from OCEAN

The object of the game is to rescue Esmerelda from her castle keep,
avoiding all the obstacles in Quasimodo's path. The program runs on
the 48K ZX Spectrum.

QUASIMODO must rescue the imprisoned Esmerelda from the castle
stronghold. Jump along the Ramparts, swing over the fiery pit, dodge
the Arrows and Fireballs and remember to keep ahead of the chasing
Knight. 15 Screens each one more difficult than the last. A
Demonstration Mode is available to view the competed game - GOOD LUCK!

Status and Scoring
On screen scoring shows current score, number of lives remaining and
Super Bonus. Points are awarded at the end of each completed screen
and bonus points if no lives are lost. Hall of Fames feature for best

Left - Q
Right - W

Follow screen menu for demonstration or type of Joystick interface.