They keep their secret evil plans behind locked doors, red ones to be precise.
Otto lands on the roof of the building late at night. Enemy agents patrol all
the floors making his job dangerous and tight. It calls for cunning, fast
reflexes, and a steady hand to use all the lifts and escalators to clear all
the rooms with a red door. Having collected the papers he can make his escape
in a car on the ground floor. If you try to leave the building without
collecting all the papers, the game takes you back to the middle of the
building. The enemy get more numerous and a lot cleverer as you get nearer to
finding all the papers. So get to it, it's arcade action all the way.


You can only move the elevators when you are in them, not on top of them, by
pressing up or down. The escalators are controlled by your standing next to
them and pressing up or down. To go in a red door on the right hand side of the
building, stand facing the right just before the door and press down. On the
left hand side stand facing left just before the door and press down.

If you press up or down when you are not in front of a red door, escalator or
elevator you will jump and duck respectively.

You can gain points by shooting the enemy or kicking them, karate style.
Likewise you gain extra points for shooting out the lights. They go off for a
short time and in the confusion you can get the enemy. The same goes for the
guards you kick in the dark... you get more points.

Each successive round, more guards appear and they can do nasty things like
duck to avoid bullets. . . try knocking out a guard with a lamp... remember you
can jump over gunfire but you can be crushed if you insist on riding on top of
the elevators. The best of luck, there are lots of little things about the game
you can discover for yourself, we would not want to spoil all the fun.


Up/Down= 0/A Left/Right= 0/P Fire = Sym Shift