure is revealed just run over it and it's yours!
Carefully cross the dangerous precipice and seize the magical sword at
the edge of the cliff. Go back down the narrow ridge to the wooden
ramp. Jump and victory (and Princess Daphne) is yours.


As you adventure through the enchanted dungeons, you'll earn points
for vanquishing foes, overcoming obstacles, finding treasure and
conquering dungeon rooms. Watch your score indicator.
But remember Dirk, you're the King's bravest champion and your
thoughts should be of rescuing fair Daphne, not the accumulation of
points and treasure. Rescuing Princess Daphne is your greatest reward!
You start your adventure with five Dirks and will earn bonus Dirks as
a reward for successfully conquering dungeon rooms.

DRAGON'S LAIR (r) copyright 1983 Magicom, Inc. All rights reserved.
Character designs copyright 1983 Don Bluth.
This version (c) 1986 Software Projects Ltd.