by Stephen Evans

A fantastic 100% Machine Code program with amazingly realistic graphics
and sound effects. You are a fearless deep dea diver with a quest to recover
sunken treasure from the ocean floor. Protecting this trasure are various
deadly sea creatures which must be avoided at all cost.

Hardware Required. ZX Spectrum 48K

The program should be loaded using LOAD "" as a direct command.

Gold, jewels and silver of immeasureable value are entombed by the sea on
the ocean floor. You are a diver who must recover as much of this bounty as
possible and return safety to your diving station on the surface.

You will encounter many treacherous hazards. These include:
Fighting Fish
Giant Squids
Killer crabs
Hunter sharks

Your score will increase each time you destroy an enemy with your quick
firing dart gun which is effective against all but the impenetrable crabs
and mines. Be warned, the hungry hunter sharks will eat through your air pipe
and communication cord - your vital link with the diving base. There are 32
testing levels of play, all presenting their own problems.

Kempston and Protek joysticks compatible.

The foilowing control keys can be used:
(A) Up
(Z) Down
(M) Left
(Symbol Shift) Right
(Space) Fire

GLUG GLUG (C) Computer Rentals Limited 1984
Artwork by Phil Gascoine.

All rights reserved. No part of this programme should be recorded, duplicated
or transferred in any form onto any media without prior authorization from
the owners of the work. Hiring and lending of this program is prohibited
unless written permission is given by Computer Rentals Ltd, CRL House, 9
Kings Yard, Carpenters Row, London E15 2HR

Printed by ACI. Tel:0233 22318

This cassette is sold subject to the following conditions: Unauthorised
copying, hiring, lending, exchange, public performance and broadcasting of
the cassette is strictly prohibited.

Made in U.K.

(Transcribed by Robin Stuart)