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Spectrum Games From Quicksilva
Runs In 48K On The Sinclair Spectrum (QSP 0064)

Action beneath the pyramids! Fearless Fred the Intrepid Archaeologist
searches the creepy catacombs below the torpid tomb of Tootiecarmoon.
Author: Indescomp

There are three options:
1) Joystick - Kempston type. Ensure that it is attached first.
2) Keyboard. Q - Left, W - Right, E - Down, R - Up, T - Fire.
3) Redefined Keys. If you press a wrong key, finish entering keys and select
this option again.

Right hand column
a) Bullets remaining.
b) Current screen.
c) Vertical level in the maze.
d) Map (Appears when Fred finds it).
e) Power.
f) Score.
g) High-Score.

Shooting a monster 200 pts.
Each treasure 500 - 1500 pts.
On getting out 5000 pts.
Bonus per treasure on exit 1000 pts.

Loading The Program
You will find the procedure for loading a program in the Spectrum basic
manual, Chapter 20. The procedure for loading Fred is given below:

1. Connect the ear socket of the Spectrum to the ear socket of your cassette
2. Make sure that the tape is wound to the beginning.
3. Set the volume control to a suitable level.
4. Set maximum treble, minimum bass on the tone controls.
5. Type LOAD""
6. Press ENTER.
7. Start the cassette recorder.
8. The program will RUN itself once loaded and will provide instructions.
If the program does not load correctly, try a different volume level.

(c) Copyright 1984 Quicksilva Ltd.
All the rights of the producer, and of the owner of the work being produced,
are reserved.
The publisher assumes no responsibility for errors, nor liability for damage
arising from its use.

WARNING: These programs are sold according to QUICKSILVA Ltd's terms of trade
and conditions of sale.

The Game
The more tombs (mazes) Fred explores, the tougher the going. The number of
monsters increases and they get meaner and faster.

Rats: These run through the labyrinth, the only way to avoid them is to jump
at the right moment.

Acid Drops: From the decomposing mixtures of the Egyptian Magicians.
Careful timing is needed to get past them.

Ghosts: Beware, they can go through walls. They change direction when shot.

Chameleons: They can be passed by climbing the rope on the opposite side, but
they can change sides too!!

Mummies: They fall through the vertical corridors. They can teleport when
they stop falling or are hit by a bullet.

Vampires: They chase through the maze and can stop flying or even develop a
high speed. They can be stopped by being shot.

Skeletons: They chase relentlessly, and can only be stopped by being shot.

Power: Fred's strength is maximum at 15 and reduces by one each time a
monster hits. Two extra units are gained each time the magic elixir of
Nefertiti is drunk and when he reaches the exit.

Weapons: Fred has a gun and six bullets which he can replenish en route. He
cannot shoot whilst climbing a rope.

Treasures: Varying in value, they may be picked up by just walking over them,
with bonus points on exit.

Map: A map is displayed when Fred discovers one in the maze. Fred is in the

Screens: There are six screens, increasing in difficulty, followed by the
option to return to screen 1 or redefine the maze. The number of monsters
has to be defined with two figures, e.g. 09, etc.

Quicksilva Ltd., 13 Palmerston Rd., Southampton, SO1 1LL